Business Of Profit – Diwali Story


   In the childhood Umesh enjoy to go to his uncle’s provision store. He was sitting there for whole day. Giving things to the customer. His uncle always advises him about small business. Telling him that if any customer is continuously taking things from his shop and not giving back money, then we must have to stop to give them things. From his shop some people were taking some grocessory with credit. But so many are giving back money without demanding it in a fixed time. But there is a Madhav who was his neighbor buying some grocessory since so many months but not paying bill. Every time when they will demand them back money, he was telling 100 reasons or telling definitely I will give this month.  Now uncle has stopped to give grocessory from this month.

  After some days Madhav again came in the shop and telling ‘’ Chachaji, today is Diwali, in my home there is no any sweets also no any grocessory to make sweet. My kids are crying for sweet, no any money in the pocket, how can we celebrate Diwali.? How can I tell you to give me grocessory without money?  As already I have so many credits with your shop, how can I pay you? How can I celebrate Diwali with them? Now Umesh uncle says, ‘’Instead talking more, first tell us what you want? First take ghee, flour, Sooji, and another important grocessory, and go, make your Diwali happy, celebrate it with your family. We will chat remaining chatting after Diwali. 

 Madhav went his home with some grocessory meanwhile Umesh asked to his uncle, already he had so many amounts back with past month, then how did you have given again so much grocessory? Instead he has to not give any grocessory. Now his uncle told, ‘’Umesh, you are a foolish, you know in the festival season so many are eating a lot of sweets, enjoying a lot, bringing clothes, gold, things, etc. and if he will not celebrate Diwali, can God will forgive us? Are we will get any happiness? Then Umesh told, but you have taught me lesson that if we will not get money back in time, we didn’t have to give them grocessory.


 Profit -loss is the part of business, sometimes we have to be force to get amount. But, profit- loss is not greater than any surrender person and difficult time. If any person has to surrender, and have difficult situation we must have to forgive him and work with our culture.

We are spending a lot for so many other activities or other good activities but instead if we will give some money or grocessory who is in trouble for some days. Any way we will get back money and if will not get back then think that we have given our grocessory for good purpose or we have donated it. We also think that our help has reached to the needy person. This is not the less profit business. Instead we will get anywhere our profit. God is taking our exam with like this person.

 This is also one form of profit, Umesh understand and he became very happy. Then he decided to become as like his uncle and always ready to help to the needy people.

 Conclusion:  Reality is that business of profit is that, only we have to profit instead front person also get profit and happiness. We must have to understand that, for our small achievement we didn’t have to care of profit and loss. Instead helping to the front needy person is the best profit for business, Gurunanak also have done same type of business. In the real profit there is no any way of profit and loss.       

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Life Has Limit Sky – Life Quotes

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Good evening friends have a glorious day.

   We know that life is a journey and it has no limitations. So, I have chosen the word for it ‘’SKY’’

          Every time when we are suffering from any difficult situations, we are pointing our finger to the sky and telling to everyone that’’ My stars are not good’’ as stars and planets are living in the sky. So, our limitations are up to sky.

  Sky is the part of our soul. Soul is the main part of life. It carries power, original qualities as like peace, happiness, prosperity, knowledge, etc. When we need peace, we are looking to the sky. We are sitting for the meditation under the huge sky to get the complete peace. To feel abundance, getting happiness, knowledge etc.   In Marathi there is a proverb that ‘’ His mind is great as like sky’’, maybe he had abundance or not but he behaves as like Sky. Whatever maybe he carries he feels that I have abundance also sky gives to everyone same. He never makes any types of discrimination while giving anything to anyone.   

  We have plenty of songs regarding Sky, Sky gives everyone everything but when we go near to him nothing is there. This is the magic of life.

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http://Life has limitations Sky- Life Quotes/chhayaonline.comPhoto by luizclas on http://Photo by luizclas on

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Life Has Limit Sky – Life Quotes

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Good evening friends have a glorious day.

   We know that life is a journey and it has no limitations. So, I have chosen the word for it ‘’SKY’’

          Every time when we are suffering from any difficult situations, we are pointing our finger to the sky and telling to everyone that’’ My stars are not good’’ as stars and planets are living in the sky. So, our limitations are up to sky.

  Sky is the part of our soul. Soul is the main part of life. It carries power, original qualities as like peace, happiness, prosperity, knowledge, etc. When we need peace, we are looking to the sky. We are sitting for the meditation under the huge sky to get the complete peace. To feel abundance, getting happiness, knowledge etc.   In Marathi there is a proverb that ‘’ His mind is great as like sky’’, maybe he had abundance or not but he behaves as like Sky. Whatever maybe he carries he feels that I have abundance also sky gives to everyone same. He never makes any types of discrimination while giving anything to anyone.   

  We have plenty of songs regarding Sky, Sky gives everyone everything but when we go near to him nothing is there. This is the magic of life.

http://Life has limits sky– Life Quotes/
http://Life has limitations Sky- Life Quotes/chhayaonline.comPhoto by luizclas on http://Photo by luizclas on

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Mental Health – Common Issues -Mental Health Day

Mental Health – Common Problem – Mental health day.

     Today we are very aware with this word ‘’Mental health’’ everyone is taking care that no one will say us mental. But if we will check everyone’s home, we will get at least 1 person mental in each home.

We have made very large issue of this word. If small kids are not eating properly, we say he become mental? If any person in the home become angry and talking loudly, we say he become mental now.

http://menatl health- common problem-Mental health day/chhayaonline.comPhoto by cottonbro on

   Generally, for the old people we say easily he is mental, you didn’t know.

         Today youth generation is engaged in the overuse of social media or playing games. They are really becoming mental. But we are not attending them. Now is the time to become any person mental. Because no one is at home to talk each other or to become free. No any groups of friends where we are enjoying, playing somethings and becoming free. We never feel any type of burden in our life. But today situation is that everyone is feeling very heavy and bored. It’s better that, never think of future to our kids otherwise we will become mad.


  If we will be found anyone’s symptoms as like mental person. Never say him you are mental or do not Be hurry to take him to the mental hospital. In so many families some parents are treating them as like mental or pointing to them he is mental then he become more mental and not doing any type of work.


   We are listening that when there is a quarrel between daughter in law, we say she is mental. When there is a quarrel between husband – wife then we say are they mental? Quarrel is the simple issue of life but we made it very hard thinking that quarrel is not good at home. Our home should be peaceful. May be inside there are a lot of waves of oceans but can’t express it as there are children in home we can’t express. We didn’t want to go outside our voice. I want to keep my home peaceful. It is good for a while but, if we will suppress all these problems without exploring it, it can take another form and we say this person become mental. So small quarrel is the solution for so many issues.


   In our colony in the morning so quite that no voice is coming outside, sometimes I feel that we have to say something on the road to bring chaityna in the atmosphere. Of them  ‘’ Dustbin van singing a song loudly then feeling good’’ Otherwise we didn’t know where we are? And saying we are suffering from dementia. What will happen with this danger silence?

   In our childhood when we are on the road, we are listening a good voice of news anchor.’’ Akashwani Pune Sudha Narvane applyla  pradeshik Batmy Det Aahe,’’ we get to listen so many news on the road and we are aware for everything. Nowadays there are plenty of channels still we didn’t have any attraction of any news. Why life had become bored? Where have been lost our eagerness, enjoyment or Chaityna if we have a lot of material things. Something we are missing. still we are showing outside, how I am happy?

2] I observed very carefully mental cases are solved with simple common sense which our parents or Grandparents were using with us. They never say us we are mental but handling with situations. Nowadays if they are at home then in comparison to our next generation, we think that they are mental.

  Only difference is that we have material of knowledge they have material of situations. They are using their life skills to bring ‘’Chaityna’’ in the atmosphere. We are using our life skills to bring material things only for our life.

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What Calling Fear – Health

Why   Did   Fear? –  Health 

Good morning friends, have a healthy day.

    Let’s we will discuss on fear with our health regarding every part of body. Means how did our every part effect with our small mistakes. Sometimes behaving as like fool. If we know the effects of everything still, we are doing that thing. That is known as human being.

   For example, we know that sitting continuously at one place is dangerous to our health. Still we are taking mobiles in our hand and continuously sitting at one place.

   But, how did our health is getting to damage we will see here?

