Mixed Vegetable Soup

Today’s generation has lots of things to eat so they want every day some new things.Generally, so many kids avoid eating vegetables or regular soups like tomato soup or another any types of soup. We must have to feed them good nutrient value food having all vitamins, minerals, salts & rich in iron so i decided to make this mixed vegetable soup.

time for it

prep cook total

10        20       30


pumpkin :  20 gm

mutter    :     10 gm

tomato    :     1 [chopped]

coriander   :  2 tabs

carrot        :   2 to 3 middle size

garlic flakes  : 2 to 3

oil                :   2 tabs

cumin seeds  :  1 tab

cumin powder : 1 tab

Hing                : 1 pinch

ginger          :  1 teas [grated ]

jaggary          :  1 tabs

ajawine        :   1 tab

salt                : as your convenience


*Take ready given vegetables. Remove the peel of some vegetables.

* Make pieces of pumpkin, carrot, etc

* Keep it in the cooker tiffin to cook or keep it in another pot to cook

* Wait to cool it. Remove its water in another container.

cooked vegetables


Removing water from cooked vegetables

Add ginger, coriander, hing, salt jaggary, cumin powder, ajawine etc .

* Mix it well  & grind it in the mixture

* Now keep the pan on the gas, pour ghee into it, add cumin’s wait to splutter.

*  Add water to the pan slowly wait to boil it .

* Now pour all ground mixture into the pan slowly.

IMG_20180103_163353 (1)
Added ingredients

*  Boil it for a while & serve it in the dishes.


prepared  soup

This soup is making for small kids as well as old people who are getting bored to eat vegetables every day & they should have a different taste also. It can increase the taste of our mouth as well as feel calm after drinking it.

Very Very nice just try to make it now.

Green Palak Soup With Coriander & Ajawine

  •     Green palak    *    1 bowl chopped
  •     coriander       *     1/2 bowl chopped
  •        ginger          *      1 small piece
  •        salt               *          as your convenience
  •      Jaggary          *          10 gm
  •    lemon juice    *       1 big lemon
  •      green chilly  *        1
  •    ajawine            *       1 tab
  •    cumin powder   *    1 tab








PROCEDURE   * Take all material in a  small pot. Add 1 bowl water in it. Boil it for a while.

Crush it with the small crusher.Add lemon juice to it.  Filter it with the clean sieve. Serve it before dinner or lunch.

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  1. This is interesting soup for everyone it can give plenty of benefits. Feel magical experience while drinking.

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