Let Us Make Adhesive Chutney


prep cook total

min   30       15      45


Adhesive seeds  *  1/2 kg

chilly powder       * 1/2 bowl

salt                     *as you wish

garlic flakes       *  1/2 bowls

PROCEDURE *  Take the adhesive seeds in a clean thali or grain cleaner appliances

                         *  Remove its impurities by moving it up & down 

                         *  Pick up the stones from it * keep aside 

                          * Now take the garlic flakes & remove its cover & keep aside

                           * Keep all ingredients ready 

                           * Keep the flame of gas full & keep a big pan on the gas 

                            * Add adhesive seeds to it & start to bake it 

IMG_20171215_213016 (1)
start to bake

                            * While baking keep continues stirring so that it could not be burn 

                             * Some interesting sound is coming, keep attention on it, when it                                                                                            gets stop we can understand that it is half baked.

                             * Now make the flame of gas slow & sprinkle 1/2 cup water on it & put                                                                                                     off   the gas 

                         *   After some time again on the gas & start to bake it. When its total        color   change then stops baking. 


                           * Now wait to cool it & after cooling pour it into the mixing pot, add                                                   another   all ingredients that are garlic  flakes, salt, chilly                                            powder etc 

IMG_20171215_213244                                                                                                                             ADDING INGREDIENTS

                          * Now grind it in the mixture till it became slight sticky.

                          * Now super tasted chutney is ready to eat . Serve it with stale Roti,  chapati              by adding oil on it. It gives the very nice smell. IMG_20171215_230018                                                                  READY CHUTNEY

                                  * Generally this chutney is used for breakfast Maharashtra people as well as when so many people are there in the home then this chutney is making. 

                                             NOTE *  Don’t add another ingredient to it, it will lose its original taste.


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  1. dpranita583 says:

    best adhesive chutney with best baking clue.

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  2. web page says:

    Para entеnder melhor,tһink about uma biblioteϲa.

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    1. dpranita583 says:

      i didn’t getting what you are telling?


  3. dpranita583 says:

    Reblogged this on chhayaonline- charging of mouth with food blogs and commented:

    This chutney is famous in India.It gives us good fibres to digestion along with fats, proteins, oils etc & having the delicious taste.Creates saliva in the mouth.

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