     In the last 2 weeks I went to visit my mother’s sister as her grandson has been suffered from pyrolysis. I heard this news and getting shocked. How it has been happened in the small age means under 24 years.

     Then I visited to my ‘’Mavshi’’ she told me how did this happened? In the lockdown he was sitting in the chair at one place and doing work from home. His mother not allowed him to go outside due to fear of COVID. Already he became fat when he was outside for the job and education. Eating junk food and only rice.

 In the lockdown he never moved anywhere and sat on one place. His weight increased along with cholesterol and suddenly one day he sat in the chair and attack came. His half part of body getting paralyzed. His mouth also changed its shape. Can’t speak properly.

   This is only effect of fear. Not doing exercise, don’t want to do house hold chores or movement of body at home. Okay, if you don’t want to do household chore, you can do any work in the garden, do cleaning of any vehicle, do anything at home if no any work walks in the home but sitting at one place is how dangerous to us?


  1] If we will not take breakfast in the morning our stomach has a fear. It makes different sound.

  2] If we will not drink sufficient water our kidney has a fear.

3] We have the habit to sleep late at night and getting up late in the morning. It can create fear in the gall bladder.

4] Small intestine has the fear when we are eating stale food and drinking cold water.

5]  Big intestines get effected when we are eating more fried food along with nonvege.

6] Our lungs get effected when we are smoking cigarettes, charas, Ganja , etc.  also, when we are living in the polluted area.

7] Liver is getting to damage when we are eating a lot of fried food and drinking alcohol. If we will not be keeping our eating habits at proper time.

8] Most important part of heart is getting effected when we are eating more salt or too much less salt along with eating high cholesterol food.

9] Pancreas has the fear of sweets and if we will eat it free then it will damage, we know better.

10] Our eyes have more fear when we are watching some thing in dark place with mobile screen or computer screen.

11] Most important fear is creating in the brain when we are thinking on unwanted stories, events, etc. It can bring all types of fear.

    Keep these points with you and be the fearless person.  

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Hi Friends, good morning have a productive day.

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Blogger Recognition Award – Life Skills

Blogger Recognition award

Blogger Recognition award

Thanks to my special loving blogger
By Binita Bora, skills for self who has nominated for this blog .
She is very genius and specialist writer of life skills. Please read her blog here .
Her blog is special for the mental, psychological problems.
1] Select the nominee
2] Answer the questions provided
3] Create 7 questions to the nominee
4] Nominate 5 bloggers which are new and which you want to nominate
5] Know them why you have nominated ?
Binita’s questions to me
1] Do you think that spirituality can help us to develop life skills?
Of course, I think spirituality itself is filled with life skills. What is in Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagvat Geeta, or any spiritual books? These books are filled with only difficult life stories. They are telling us how to use life skills in our life without disturbing values? Otherwise if we will disturb values then there is no meaning of life. Of course , Rama , LAXMANA, Udhisthir, Arjun, etc have carried some values in their life so we keeping their respect otherwise we never keep respect to Duryodhan and Dushasan.
2] How did you are managing time for writing with your regular work?
That’s the skill I am using everyday in my life. If I will get up late my hubby taking a lot of tension but How I am managing time and making a tiffin for him within a time along with my regular task. This can be done with our faith and inner voice.
3] You are multitasking blogger choosing a lot of topics how can write an excellent articles?
If we will do any work lovingly and keeping complete faith on it. Automatically our brain is getting to ready to provide best information to us. As we have stored a lot of information in our brain storage it can be run out with many clicks. Only we must have the knowledge how to sort out it?. It must be done who has the more observation skill and who is giving 100 % for any work. It will creates happiness and brings out our inner potential automatically.
4] Which are your ideal bloggers?
1] Pooja G
2] Binita Bora

5] Are you changing your personality to imply life skills ?
This is the life. To run it peacefully and happily is known as journey of life. If you want to make your journey happy then have to change our routes. As we know that to make our journey happy and successful we often chose soft roads also chosing safe and good route to reach the destination. Sometimes we have a lot of obstacles in our road if we have no knowledge how to overcome it? We get stacked there. This works same for our life.
My Questions To The Nominee Are ?
1] Are you doing blogging business with burden or as a passion or only to earn money?
2] How did you have overcome difficulties of blogging?
3] Which tools you are using for blogging?
4] Have you joined any bloggers meeting?
5] Can blogging gives you inner satisfaction?

1]Angry Bird]

Manasa Kulkarni

Manasa KulkarniLife Lesson’s


vickleaVickie’s Book Nook and Meditation Corner



Invisibly Me

Partners in Cooking

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Life Quotes – Daily Quotes

Hi friends, happy Saturday. Let’s enjoy daily quotes with fresh mind.

http://Life quotes-daily quotes/
http://Life quotes-daily quotes/
http://Life quotes- daily quotes/ Quotes/
http://Life quotes -daily quotes /chhayaonline.com

Friends, we are busy now in hectic work. At this time we need some nutrient food to our brain. So I have searched a good , high nutritional value food for you. It is not only for enjoyment but you can churn it to make complete digestion. So that you can fill with full of energies and wishes. Hope you will do that.

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Health and Mental Health SWEETS

Apple 🎂 Recipe Without Oven – Eggs

Hi friends, good morning have a delicious and sweet day.

Today I have fresh apples at home and thought to make cake. Didn’t know can it will make delicious. But, it become so beautiful. Let’s check here how I have made it? Still ,today I decided to be make 🍎 🎂 first time I am making without egg and oven. I have only some milk cream and thick curd and lemon juice everything I have used and in that , I have a lot of work , to make it has no time but still I have made it faster so that it has been made so nice. I have made it faster so that it has complete loving taste.

Time for it :

Prep cook total :

25 35 60 min.

Author name : Pranita Deshpande,

Cuisine : United States,

🔑 : 🍎 🎂 Recipe,

Food type : 🎂 Recipe ,

Serve for : 5.

Ingredients to make it :

grated Apple 1,

sugar 50 gram ,

milk cream 20 gram,

thick curd :20 gram ,

cinnamon : 1 tbsp.

baking powder: 1/2tbsp,

Bicarbonate of soda : 1/2 tbsp.

cardamom powder: 1 tbsp.

Wheat flour : 100gm

Method To Make It : (1) Just take the fresh 🍎, remove it’s peel, grate it and keep aside.

(2) Take milk cream, curd, sugar, ghee in one container to husk it.

(3) Husk it for 10minutes. Add cinnamon powder and cardamom powder to it.

(4) Add grated 🍎, wheat flour ,milk to it. Husk it again and Now keep it to set for 30 minutes .

(5) Keep the cooker to preheat for 10 minutes by adding 100 GM salt to it.

(6) Pour all this batter in other cooker tiffin by applying ghee to it.

(7) Now keep this tiffin in the cooker. Remove whistle of cooker.

(8) Give heat to it for 30 minutes with medium gas.

(9) At last off the gas and see how the 🎂 has been made.

(10) Decorate it as your convenience.

🍎 🎂 recipe /chhayaonline. com
Grated 🍎 for 🎂 /
Batter of 🎂 /
Cooked 🎂 /chhayaonline. com
Well prepared 🎂 /
Serving 🎂 /

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Rituals In Adhik Mass – Purushotam Mass [ Extra Month In year ]

A small research on Indian Rituals

Importance Of Adhik Mass [ Extra Month]

Hi friends, good morning have a fresh day.

Yesterday I have a discussion with my milk man about to go to ”Lord Venktesha” He is going every year to the Lord Vyankatesh. I told him my neighbor people went to Tirupati by taking their own van , why not you? then he told, No, suppose we will take some passengers in the van and he may have any infection , who can take its risk? Instead we will not go is the best way.

This is the example of travelling where crores of people are running to take darshan of Lord Balaji. Another example I visited to one my relative and asked, have you done any rituals for this ”Adhik Mass”? She started to tell me story of CORONA VIRUS patient and telling is there need to do it? Means she had no any interest to do it? Any way let’s know here what is Adhik Mass?

