White sauce pasta recipe

How to make pasta for kids?.

Yesterday we have a holiday of happy new year & kids are getting bored to eat regular food. Crying, shouting, making noise. Then i decided to give them fruits but still, they are crying & throwing all fruits everywhere. Now i am getting angry with them. However, my sisters’ granddaughter is very talented she understood my expressions & run away near to cupboard & called me to show ”PASTA’ pockets in the cupboard.  Saying me make this pasta for us.I  was in the confused state as i didn’t know how to make PASTA? Then i saw tips how to make PASTA ? on the pocket it is from ”NESTLE ”  & start to make it.

time for it   prep  cook  totally

min              5          5       10



Pasta pocket: small size

water: As your convenience

tomato sauce: 1 tabs

pasta masala: 1 tab

salt: 1 tab

oil    :    1 tab

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take pasta in the dish & keep aside.


IMG_20180101_172621 (1)
Nestle pasta



*Keep sufficient water in the pan to boil.


water for boiling with masala


*Add oil, salt into the water.

* Wait to boil it, add pasta masala in it ,

*Stir it well. Add pasta in it, wait to cook it well

* Now serve it with coriander.


prepared pasta




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