Mixed Vgetable Fried Rice

Time for it

Soaked time 2 to 3 hours

time  for it

prep cook total

10         15     25  min

author name : pranita deshpande

cuisine         : Indian

food type      :        fried rice

Since so many days I have lots of confusion regarding my website. So which food I can make so that I will get good results. In them, i have to see everything at home working properly or not.

If everything I have to manage means it is very hard for me. So just I opened the fridge & saw which vegetables there are so many fresh vegetables in them leafy vegetables are more in comparison to another so i decided to make vegetable fried rice.

Let us make it


Rice :  1 & 1/2 bowl

moong dal: 1/2 bowl

methi : 1 bowl [chopped]

coriander : 1/2 bowl [chopped ]

spring onion : 1/2 bowl [chopped ]

green cucumber  : 1/2 [small pieces]

oil                       : 1/2 bowl

cumin’s : 1 tabs

mustard seeds : 1tab

garam masala  :  1tab

chilly powder :1 tab

turmeric powder : 1teas

garlic paste       : 1 tab

curry leaves     : 5 to 6

salt                    >: as your convenience

procedure for it :   : Wash the rice & dal keep to soak aside

: After that drain it from the water & keep aside

Soaked & drained dal rice



: Wash all the vegetables with full of water & keep aside to drain                                               water

: After some time chop all the vegetables & keep aside

chopped vegetables


: Keep other ingredients ready to make fried rice.

: Keep the small cooker on the gas, pour oil in it

: Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, & wait to splutter it.

:    Add curry leaves, all leafy vegetables & saute it well

: Add pieces of cucumber & saute it .                                  :

: Add other ingredients one by one & stir it well

: Now keep the lid on cooker tight & take 1 or 2 whistles.

cooked vegetables


: Wait to cool for a while  & open the lid of the cooker .

:  Add rice & dal in the cooker & fried it well

: Meanwhile, make hot water in another pot.

:  Add 2 & 1/2 cup of water & keep the lid tight

: Take 2 to 3 whistles of cooker & keep the gas off

: Serve it with raw vegetables

26903839_1829436720688445_5628722495976941224_n (1)




: Soak the rice & dal for 2 to 3 hours

: Keep ready all chopped vegetables

:  Add oil , muster seeds, cumin & splutter it

: Add curry leaves & saute it & add all vegetables  it

: Add all remaining ingredients & keep to cook it .

: Add dal & rice stir it well & fry  it   well

: Pour hot water & take 2 to 3 whistles

: Serve it with raw vegetables just like breakfast poha.


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