Adhik Mass means in Indian calendar there is an extra month after each 3 years. Means instead 12 Months we have 13 Months this year. A lot of people are doing a lot of rituals. That is to go bath in the river, sea, Teertha, to go temple for darshan, giving Bhojan to the 33 or 133 couples at home. Giving them gifts, feeding to the cow every day sweet food. Giving a lots of gifts to the Brahmin. Doing a lots of worshipping etc. Keeping some vrats. Worshipping every day Krishana. Listening spiritual stories or reading spiritual books, etc.


Some ladies are taking food only 1 time throughout whole day. Some ladies are keeping to stand through out the day. Some are not drinking water trough out the day. Some are keeping fast that not eat anything except sugar. Keeping pooja of Lord Krishana at home with Brahmin.

Main important ritual is not to talk 3 days to anyone like Mahatma Gandhi. Means it can increase your inner potential along with tolerance power.

Importance of this month means everyone is worshipping Lord Krishana with Radha. This month is known as MAL MASS . I think to remove our all ignorance and inactivity along with evils is the working of this month. This can be done by working on rituals. Another name for this Month is Purushotam Mass. Means do every thing good with some limitations. I think keeping limitations in the life is also work of these rituals or this Month.

In well developed countries people are developing them by doing meditation, Yoga, or Law of attraction class, or doing a lot of personality development class. Reading books , etc.

In India God has already kept like this rituals to remove our all ignorance, evil or any bad habits, how to control on mind? How to keep tolerance power with the particular situation? etc. Especially so many ladies are going through these rituals and they can also making change in their life with increasing maturity.

Today people who are engaged in CORONA are leaving everything. But, people who had no any fear are doing everything at home. Of course Rituals are giving us positive energy to remove fear of everything. It can increase an enthusiasm along with reducing laziness. It can work on depression. mental health, keeping good health, increases conversation in the relationship, bonding in the people, creating love, care, strength , etc. . Increasing exchange of energy. then why not to celebrate it?

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Daily Quotes – Faith

The second step toward riches is the faith which is the head chemist of the mind. that is  DAILY QUOTES- FAITH

2] The emotions of FAITH, LOVE and SEX are the most powerful of all the major positive emotions.

Inspirational Image for 1 Corinthians 13:13
http://Daily Quotes- Faith/

LOVE and FAITH are psychic; related to the spiritual side of man. Sex is purely biological and related only to the physical

4]LOVE and FAITH are psychic;

5] Repetition of affirmation of orders to your subconscious mind is the only known method of voluntary development of the emotion of faith. DAILY QUOTES

Daily Inspirational Quotes


Any desire which you wish translated into its physical or monetary equivalent in a state of expectancy or belief that the transmutation will actually take place. Your belief or faith is the element which determines the action of your subconscious mind.

7] A mind dominated by positive emotions becomes a favorable abode for the state of mind which may be induced by auto-suggestion.

8] Faith is the starting point of all accumulation of rich.

9] Faith is the basis of all miracles and all mysteries which cannot be analyzed by the rules of science.

10] Faith is the only known antidote for failure

11] Faith is the element the chemical which when mixed with prayer gives one direct communication with infinite intelligence.

12] Faith is the element which transforms the ordinary vibration of thought created by the finite mind of man into the spiritual equivalent.

13] Faith is the only agency through which the cosmic force of infinite intelligence can be harnessed and used by man.

14] Faith is the ‘’eternal elixir’’ which gives life, power and action to the impulse of thought.   ************************************************************************************************************************         If You Like it then share., comment and give ratings. Thanks for reading my post.

Faith is the starting point of all accumulation of rich.


Happy Monday Motivation

Train your mind to see the good in everything. Happy Monday

Hi friends, happy Monday now we are in a very difficult situation. Everyone is in tremendous fear. Watching news, loooking difficult situations of jobs, people are wondering everywhere to get the job.

No food to eat how to survive is the typical question in so many families. Of them in slum area people didn’t have knowledge of internet, to search jobs immediately.

So many candidates are doing any types of jobs, so have no satisfaction to do it. But, any difficult situation can give us more confidence, some lessons to learn. This situation will definitely change your life after some days and you will become as like gold which has been taken out from the fire.

Now is the best time to see the situation with positive angle. See everywhere good. This year nature has given us full rain and good crop so if you have field don’t shy to work in the field. Go to field work there. You will something good from it. Never get depress, keep attention to your mind. Be alert that, is I am carrying any stress, worries, pressure, anyway we have to face the situation then why not happily?

Nowadays keep this quote with you.

Happy MondayMotivation/
http://Happy Monday Motivation/

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Let’s Talk On Word Deserve – Today’s Secret

Let’s Talk on Word ‘’ Deserve It’’

  Are you deserved this life?

Hi friends, good morning have a deserve full day.

     Yesterday I have got one comment on my post. With this sentence ‘’ I deserve it ‘’ then I am getting confused for it and searching the real value of this word. Today this word is running very fast.

Means suppose anyone have not getting anything then we are giving them label ‘’he/she deserve it’’ Okay its all right.

    Then I have realized a lot of things with this word. Since 8 to 9 Months people are sitting at home with complete depression ‘’Are they deserve it?’’

  50 crore people have left their jobs and wondering here and there and don’t have to eat food them. Of course, they were living in the nice grade class life. Still they are in a lot of troubles. Are they deserve it?

  Our kids, school teachers, officers are running every day with cars or big bus but sitting at home are they deserve this life?

Our political leaders are always on the stage and wondering every time but they have to suffer more are they deserve.?

  People who are spending lakhs of rupees for every day’s dress but they have to wear now only kit which do not want to see other people, are they deserve it?

Now most important part of life is wearing mask. So many are wearing high profile clothes still they have to wear a mask. All are looking as like monkey. Are they deserve it?

 Do you know who had spoiled this word? Persons who are speaking only on deserve word. How I will explain here. This deserve word have made man’s life as like monkey.

Do you know who had spoiled this word? Persons who are speaking only on deserve word. How I will explain here. This deserve word have made man’s life as like monkey.

 They are thinking that their parents are not behaving as in the modern style so they are leaving them as it is, and saying they ‘’deserve it’’ Sometimes their parents who had spent a lot of money to develop their kids. They are dying without home, without food. Can they deserve it? Now tell me which parents deserve their life in troubling at the end of life?They are dying in that situation because you have deserved your Alishan life. They scarify their life for it but they never deserve that life. Brain Storm Award – Spiritual Question Answers

 Suppose anywhere any wrong case or serious case is happening anywhere deserved people never try to solve it. As they deserved alishan life. These cases are happening in the more proportion and everyone’s life become difficult. Causes Of Stress – Stress Management

WAH! How great these people? And pointing to the other people who are working for the good vibes by telling them ‘’ They are deserve it’’

 Professional people running fast in this generation not looking what is happening in the surrounding. Some people are dying due to lack of food, due to a lot of  problems and they are thinking they have deserved it? Is any man can deserve to die without food? Is any man can deserve to die without medicine? Story On Panini Rishi [Grammar Creator]- Interesting Story

  No, never they are dying due to the people are working only on deserve word. Because no one is there to attend them as everyone has deserved their proper work.

 Can any man have to be deserved to live the life of poor people?

   If our milk man has deserved to not distribute milk to the people? What will happen? Our cleaning persons are deserved to not cleaning the area what will happen? Our newspaper man, our servants are not deserving to work with their proper work what will happen? Don’t think that we are giving them money and for money they are coming. I never think that, no they are deserving to do work so we are happy. Money is an energy how much time with you, you didn’t know? Your life also an energy how much time with you, you don’t know. Only you are carrying with you good energy of people. Everything you have to kept here as it is.

Do you know God told them in ‘’Holy book’’ They are the forms of God? They are serving us so we are living here. Milkman is the form of Krishana, cleaning ladies or gents are the form of Laxmi Narayan. We never have to say about them they deserve. They are also earning crores of money.

  Life is getting us due to our past karma. This karma never goes with easy way. We must have to do some good karma to neutralize it. Otherwise we are adding some bad karma in our account.

Never think that he/she deserve it. Help them to make their future bright along with your future otherwise world will sink now. Help the people who are really in difficult situation. Don’t do your business with situation.

  Give me answers of all above questions in my comment section.

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Is There Need To Face Difficulties To The VIP Member- Lokmat article (newspaper)

Hi friends, good night, yesterday I was reading my loving newspaper and I saw a valuable column in it.I stacked there for a while. Getting nervous for a while. How much difficulty has to face to the valuable person who is doing a lot of valuable work for the universe. Without doing any type of corruption, honestly for the people with clean heart.

