Mutter Pulav- Special Lunch

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We have a farm & having so many vegetables, different types of beans, some pumpkins etc.  In last week our farmer of my field bought 1 sack vegetables of them some are beans, Spinach, Methi & of 3 kg Mutter beans.

I   have distributed some beans to the neighbours & some are kept for us. Sunday in the morning I removed its cover and keep ready to cook. Really these Mutter have the specific taste.

Then just I thought what to do with this? I decided to make Mutter _ Pullav.

time for it

prep cook total

30       10     40min

author  :  pranita deshpande

cuisine :  Indian

food type   : pullav

serve for 3


Rice   : 2 cup

Mutter  : 1& 1/2 cup

garam masala :  1tabs

salt :     as your convenience

oil       :  2 tabs

cumins: 1tab

mustard seeds: 1 tab

a paste of garlic: 1atb

a paste of coriander, ginger: 1 tab

green chilly: 5 to 6

hing           : 1 teas

curry leaves: 5 to 6

PROCEDURE  FOR IT: Wash the rice with clean water & keep to soak it for 2 to 3

: Take it out from the water & keep to drain its water.

:  Keep the small cooker on the gas,

: Pour oil into the cooker, wait for to heat it, add cumin,

mustard seeds & wait to splutter it.

: Now add curry leaves & saute it, add paste of garlic, a paste of coriander & fry it well.

: Now add mutters & fry it well, add rice & fry it well.


: Add garam masala, coriander[chopped] , salt, etc & stir it                                                       lightly

: Add hot water to it & keep the lid on cooker tightly.

:  Take 2 whistles & put off the gas.

: Serve it with lemon & fried green chilly.


NOTE : Purposely i have not added onion as i have more Mutter & it will reduce the taste of Mutter.

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