Sweet Rice Recipe – Makarsankranti Recipe

  Rice recipes : Sweet rice recipes. 

Ratha Saptami: Today we are celebrating this festival with new sweet food & with some rituals.

Worshipping Radha & Krishna with a picture of Rath. Keeping 7 types of grain in front of them. Giving some sweets for Radha Krishna & praying to make life easy & spreading love with full of enthusiasm.

For this i decided to make Sweet rice with grated coconut.

Time for it

prep cook total

10      15         25 min

Author name: pranita deshpande

cuisine: Indian

food type    : Rice

KEYWORD ;  Sweet Rice recipe   


Rice  :   1 cup

grated coconut : 1 cup

charoli    : 10 gm

Raisins     :    7 to 8

ghee        :    2 tabs

dates: 5 to 6

cloves: 4 to 5

cardamom  powder of :3 to 4 flakes

serve for 3

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Keep the rice from soaking complete 1 hour

:  If you have grated coconut at home then take it 1 bowl as it is.

: Make pieces of dates & keep aside.

: Take other ingredients ready in one thali or tray.


: Keep the1 bowl water to heat in another pot.

:  Keep the pot on the gas, pour oil into the pot make flame of a                                               gas slow.

:  Add clove, charoli, pieces of dates & grated coconut in it.

: Fry it well o slow gas.

: Now drain the rice from water & pour into the pot.

: Again fry all material well &  add hot water.

: Keep the lid on the pot , add some water in the lid to remain                                             rice safe.

: After a while put off the gas remove lid & add the elaichai                                                            powder in it .

: Serve it now as a prasad.

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