I think that doing good work for the universe is a big crime in this period. As we know that today, the people who are earning crores of money by doing corruption, by stopping somewhere good things. These persons are getting good value and respect.

Check an article here which have been published in our newspaper “Lokmat ” read it carefully and give me feedback on it. It was published on 30/9/2020

Article from Lokmat /

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Brain Storm Award – Spiritual Question Answers

Questions and Answers

Brain Storm Award – Spiritual Questions

  Hi Friends, Good afternoon have a peaceful day

Thanks to my friend Manasa’s Blog/ Manasa Kulkarni has been nominated me for this award. She is awesome blogger of psychological and life skills. Her blogs are giving us a lot of new skills along with new innovative information. Please visit her blog here. 


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  • ABOUT MY BLOG:  I have started my blog to spread values and virtues in the world. My blog contains multiniche contents, which are recipes, health, mental health, spiritual articles, spiritual videos, food recipes videos, and also article on COVID. How to exit from the COVID?
  • This time my friend has been asked me very valuable spiritual questions. Let’s know here which questions are these?
  • Q : Which type of fasting is good? In which period?
  •      The fasting which can be done in the best intervals of life time is the perfect fasting for the spiritual as well as mental and physical benefits. Too much weak people, old age person and students up to 10 th class has to avoid fasting. Mothers and sisters who are in the menstruation period also don’t keep it. In the whole day out of 24 hours. 16 hours has to avoid to eat regular food. You can eat fruits or fasting food in the brake of 8 hours. For drinking take green tea, tea, coffee, fruit juice with less sugar. Avoid to drink fridge water. Keep fix time to eat so that it can control your weight. It can increase immunity also gives brightness on the face. Feel light. It can increase our patience along with tolerance power. We can easily become selfless. At last we get tremendous inner happiness.
  • Q: Why Did Corona Virus? Why did we are suffering anyone’s mistake?

                       We know that we have over crossed the limitations of life. We are running to overcrossing the nature. This must have to stop somewhere. We know that there are a lot of crakes to the ozone layer. If we have been decided to stop to the world’s people to stop running . It can’t stop only by saying. We know that United Kingdom’s Lara and some friends are shouting since so many days for it. But it couldn’t be happening. If  my neighborhood have bought  1 car I have to bring 2 cars this is the natural behavior of human beings. To stop it suddenly it is very hard. So, when nature want to make tremendous change in the environment, he is finding any way to control it. This is the one type to keep the best balance in the nature.

Q: Is there any reference in our mythological story about COVID? Can we get any medicine from the Mythological invention or with any spiritual way?

                    This is not the bacteria it is a virus a protein. It has no DNA. It contains RNA. With contact it can spread. It can enter in the lungs, blood and creates water in the body. So, patient can be suffered from Pneumonia and reduces oxygen. Patient have to keep on ventilator. We have only Camphor product which can make our home away from germs.

  • Q:Can we see the soul? What is the form of soul?
  • In the spiritual books they have referred that
  •  ‘’ Ekam Nityam Vimal Machalam, Sarvdhi Sakhi Bhutam
  •   Bhavatitham Trigunrahitam  Sadguru Tam Namami’’
  •  Means we say it as a point. But actually, it is an energy we have to experience his work and his presence with self-realization. If anyone understand his power and work, he can be facing any situation happily.
  • Q: Who is fearless person in this COVID situation?
  • I think who is living in the present tense is the fearless person. With my observation some people who are not thinking about it. Not taking any thought in their mind also have mental and physically strong are living free from all fear. They didn’t touching any virus. Maybe they are living in the complete COVID region.
  • Q: How to rescue from fear? Please explain
  • Avoid to take his name, avoid to see updates, discussion, chatting, reading, take care by wearing mask, keeping sanitizer with you. Live a life as a regular life. Avoid to go in the crowd places, touching, keep distance. Try to live always happy.
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    Congratulations! To all the nominees for this award. I love your blogs. Thanks for your best help.

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Is there any reference in our mythological story about COVID? Can we get any medicine from the Mythological invention or with any spiritual way?

How To Clean Oily Skin – Skin Health

Hi Friends, good afternoon have a fresh day. 

Nowadays we are very alert in every part of life. In them it may be complete health, face beauty, hair beauty, thought beauty , body care along with fitness. etc.
Still with a lot of pressure or with the hectic work we didn’t get time to look us and we are losing our regular happiness with burden, it effects on our skin and our skin looks too much old, sometimes it looks fresh, sometimes young, sometimes as like sick person and many times it looks oily.


1] So many have to work in the kitchen near to gas. If the person is working near to gas he has to work with oil, go to near flame and it causes to become skin oily.
2] Today we are getting a lot of information about all problems and if some where we have read that butter is good for skin we make experiment of it without studying anything and our skin became oily.
3] If we didn’t suit any particular soap to our face then our skin became black or oily.
4] If we have habit to eat oily food then also skin became oily.
5] Every time drinking more time coffee or tea makes skin black
6] We are making a lot of experiments to make our skin shiny but, instead it became shiny it will getting to suffer a lot of issues.
7] Main important reason to make skin beautiful is our mind and thoughts.
8] Generally, in the summer due to sweat our skin became oily. In this season our skin brings out oil and it makes your skin oily and dirty.
If you are happy your skin is looking beautiful bright. Of them if you are running confidence with you there is no need to do anything for your skin. Whatever maybe you eat or drink every time your skin is fresh.
1] Mint Leaves : Let’s check this experiment first small part of skin if it is suitable then try it.
Boil 1 cup water. Add Mint leaves to it crush it make its nice solution apply it on the skin or keep it in the bottle to use it again.
2] CUCUMBER : This the best remedies for your oily skin. I think there is no need to test your skin for it. Only grate the tender and fresh cucumber make its juice. Apply it with the help of cotton on your face. It brings immediately bright look.
3] Elovera : This is also very nice remedies. But, be careful while using it. It can damage your eyes. It is an antibacterial along with smooth property. So it can make your skin smooth.
To apply it remove inner jelly part of it. Add some water to it and apply it on yuor face with the help of cotton. It can be good for prevention of rashes also it is good for sunburn.
4] ROSE WATER : This is also a natural tonner for your skin. It can remove dirt of your skin and makes your skin bright with nice glow. It also you have to use with cotton.

6] Wash skin after 2 hour with cool water.

5] Most important and best remedies : NEEM LEAVES. ; Keep leaves in the curd [thick] at night , in the morning make its paste in the mixture. Apply it on the face and seat in the morning sun. See the effect your skin became as fresh as like sunlight.
IMPORTANT NOTE : While applying every tonner , please take care of your eyes. Otherwise it can damage your eyes.
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Story On Panini Rishi [Grammar Creator]- Interesting Story

Story on Panini Rishi – Interesting Story

Good morning friends, have anhttp://: interesting day.

This story has been taken from My Spiritual Guru’s magazine ”Rishidarshan”

Please forget that you are at home, we are in lock down. Enjoy your every second of life with full of enthusiasm and energy. Never carry negative thinking accept situation as it is. You will be happy anywhere, anytime. No worries for life.

Let’s see the story here.

 There was one silly donkey like student. His name was Panini. While he was in the school in every year, he was failed up to 14 years. Everyone in the school were teasing him DHA Ball, nonsense, silly, donkey, etc. That was knowing to his parents and they were getting very hurt. He was continuously failed, failed, failed still 14 years. His father told him ‘’You will have to die’’

  Mother was told ‘’ You are my son taken birth from me, instead if stone will come in the form of son it is better for me’’ I wouldn’t have to tolerate disappointment of your father.


 Every year he has to tolerate anger, anxiety of his parents. In the year of 14 to 15 he wants to suicide in the well of his farm. And really, he decided to suicide in his well so he went to well. There were some ladies who were fetching the water from the well. While fetching water with rope he saw some marks on the stone which has been trashed due to rubbing of rope and become a new shape on the stone. Now he understands if with rope stone have marks forever then why did my talent also change with doing continuous study?

 Then he searched eligible Guru. Who taught him ‘’Om Namah Shivai’’ Mantra , with nice tone, swar, chand, God , etc. . Also taught him how to recite Mantra with a good rhythm? Now he started to chant Mantra with the given method and his life have been completely changed.


