Gobi Manchurian _Dry Recipe

Really this is a good story to make it since last year I am thinking to make it. So many times I have collected all the ingredients to make it & decided to make it but every time it is getting postponed. At so many places I have eaten it but not getting good taste me. So i am thinking what is this item? Why did people are giving more importance to this item? Something must be here for this item. Then I watched a video of Heber’s kitchen. & think that we can also make nothing of it. Watch a video on it  https://www.facebook.com/chhaya21

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Last time I bought lots of vegetables to make it but again there are some obstacles to make it. Yesterday I decided firmly that I must have to make Manchurian today at my home. And today definitely I will make it.  Just I started to make it.

Let us we will see how I made it here

time for it

prep cook total

10       15      25min

serve for 3

author’s name: pranita deshpande

cuisine: Indian

food type: Manturian


Cabbage : 1 bowl [chopped]

all-purpose flour or maida: 1 bowl

coriander, garlic, green chilly paste: 2 tabs

tomato       : 1 [choppes]

salt: 1 tabs

Manturian masala: 2 tabs

tomato sauce: 1/2 bowl

oil                                :  1& 1/2 bowl

cumin :                        1 tab

mustard seeds         : 1 tab

spring onion           :  2 tabs

hing                          : 1 teas

cumin powder    :    1tab

Dhaniya powder :    1 tab

chilly powder      :  1 tab

pieces of green chilly :  2 tabs

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Take fresh cabbage & cut it & keep aside

:  Make a paste of green chilly, garlic, ginger, & coriander                                                             & keep aside.

: Take another ingredient ready in a big thali.

:    Take all purpose flour in a tokari

:     Take 1 glass of water near to you.

: Add one by one ingredient in the flour, which needs to add.

:  Mix it with your hands completely

:  Take another pan, pour oil into it & fry one by one it

Frying it in the oilEnter a caption

: Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil into it, add cumin, mustard seeds & hing  . Wait to splutter it. https://24theoval.co.uk/

: Now add tomato sauce to it, add immediately fried                                                                  Manchuriatian in it.

frying Manchurian in  a  sauce

: Serve it immediately hot.

PREPARED Manchurian

crispy crunchy Manchurian is ready to eat as i have taken less flour & more vegetables.


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