Green Tomato Chutney With Green Chilly

time  prep  cook total

min  15        10     25


Green chilly: 1/4 kg

green tomato: 1 middle size

coriander: 1/2 bowl

salt: as your convenience

groundnut: 1 small bowl

hing: 1 pinch

jaggery: 2 tabs

oil: 1 tab

cumin seeds: 1 tab

water: 1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE :    Take green chilly, wash it with clean water & keep aside

Take middle size tomato cut it into pieces &  keep aside

Take ready all remaining ingredients hing, salt, jaggery, ground nut                                 turmeric powder etc.IMG_20171216_081340

Wash the coriander, cut it & keep aside

Take green chilly, groundnut, pieces of tomatoes, coriander,                                              jaggery in the pan &   spread oil on it. Add half cup of water Keep the lid on it.Keep the                                     flame of gas slow.

green chilly chutney with green tomatoes
adding ingredients for chutney

Take steam for a 10 min & remove its lid

Now add remaining ingredients salt cumins  etc .

Wait to cool it .

Keep all these  ingredients in the mixture & grind it well.                                 Your tasty green chutney is ready to eat.

NOTE :  Instead of groundnut you can use coconut [fresh wet] coconut.

green chilly chutney with green tomatoes
green chilly with all ingredients before giving steam


green chilly chutney
Ready to eat










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  1. dpranita583 says:

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    Its very good item with roti or chapati.

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  2. कला श्री says:

    love it

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