  While Dynamo moving, energy is creating same while reciting Mantra energy is creating. This energy is known as spiritual energy. Life energy and spiritual energy also getting to develop. When energy coming from the God it is coming in the form of force and it comes with more powers. So that there is a more importance to the chanting of Mantra’s.

Due to chanting of Mantra Disease of body, unstable state of mind, and some curse of intelligent also getting to reduce.


   Where there is a treasure of energy there he was reached where blessing of Guru was getting in more proportion. Now he had started to chant ‘’Om Namah Shivai’’ with full of devotion. But instead Mahadeva his Nandi came there and he started to talking with them ‘’ Bhagvan Shankar was completely engaged in the meditation you have to continue your chanting and meditation still he came here.’’ After coming he will be making sound of his ‘’Damru’’ Which sound will come from his ‘’Damru’’ what is the wishes you will demand that will complete with that sound.

Now Panini had started to recite Mantras. He became complete silence and peaceful with that Mantra. Then Mahadeva gets up from his ‘’Samadhi’’ and started to playing ‘’Damru’’

  With that sound of ‘’Damru’’ he had understood the meaning of ‘’ SHIVOHAM’’ ‘’So$$$ham’’ and he got 14 formulae. ‘’A I UN’’ RULAK, AONH, AOCH, HAIVARAT, LAN , etc.  with these sounds he had prepared grammar of ‘’Sanskrit’ That son had became great grammar creatore. When Panini has got a Mantra he become intelligent grammar scientist or creatore. And his spiritual energy has been awakened and he became the Panini Muni’’ with Sanskrit Grammar. After that no one had been made that type of grammar.

India’s first PR minister also praise to his grammar in this word ‘’ How much great grammar had been written by him’’ If any student has been learnt degree of M. A. still he had to learn only his grammar.   

Interesting story on Panini
http://Interesting story of Panini [Grammar creator/

Due to chanting of Mantra Disease of body, unstable state of mind, and some curse of intelligent also getting to reduce.

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Cucumber Chutney Recipe With Green Chilli

Good morning friends, have a 😋 day. Nowadays we are losing taste due to humid atmosphere. We didn’t want to eat, we are losing apeti. Getting bored by eating same food. So, I decided to make 🤔 chutney recipe .Let’s make something more 😋 and 😋 so that didn’t need to eat anything with it.

Let’s check how did I have made this chutney?

Author name : Pranita Deshpande, Cuisine : Indian, food type :chutney recipe, 🔑 word : Cucumber Chutney Recipe, Serve for:4

Time for it : preparing cook total 5 10, 15 min


Green chilli : 100gm

Gram nuts : 20gm

, Cucumber : 1 middle size,

salt: 1tbsp,


Hing : 1teas,

cumin seeds :1 tbsp,

oil: 1tbsp,

water: 2tbsp.

Method To Make It : (1) Take green chili, cucumber, gram nut ready. (2) Wash the cucumber and green chili with clean 💧. (3)Make it’s pieces and keep aside. (4) Keep the pan on the gas, Pour oil to it, add cucumber pieces and green chili pieces to it.(5) Stir fry it and spread 💧 on it. Now keep lid on it. Give it nice steam.(6) Add remaining ingredients to it and after cooling grind it in the mixture.

📝 : This chutney can be useful for 8 to 10 dishes.

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cucumber chutney wih green chilly/
Cucumber Chutney Recipe With Green ChilliIngredients for chutney/
cucumber chutney with green chilli/
Cucumber Chutney with green chili/


How To Neutralize Difficult Situation – Life Skill

How To Neutralize Difficult Situations To Create Happiness – Life Skill   

  Good morning friends have a peaceful, happy day. 

We know that life is filled with a lot of challenges of them 

Some are easy to manage, some creating a complex situation, so many are making a very hard life. Does it depend on the persons who are in the contacts? If the persons are very challenging means taking peak level decision or they have the habit to live the live weather at the peak or the ground then to the surrounding people it is very hard to manage this type of situation.

   These types of people are creating terrorists in the surrounding. And We think that why did any person is behaving like a terrorist in the home or the office, or at any place. There are so many reasons to create these types of persons. 

We will see some reasons below.

    In so many family’s ladies are very challenging. I am not an enemy of any ladies but I am writing this piece of article with observations. 

   If any lady is more beautiful, she has a lot of ego of them if the husband didn’t understand this easily, he became completely surrender with her then in that family only terrorism is running. No one can talk one world against that lady, even her kids are also away from her. Then it creates a lot of distance in the family and that kids didn’t get complete love so they become insecure, creating fear in their mind and after some days if there is no way to express it anyway it turns in to house terrorism.

Nowadays we say that ladies must have to be financially independent it is very good to run the family happy. But if any lady has a lot of ego of it, then again the above case is creating in the family. Some ladies are taking misuse of their powers means to not speak to the family members, till 6 – 6 years. Remaining alone in the home or going to her parents’ home. Then if anyone will go council them, they are making blackmail to the family members by taking his property on her name, by demanding gold, or any type of blackmailing. The effect of it is that the total family gets destroying. For God’s shake if any angel will enter in their home then he will neutralize this situation by creating more love and handling situations wisely in the family.

This case is not only for the family but in the politics, film industry, publishing industry, blackmailing is running everywhere. But if it is at the peak level it is not tolerated to nature and this type of natural calamities has to face us. As vibrations of any evil are more powerful than good vibrations.  

Is there any place where there is no problem in the universe? But, the person who has art to neutralize that problem with behaving well in that atmosphere can neutralize it. 

  Forex: There are always short complaints in the husband and wife relationships. That if any lady or gents have no tolerance power or she/he is giving more importance to her/his ego or her/his presence then it can destroy the family. It never ends in a good direction. Sometimes a small conflict creates an act of revenge or negative thoughts towards the situation as well as people if we didn’t have an idea to neutralize it by taking 2 steps behind or removing ego in any section it will take the form of war or fight. 


1] Avoid keeping more distance in conversation. 

2] Don’t give more importance to our ego. 

3] Don’t think I am alone running this community. As like me, there are so many running it and everyone has to suffer some little problems everywhere. 

4] Avoid thinking for a small time. Think for the long time and effects of our wrong behavior. 

5] Creating love and positive thoughts for everyone automatically neutralize the situation. 

6] The surrounding people are also my part of life. I am here due to them these types of thoughts easily neutralize the situation. 

7] For this situation I am also responsible so I would have to work for it. 

8] Giving faith and security to the junior one also neutralizes the situation. 

9] Every time, everywhere the power of money not works must have to know it. 

10] If everyone is happy then I will be happy this type of thought neutralize the situation.

If we have the knowledge to neutralize any situation we carry brightness everywhere.

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Devotional Story On Krishana- Interesting Story

Devotional  Story On Shrikrishana Bhakti – Interesting Story

      Good morning friends, have a glorious day.

       Have you heard name of Sukhdev? It comes in ‘’Bhagavat’’ book. It has very interesting devoting story. If you will listen it, you want to read it continuously. In India devotees are keeping ‘’Bhagvat Sapata’’ many high spiritual leaders telling these stories with their original knowledge. Saint as like ‘’Morarji Bapu’’,’Shri Krishana Priya’’’Kankeshwari Devi’’ etc. are telling stories of it very deliciously.

    Let’s see here one of the interesting stories of ‘’Sukhdev’’ here.

 Shukev was the son of Vedvyas. Who is bright as fire, cool as like moon, Tolerable as like Earth, Huge in mind as like Sky? Before doing ‘’Munj’ or Upnyas’’ he went in the jungle without doing any sansakar. For doing meditation.

  Here ,Vedvyas had becoming very sad to distance between relationship of Son and father. Then he decides to chase him by telling ‘’Putra where are you going? ‘’ but, Shukhdev run fast and he didn’t came back.

   After entering in the forest ‘’Shukdev’’ enter in the cave and sat for the meditation. Now here Vedvyas have hurting these facts, he was becoming sad and sad. He was thinking that now, what can I do? Where to search my son? How can I bring him back? How can I live without him?

