Green Leafy Vegetables _ Cabbage Subji?


In the morning we have a lot of rush. Everyone is busy with their own work. How to do all tasks in timing is the main responsibility of everyone. I have a big responsibility of making tiffin of my husband. As he is going to the office completely at 8 o clock. Here a lot of cold atmospheres is there. Means to make food in time is very difficult to work for me. So I am searching how can I make easy, fast & quickly food in short time. The main important thing for foodies is to make subji . In subji, there are lots of subji which can make but to cook it require lots of time so generally I am using leafy vegetables to make it as to cut it requires less time as well as to make it also very less time & it is good for our health as well as to digest also easily.

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It has lots of vitamins, salts like potassium, etc. Therefore i decided to make instantly this subji.

time prep cook

5         10       15


Cabbage: 1/4 kg

green chilly: 5 to 6

oil: 2 tabs

mustard seeds: 1 tab

cumin’s: 1 tab

skutt: 2 tabs

salt: as your convenience

chilly powder: 1 tab

curry leaves: 5 to 6

Hing: 1 pinch

turmeric powder: 1 teas

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Take the cabbage & green chilly

: grate it into small pieces with the slicer having a big hole.

IMG_20180125_065536 (1)

: Pour oil into the pan

: Add cumin & mustard seeds in it,


: Wait to splutter it.

: Add green chilly & saute it well

: Add turmeric powder & pinch of Hing in it.

: Add grated cabbage & saute it well.


: chilly powder, salt, Skutt & stir it well.

: Keep cover on it, to get the steam

: Simple tasty cabbage subji is ready to eat it now.


METHOD TO MAKE IT  :  Buy fresh cabbage from the market, if it is                                                          grown in your own garden or farm then it is                                                           good for us.

:  Cut it with slicer

: Wash it with clean water

: Pour oil into the pan

: Add cumin, mustard seeds, & wait to splutter it.

: Add green chilly, cabbage, & saute it well.

: Add all ingredients & stir it well.

: Keep the lid on it to get well steam.


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  1. My favourite sabji – Cabbage.

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    1. dpranita583 says:

      Very good , try it now.

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