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Misal Sprouts Recipes-Moong Mutter -Dahi Misal

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 Since so many days I am planning to make this recipe but somehow it is missing, yesterday also I made its nice video along with nice images but I didn’t know naughty grandson has deleted it from my mobile. I am getting irritated with myself but still, I decided to make it today. As I have kept yesterday’s some material as it is.

in the fridge.

time for creating sprouts.  3 days

time for it

prep cook   totally

5         5       10 min


Sprouted moong: 1 bowl

mutter: 1 bowl

spring onion: 1 bowl

coriander: 1/2 bowl

thick dahi: 1/2 bowl

salt: as your convenience

sugar: 2 tabs

lemon: 1/2 or as you wish


Cuisine   :  Indian 

food type : Whole grain sprouted moong 

KEYWORD : Sprouted Whole Grain Mutter Moong-Recipes- Dahi Misal 

PROCEDURE TO MAKE SPROUT: Wash the moong with clean water. Keep it to soak for a whole day. Drain it from the water and keep it in the thick cloth with binding. Spread water on it. Open it after 2 days, you will get good sprouted Moong                                       

 How to make sprouted Misal?

:  Take ready sprouts with mutter along with all ingredients. IMG_20180122_132108.jpg

: Keep all ingredients in a given quantity in a big thali. IMG_20180122_133218

: Take big pot add the first sprout, then add Mutter, add spring onion, add coriander,  add salt, sugar and Dahi.

: Stir it well, your best Misal is ready to eat IMG_20180122_133404

Watch video on it


Prepare the first sprouted Moong

Keep all ingredients ready

Add all ingredients one by one

Stir it well

Dahi Misal is ready to eat.

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