How to decide which man is great person?

In our city there is an environment of municipaulty election .Lot of people are engaging in that ,to make propaganda of their candidates.

Yesterday my servant has not been came to work so i asked her why did you not came for work ? She replied me we are going to make propanganda of congress. & theyb are giving us 300 Rs. daily,Means now everyday they are earning 600Rs. She has lot of happiness for it, as she is earning extra income.


After one week again she told i want to take holiday for tomorrow. I told her why did you are taking everytime holiday , i can’t give you now . Then she replied me ”No mam , ”Some relatives shradha is there so i want to go there, i asked her but you now you are earning more income , so are you nlifting this income for your relatives? then she replied ”yes” as ”shradha ” is coming on 1 day in 1 year & all relatives are coming there & we can meet them there etc.

Now i start to thinking emotionally with aware of sensation. She didn’t have regular chance to earn  extra money & everyday her life is depending on everyday’s income ,as she didn’t have another extra income source for her family. Then also she has decided to go to visit her relatives.

Instead of her if we will compare to her with any educated business man  or serviseman to go to meet for relative. He didn’t go he will tell ”my deadline will miss or i have to suffer lot of loss,now keep this point in mind the lady who can’t earn any thing withoiut doing any work daily , she has given importance to emotions or humanity but the person who has lot of income he didn’t missing his deadline to meet the relatives. So who has kept humanity? & who has sensitivity? We know that sensitivity brings near to God , so decide who is great person? & Who has bimnded relationship? & who is breaking relationship .

Nowadays there is a trend that the person who is earning more or lot of money is great person & the person who has kept all values , emotions , sensitivity all with him with strong binding of relationship is the fool person as he didn’t collected money, in this perid if Mahatama Gandhi, Dr, Babasaheb Ambedkar , Savarkar if all are here now they will be fool in everyone’s eyes.

Before 20 years when there is a program of marriage or any celebration then lot of realtives are coming to enjoy these programs.they are livng there & mixing with everyone.We are getting lot of happiness from them. But now we have lot of monwy to arrange programms but no one is coming to eat ,everyone is busy in their activities & if someone ios free he didn’t eant to mix any where or do some work for someone. as there is no flow of real love or real energy. So decide to take some days is good or to keep busy for work as i don’t want to miss any deadline is good?

Suppose everyone in this world decided that i never miss my deadline, Can travelling run? Can market run? Can relationship run? Who will take care of old persons & small babies? & where is space for emoptions & sensitivity ? As this happening now , everyone is busy in his work.

Give me ans in my comment section.

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