   Now he had an idea to emerge the sansakar of his son. That is the ‘’Shloka’’ from Bhagavad-Gita’’

  He started to recite this ‘’ Shloka’’ with full of ‘’Shri Krishana devotee.

      ‘’ Aho Baki Yam Satankalkutam

        Ginghasaya $$$ Paiydyapaya Sadhvi//

         Lebhe Gatim Dhatrayuchitanm Tatonyam

Kam  VA Dayalum Sharnam, Vrije?

Meaning:  Oh! Bhagvan , how can I express your kindness as we know that Demon Putana came to die Krishana with full of poison in her breast. She had given poison’s milk to the Shri Krishana , still Krishana behave him as like mother and send her back in her society. In this way the poison can be convert to ‘’Amrita’’ is only by Krishana.

So, I would have to be surrender in his feet. Told his story to the Krishana.  

Effect of this Shloka on the ‘’Shukdev’s’’ mind and he wake up from his meditation. He became unconscious and looking everywhere thinking that how did I am here? Where is my father? Why did I come here? How I lived my father alone? These questions were coming in his mind and he came outside to the cave. With the vibrations of these ‘’Shlokas’’ he came near to his father. He saw his father was very sad and his eyes were filled with tears for him so he run fast and bowed on his father’s feet with full of love and affection.

  Then he hugged to his father and came back to his ‘’Ashram’’

MORAL: This Shloka means the moral of complete Bhagvat Story. If we will recite this ‘’shlokas’’ without eating anything we get benefit of reading complete  ‘’Bhagvat Gita’’   

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Inspirational Quotes In Lock down

Hi friends, good morning have a beautiful day.

Today we are running in a very difficult and a huge transformational world. This is the step where transformation of period is going on. We must have to be strong in this period. If we will become weak we never face this situation. To become strong we need good inspiration which will take to us in a good direction. As we know that wrong is wrong and right is right. Let’s keep these quotes with you to be inspire every time .

http://Inspirational quotes in difficult times/

Remember for some time we have to be behave in this way.

http://Inspirational Quotes in difficult times /
http://Inspirationalquotes in lock down/

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What Gives Us Challenges -Stay home

Today’s challenge

‘’Challenge’’ this word we are listening since childhood. If we are working in the challenging atmosphere then really our life become beautiful and meaningful. But we must have to understand why this challenge came in my life ?and how can I overcome it peacefully and happily.? Is I will overcome it or left it this is the personal question of everyone. But challenges giving meaning to our life. To learn a new language is also a new challenge.

Forex: We know that when there is a match is running in between Pakistan and India then the only name of the country ‘’PAKISTAN’’heal to our people of a country . Then decide how many players will heal for it? We know that this is the real challenge of everyone’s life on match day. So many are missing their colleges, tuition etc and sitting in front of the TV , In the market so many people are gathered around the TV in the shop. Today there is no need of sitting in front of the TV as we have everything in our hand.

But nowadays so many students are running away from real challenges. They want easy, readymade immediate things, they didn’t want to make a lot of efforts, its okay they are becoming smart now using the brain for making life easy. But what about our inner creativity?

Today we have everything in our hand so we are becoming lazy. We are forgetting to use our locomotory organs. To build a body nature has given us hands, legs we have to use it to do exercise

and yoga but to move our organs we are requiring machines and so we must have to go the Gim. I am not telling that going to the Gim is the bad thing but what happening the parents who are not capable to give GIM for their sons and daughters. These things are becoming part of our life and now for every family life become difficult. As their sons and daughters must have to provide all these things. Actually using Gim MEANS FORGETTING TO USE OUR HANDS & LEGS FOR EXERCISE.

Really I am getting worried about next generation How did next generation will work? Because for every locomotors organ there is a machine, for brain also there is a mobile or computer means we are losing our one-one part of a body. If any difficult question is where we are asking to our computers robot, if calculations are there we are doing it with machines everything is on a machine, means we are away from our body parts losing our emotions, sensations all original qualities of a man that is happiness, peace, compassion etc. It is very dangerous to our nature & so far as concert all above questions we have to ask everyone. Is I am on real track? How much time I have to use machines? Is there need to use every time machines for my life? The person has to control for artificial things instead things are controlling to us? Means what we are doing? We are controlling the things which are not in control. and Saying why did life become difficult if everything is in our hand.? So that 8th class student also forgetting things in the shop. If you will tell go by walking to bring something he will tell walking and this much distance?

How it is possible? These are the regular actions of everyday life we are forgetting to use it due to a love of our machines or becoming lazy. Means we have prepared comfort zone around our body and telling to everyone that today health problems are coming in the early stage of life. If you will ask to 40 years man or make a survey you will find every person is suffering from sugar, B. P. etc. We have created this challenge purposely as everything is in hand and no any man will live without challenge. Everyone likes to play with the challenge.

See every human’s nature is that he want a problem for life. If he didn’t have any problem he searches for it and finds it this is called as the self-invention for the challenge.

Let us learn Benefits of our challenging life.

1]  New challenge means the new invention.I think so many discoveries happened due to challenging cases.

1]  New challenge means the new invention.I think so many discoveries happened due to challenging cases.

2]  Challenge gives good inspiration, motivation, the power to work etc .

3] Challenging person always thinks positive, he is optimistic in any situation.

4] Every time he searches for an opportunity, works for others.

5] He has always helping nature as he had gone in so many difficulties. He carries a lot of types of work at a time.

6]  We say in India Ganesha has 14 virtues [GUNACHA ADHIPATI] means he carries 14 arts in his life.

7] We say to the Jagadamba ‘’Ashtbhuja, Ashtavdhani’’ means she can do 8 work at one time with full concentration.

8] These are challenging people & to come to their virtues in our mind due to creative visualization

and law of attraction so we need to worship them or to sing a song for them.

9] In today’s life so many people who have achieved a lot of success have accepted so many challenges in their life.

10] Challenging life teaches us the meaning of life with full of enthusiasm, energy and never gives up in the life.


What Gives Us Challenges – Stay home/

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How To Remove Cough Easily – Home Remedies-Health

How To Remove Cough From Body – Health

      Hi friends, Good morning have a healthy shiny day.

Nowadays we are engaged in humid atmosphere. It brings easily flu, cold and cough. Rain is continuously chasing to us. In them we have a fear of COVID. COVID means starting of cold and flu or common cold and cough. Now we are working to take some herbal tea, some juices, some herbal medicines, keeping distance and working on cleaning. Every time washing hands and clothes. Means we are playing with water in this atmosphere. This situation brings cold and flu to us and if we were not working immediately it will bring cough in our body.

  Let’s we will see effects of cough in our body?

If we have taken allopathy medicine to cure it immediately do you know how did they are working in body and how they can efforts to us?

We feel that tablet have vanished our cough but, instead vanishing cough, it completely getting dried and makes small particles of it. Which creates blockage in veins and makes tumor in the heart, brain, waist or anywhere in our body. If we will not work immediately on it, this dry cough creates T. B. Asthma, cancer, etc. To ban the cough and cold we are taking cough and cold tablets of osteopathy which brings a lot of problems in the future in our life. Also brings a lot of pains in our body. So never gives osteopathy medicines to the small kids or infants.

Let’s we will try YOGA and Ayurvedic treatment to remove cough and cold.

YOGA EXPERIMENT:  If you want to ban it then take breathing with your right nostril and keep inhaling and say ‘r’ in Marathi. Feel that fire energy in the form of Goddess is creating in my body. Hold breathing for 60 to 100 second. Then leave it with left nostril slowly. This experiment has to do in the morning and evening 3 to 5 times. Cough will remove easily.

Ayurvedic Treatment: In the morning take 1 lit water, in that add 10 – 12 gram saindhav salt. Drink that water while standing on the feet. Brings out omitting with the help of finger.

2]   Small kids and old aged person’s are suffering easily from cough . In 1 year at least 3 times kids are suffering from it. If they have continuously cough problem then give them Ayurvedic cough syrup for 1 to 2 days . It can remove easily cough. No need to give any allopathy medicine. Otherwise give them ‘’Tulsi tablet’’ in the morning and evening 1-1 tablet if it is small kid under 5 years and if he will be more than 12 years give them 2 – 2 tablets.

