Shahi Paratha Of Potato-Indian Recipes we want to eat sweet food from home. Yesterday my younger son told Aai please make ”Halwa of Potato ” & I made it . But he didn’t eat it remain as it is then i kept it in the fridge running to work. Today i saw there is a halwa of potato no one is eating now so what to do with it? so i decided to make paratha from it. Then it becomes very smooth, highly tasted. It can easily mix with any atom while eating.

Now i am searching for it that How to make him Shahi Parathe? Now i understand i have to knead wheat flour smoothly So i started to collect some ingredients.

Time for sweet potato halwa  30 min

prep cook total

15          30     45min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

  Cuisine      :  India 

food type : Sweet paratha 

Keyword :  Shahi sweet paratha- Recipe Indian 

                       Dates paratha , Sea same paratha, Jaggary paratha- Navratri special   


Potato  :   2 to 3 middle size

sugar          :   1 small bowl

ghee         :  1/2 bowl

cardamom powder  : 1 teas

almonds: 4 to 5

cashew nut powder: 2 tab


Wheat flour: 1/2 kg

salt                   : 1 pinch

ghee                     :    1/4 bowl

paste of rice flour :    1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE   FOR POTATO HALWA: Wash the potatoes clean.

:  Keep it in the cooker to boil.

: After boiling remove its peel

: Now smash it completely

: Add almond powder, cashew nut powder,                                                                               cardamom powder  & mix it properly.

:Keep the pan on the gas pour oil in it , add                                                                              mixed potatoes & sugar in it & stir it                                                                                          continuously to make a good dough.

IMG_20180204_142809 (4)

How to make parathas? 

: Take given an amount of wheat flour in the thali add a pinch of salt in it, now add enough water in it , knead it properly to make its nice dough by applying oil on it.


Now make the potatoes mixture properly to add in the dough of wheat flour.

Add a small amount of dough in it & roll it roundly.

Make its shahi paratha. Shake it slowly so that it could become smooth.

Serve it with ghee.

IMG_20180204_151021 (1)

Shahi sweet paratha – Recipe Indian 

Dates paratha -chhaya’s kitchen 

Jaggary Paratha _ Navratri special 

Sea same  Paratha _ Makarsankranti Bhojan  


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