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In last week i went to Poona to meet my sister’s family & enjoying Happy New Year. Really we have a lot of enjoyment there. I have a strong bonding with my sister family. As they are thinking that if you will come to our home we are en-lighting, we get not only positive energy but tremendous knowledge, love happiness, peace etc. They always think i must have to live in their family. Okay, let it be.

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On 4 th Jan we have a birthday of my sisters younger son Prashant. Our whole family is spiritual. They also do what i am doing. Very Royal & nice family.

They decided to go for dinner outside. Then there is a discussion about where to go ?. As everyone is totally vegetarian. We want pure, fresh & clean Bhojan. Then everyone is telling this hotel is nice. Someone told we will go outside.I didn’t know anything about it as i am busy with my work last night.

Finally, they have decided to go to ”HOTEL NAIVEDYAM”’ at Poona.   hqdefault

When we reached outside I saw a small gate & thought, How this much small Hotel?.

Then we enter in the Hotel there is a big old ancient door hanging on the wall as a show .Then we went inside. Sat on the table & start to demand all (5)

  COINCIDENT OF MUSHROOM SOUP: On that day there was violence in Poona so everything is off. In that internet connection also off. Then i decided to enjoy day gossiping with my sister, her daughter & her daughter in law. So didn’t open laptop or mobile for a net. Best Mango Chutney

Now in the Hotel, everyone is started to demanding their favourite soup. Two couples compromising it for another soup. I alone only started to demanding Mushroom soup. Everyone is asking you want Mushroom soup, you can’t finish it just demand another soup. My sister is telling why did you want that soup? I told just as my wish.I was confirmed about Mushroom soup. Then we demanded all soups which everyone wants.

I want to tell this story purposely that when we came back i thought, must be a net connection on, now i have to open laptop so i running my google + account & i saw on a first-page first post was Mushroom Soup. Before this incidence, i never come across this soup.I have shown this to my sister’s husband as well as whole family. How my vibration reached to ?.As that post was ‘


Omkar Desai
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After that, we ate nicely. The food at the Hotel was very good. Means every item is well prepared to have less oil & chilly. We have Cabbage Manchurian, Kaju curry, Dal fry, Toondri Roti, Thecha. Thecha was looking same like my Thecha but when i ate it. Taste is different.IMG_20180103_210129download (3)

I liked  Manchurian & soup, Kaju curry also well prepared. But my stomach is so small that i can’t eat more at a time. Only i ate 1 tandoori, some rice, Kaju curry & Manchurian etc Finish.


This is also i know that the person who didn’t go to the hotel he will also go to the Hotel. This change occurs in the world as I know so many people are following my behaviour.


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