FreshGajar Halwa With Fresh Gajar

time for it

prep cook total

10      20      30


carrots * 1/2 kg

channa  * 1 bowl

sugar      *  1 bowl

ghee        * 1 tabs

cardamom  powder *  1teas

cashew nut powder *  1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE  *  Bring fresh, red colours, sweet& big size carrots  from the market

* Wash it with fresh tap water & keep aside.

IMG_20171215_122639 (1)
Enter a caption FRESH CARROT


* Make ready all ingredients near to gas.

* grate the carrots with big hole slicer. & keep aside

* Now take a big pan & keep on the gas.

* Pour the ghee in it, wait to heat it

*  Add grated carrot to it & stir it well with full gas.Keep the lid for a                                                while on it, remove it & keep a lid aside


* Now make the flame slow & add channa into the carrot, add sugar,                                                cashew nut powder etc  & stir it well

IMG_20171214_084624 (1)

* Now keep the flame of gas full & stir it continuously. Wait to


condense it properly .now serve it as it is.

Ready to eat

TIPS FOR IT *  We know that winter season is building body season. It provides cold air to our body so to keep the body warm we need healthy & nutrient food .this item provides lots of proteins, vitamins, haemoglobin etc. So to build body strong eat this food.


:  Take fresh carrots, wash it with clean water.

:  Remove peel from it & grate it with big hole slice& keep aside

:  Keep all ingredients ready

: Pour the ghee into  the pan, add grated carrot to it, stir it well

: Keep the lid on it for a while.

: Remove the lid & add sugar, channa, cardamom powder, cream of milk etc.

: Again stir it well to get the good colour & change its total appearance.

: Colors of some photo is faint as the steam of it came on the camera.

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