3] Next medicine for the cough is best home remedies that is take 10 gm garlic and 1-gram Tulsi seeds add these in the honey, it become best chutney. Now give it to the kids. They will eat happily. It will make heart strong and cough also will get vanish. There is a medicine in the Hari Om Store that is ‘’Tulsi trophy’’ it contains Tulsi seeds, ginger, peeper and pimpli, etc

MOST IMPORTANT AND EASY REMEDIES :   Boil 1 lit water and make it less up to 250 ml. Drink it to the kids after becoming sharp cool not complete cool. This is the most miracle medicine for anyone who has

So many types of suffering that is it maybe ‘’Vatta, cough, gas ‘’ No need of any other medicine if you are taking this medicine.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE COUGH : When we are coughing we bring cough in the mouth , never  swallow it as it is. It can damage our body. The person who has the problem of cough has to avoid Curd, buttermilk, cold water, cold juice, banana, Shabudana, Lassi, milk, sweets. Frying food, etc.

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How To Remove Easily – Home Remedies-Health/


My Blogging Journey 2 – Blogging

My Blogging Journey 2

    Good morning friends I am happy as you are in my life. Thanks for your good appreciation.

      Let’s run our travel to the next destination.

  So, I think I have published my first post ‘’About God’’ on linked in. I got endorsement for that post.

Then I decided to publish a post on my son’s treatment and published the post ‘’ My optimist power of mantra healing’’ At that time I have a lot of fear about my grammar mistakes.

MY FIRST POST : I have published above post and suddenly how people have searched my email didn’t know and they are continuously sending me emails. I am reading everyone’s mail. To whom perfect path I have to take have more confusion as I think everyone is very kind, emotional and good person here. I was feeling that in the internet there is no any worst person. Everyone is good and so internet is running this system so quietly. Of course, I was continuously reading quotes on life and value education on all channels.

 MIRACLES OF THAT POST: If you will read that post you will understand what is life ? After publishing that article every day, I am getting above 200 thoughts on that blog post and since 2015 to 2018 that post had 6000 comments and 60,000 views /minute. I thought that I didn’t have to worry. All world will collect all money in my account and I will become richest person in the world so I was so calm and cool that everyone was getting astonished with me.

But, instead getting money to me everyone is running to me to earn money from my blog. I couldn’t understand anything from it. Really so many companies have been made crores of money from my blog. And I have to struggle here for money. I thought and dreamed that all media will come to me to take my interview, all social media will give me immediate money but no change in it. Still my aim is to publish my articles so I would have been completely cool. As I didn’t want to disturb myself in writing. No knowledge of internet.


   Everyone is giving me a comment and I was inspiring with it. I had been written all posts before coming to the internet so on each week I was publishing a new post which is completely new and attract people. Each article would have been getting 1500 shares at start. On the LinkedIn every article has getting me above 1000 views, on Facebook same, on twitter didn’t know how to see but have great celebrity followers along with great leaders also some great spiritual leaders have been followed it. So, my first account of twitter also has been hacked.

   I was running only in the social media no any blogging community known to me. What is google analytic didn’t know and it is getting very hard to understand that account, after 1 year I have asked 

To one LinkedIn connection member and he saw in the google account and told me you have only 7 visitors in the site. I thought that the views which are getting me in the social account that means traffic for my site and so I was very lucky.

Then I got google ad sense account after 7 to 8 Month but it is very hard to run it. In them I was working for Blog mint I am getting there twitter campaign, Facebook campaign etc., I have earned some amount from it.


From blogging I have a lot of sponsor post from Amitabha, I have written post on ‘’Pink’’ film then on ‘’Dhoni’  also I have written post on Riteish Deshmukh,  I have written article on Amir khan, and Micromax phone , some another technical sponsor articles , but so many have rejected as didn’t know how to use Grammarly as I have fear of learning.

After 2 years of blogging I got one community that is Indiblogger. To learn it also require almost 2 Months. Now I became perfect. I joined community and my site traffic has been getting to reduce so I left these communities as site has no traffic.

   After six month I turn to keep products of amazon on site. It was getting very hard to keep products on site to keep link correct. At first, I was keeping wrong link on my site and only starting to advertise the products in my social media site. In my area’s people have never known the world ‘’AMAZON’’ I have introduced them it and I am keeping products on my site products was selling and benefit is getting to AMAZON and I was asking to my customers they were telling me we have purchased a lot of products from your  site . When I was asking to the amazon, they were giving me 1000 s of reasons.  

Any way I think that, to become AMAZON’ rich in the world my contribution and hard works are more valuable. Amazon will agree or not didn’t know me but, I think that I have done good karma.


:  In my area so many are uneducated about my blog so they are telling what are you doing we didn’t understand?  So many are very talented they are reading, keeping them as like notes but sitting as like cat sitting at the corner. They have never given me any comment or any appreciation instead they are thinking that how she has been reached that level have tremendous jealousy. If I will be giving her comment, I will be feeling very low then why should I feel low?

  Another   misunderstanding has spread for me purposely from my nearest people that I was making a lot of grammar mistakes I am completely agree it at start before knowing me how to use Grammar? But, after learning that tool I had made every post completely away from mistakes but some people are reading my post, keeping with them and spreading unhealthy messages about my writing. They have spread to get me lower position but, still I am facing difficulties to grow my blog. I think that no one is perfect in this world. Mistakes are parts of life. But, still I am taking so much care to avoid mistakes.

Again I think that criticism and mistakes are the ways to make improvement in life. I am here to appreciate it without any misunderstanding.

I have an invitations as a guest from my college and another city but, I have refused it as at that time I have oppose from my family and also I think that I will lose my writing focus.

Still no worries. In the ocean  if we will drop 1 drop of oil no any difference to the ocean.

Still no worries. In the ocean  if we will drop 1 drop of oil no any difference to the ocean.

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My Blogging Journey – Blogging # 1

Friends, good morning have a happy day. Just now I saw my traffic report and thrilled with it. How magic is happening in my life didn’t know. 

        Some time I working too much hard and getting very few results and vise versa. 

  My book has been published in March Month, at that time I have only a Facebook account but, I am not working on it. Then in March month, my book’s company told me to find all social media account. Still, I didn’t know how to find an account even how to sign up or sign in? What is the difference between signing up and sign in? 

Still, with the help of one digital marketing store, I have made a social media account. 

  Then at first, I didn’t know that social media has to use to write articles or to post anything. 

I feel suddenly that I entered in the third world and completely getting confused. 


      Then I have started sending friend requests and accepting them. At that time I aimed to make a lot of fans and followers. So couldn’t understand to whom I have to send a friend request? And why? In the speed of air, I have made 5000 friends. Now the friend limit has been finished. 

   Now I turned to publish a small post on Facebook, in them one FB friend Mahes Patil named person has published a rape post with an image on my timeline. Now get completely get disturbed here. Is social media is good or worst have a lot of confusion. Any way I must have to leave it now. Then what to do. Then I told this news to my sister’s daughter.As I didn’t know anything to whom Complain? Where to complain? How to block him etc. How to delete that post? Still, with the help of my sister’s daughter, I have deleted that post. She insisting me to delete the account. I too also want to delete that account but thought if we will delete it people will run to me as I have done something wrong. So I have kept that account as it is. Couldn’t be turned to Facebook up to 6 Months. 


  Then I turned to Linked in there I have too much confusion about how to publish a post? All that but everywhere I learned to connect the people. Here also I started to connect a lot of connections but not known how to publish a post. But with the self-study, I started to publish Quotes on the linked in.

Then I have written a short post on ‘’tension’’ I think it was only 1 paragraph that post was liked by A big personality Fadke and he had commented ‘’smart, cute, valuable’’ also I reached a lot of comments.Then I inspired with it and I think I have published my first blog post on linkedin. But didn’t know how to share it. 


  Now I understand I can write in English. Started to create a blog. It was created from one cyber café student, who has created it and told me to publish the post. 

   It was very hard for me to edit a blog, to write a post and publish on it but, anyway I will be free by writing and want to share my knowledge, experience to the public is my aim and started to publish the posts. 

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Advantage -Disadvantages Of Shabudana – Indira Ekadashi

Hi friends, good 🌃 morning and have a healthy Indira Ekadashi. Let,’s watch video on Shabudana a fasting food and share your feedback with me.

In every home Indian teen age guys like to eat Shabudana Khichadi. So they are enjoying to eat it. And they are not facing any problems with it. But, generally ,more than 50 age person have to avoid it.

Here are the reason which I have explained in the video. Watch it carefully and share your experience with me.

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SouthIndian Recipes-Appe-Uttapa-Video

We are many time in conflict that how to make so many food items in less time. Of them we need breakfast as early as possible. Here I have made 2 recipes at a time. Let’s watch video



Basen Ladoo Recipe – Navaratri Special

Hi friends, good morning have a wonderful day. Let’s enjoy a good healthy sweet.

Specialty Of This Sweet

This sweet is very famous in Maharashtra. Speciality of this food is baking skill. The cook or chef who has perfect skill of baking can make delicious food.

Health Importance : This food is made from 👵 Gram Dal. This Dal is rich in protein. It also clean body. We are making it with pure 😍 ghee so it increases the proportions of proteins. It is good to digest but,when we bake it properly.

Basen Ladoo Recipe - Navratri Special
Basen Ladoo Recipe – Navaratri Special
Basen Laddoo Recipe – Navratri Special

Author name: Pranita Deshpande,


Food type : Basen Ladoo


🔑 word : Ladoo recipe

,Serve for 4

Time for it :

preparing cook total

15, 30 45 min

Ingredients for it :

1) 👵 Gram Dal Flour, : 250 GM,

2)Powder Sugar : 250gm,

3) Pure Ghee: 250gm,

Caradamom powder : 1 tbsp,

Dry fruit 👊 : As you wish.

Basen Ladoo Recipe - Navratri Special
Basen Laddoo Recipe – Navratri Special

Method To Make It 👆 Keep all ingredients ready.

(2) Bake the 🎂 Basen flour slowly with medium gas.

(3) Add pure 😍 ghee to it.

(4) Stir it continues 😘 to bake still khaman smell spread everywhere.

(5) Now add powdered sugar and cardamom powder to it. Mix it well. Add dry fruit 👊 as your convenience.

(6) Make it’s Ladoo. Decorating it with cashew nut or anyone.

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How To Be Safe ,Secure With Durga Kavach – Watch Video

Live Stress-Free With This Durga Kavach
Hi friends, happy Friday Let’s watch here an important video in which how to keep our body-safe. Who is hidden in our everybody parts? How can that work to heal our body spiritually? How can we live stress-free, happy along with our family? Here family in my point of view all the universe.
This is known as Marathi ”DurgaKavach” means in our body Durga Maa is hidden in every part. In which part she is hidden and how to find her will understand you after learning and reciting this ”Kavach” means protection for body, mind, and soul.
Let’s watch this video completely and share your feedback in my comment section.
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http://How to live safe, secure with Durga Kavach- Video/



What Is The Most Famous Speech – Importance

Benefits Of Speech, 

Hi friends, good morning have a graceful day. 

Just now there is an issue of #KanganaRaut for one sentence so let’s we will see here, what’s the difference between writing and speech

  We are writing every day but, sometimes questions came in mind if I will transfer my writing in the speech. But, I have a fear that in writing we can immediately erase our mistakes but in speech, we can’t. So any speech creates a lot of problems in the world. As once we have thrown any world it totally affects our life. So I prefer to write.

  Stil, some thinkers are speaking very clear, slowly by thinking about the audience. Some speakers are continuously speaking but they never made any mistake. I always bow and salute like these speakers. 

  Let’s we will turn to speak.

1] What are the benefits of speech

2] How the speaker can change the mind of the front person

3] What is the difference between speech and conversion? 

   1]Speech gives us the best opportunity to create a conversion, any work we can’t do by quarreling but we can do it effective speech or conversion. The person has the skill of good conversion is the king of his life. I think that type of person never comes in contact with any quarrel or any struggle. If any problem maybe came in his life, he can easily convert it into opportunity.   

2] We can transfer our plans, imaginations, thoughts, and our plan easily and people can satisfy it through speech. 

3]Due to speech we can expose our personality so that we could advertise our business, work, etc. 

4]If you have the power to speech you can easily overcome the fear of the stage, you can easily mix with any society, and also it could increase your confidence.

5] To get a good result of your speech. After finishing your speech you can introduce any audience and understand your mistake from him. How your speech is and tries to improve your speech. Ask some difficult questions to the audience so that audience could be aware of your speech. 

6] If you want to get real benefits from the audience then select the following topics. 

    1] Save money, increase money

   2] How to deal with tax? 

   3] Govt. saving plans

   4] How to become a good administrator? 

  5] Management technique 

  6] Good health 

7] Good speech makes you a unique person. It can create positive energy in your mind as well as in the audience’s mind. 

8] Audience easily keeps faith in that person so he easily becomes a very important person. 

9]Good speakers create infinite power in surrounding so that situations also change automatically. 

10] It produces good impressions of sansakar that spreads good vibration so it can change other people’s minds. 

11] Good speaker can change first his village, State, country, and for the world. 

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Remove Body Pain In This Way -Health


Generally, we have a lot of body pain when we have done a lot of work. At start we didn’t understand it, it is in small proportion but when it is increasing it start to paining us, then we are going to the hospital. If it is in normal condition Dr. gives us tablets and we are trying to remove it. But if it is coming due to mental disorder then it couldn’t be removed easily so to remove it Again we have to go, doctor, He starts to checking our body then it requires all tests.
So we have to spend a lot of money on it, again there are problems of money if we are in a middle-class family, then we have to face more difficulties all family gets disturbed.

Before 5 years I have a problem with hyperthyroidism. So I went to specialist 2-3 times in a year. At first, Dr. told make tablet-less, then after some days he told keep tablet as it is and so on. A lot of complaints. Like this 1 year left, I had a lot of sweat, maybe more than 1- lit. At one time and it gives vibrations in the brain and all over the body. So again I went to doctor. This time dr. didn’t understand anything he told to go to Miraj show to there doctors. ‘’I have doubt of cancer.’’

Now when I came back I realize that I am now ok and in that, I got a very nice book of happy thoughts. and I understand how to remove our every pain with happy thoughts. So I started to become happy and engaging myself. In that period, I have a lot of problems that knee pain, swelling of knees, body pain, throat pain etc., my thyroids is also getting increasing. But when I learned following points how to remove it? Now I became fearless and Now I totally understand that when I am in a happy state of mind my reports are normal.

1] Keep attention on your body.Why did it is paining? Means sometimes s paining due to hard work, sometimes we are doing a lot of mistakes with our diet and work.
2] Get up early in the morning if we will get up late in the morning we have a lot of mental as well as physical disorders.

Means we are increasing our cough level, vata level, a bile pigment.It causes damage to our body.
If we will get up late in the morning we will feel laziness, irritations, anger, frustration etc.

4] Avoid to keep attention every time to your body.Keep faith on your health.

 5]Everyday do your self-work yourself. Give some donation or food to anyone by your hand it gives a lot of satisfaction & it changes your thought pattern.
6] Try to remain happy every time, don’t be more serious about your daily work.As this seriousness also creates tensions

7] Don’t think every time about future. Keep in mind to be happy if today’s day is better for me every day is better to me.

  •  Don’t keep a lot of expectations.When the time comes it automatically gets complete. As expectations also create pressure and due to the pressure we have a lot of problems and we can’t complete our expectations.
  • 9] Be ready mentally and physically to accept all challenges. As acceptance gives us positive energy to serve.
    10 ]Avoid more medicines, don’t check every time body tastes. Believe in your work & god everything will be nice.
  •   11] Do yoga every day with proper guidance
  • 12] Take rest at a proper time STAY MOTIVATED, BE HAPPY and LAGE RAHO no one will disturb your body and mind. ,.  
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Date Chutney Recipe – Hello world!


  Hi friends, we know that we Indians are very fan of chutney’s. Without chutney we didn’t eat food. Our diet is square diet. Means we are taking all types of food in one thali. In this Thali we include rice with ghee, chapati, Subzi’s, Dal, papad, salad, curd or buttermilk, etc .But, most important part of this Thali is to give us taste with our chutney. 

There are plenty  types of chutney’s. I think this chutney means bringing out housewives skill or potential. As making chutney is an art and a small talent which can give delicious taste to our food. Some chutney’s we can make in a short time that have so delicious taste. We didn’t need any another food for Roti and chapati.

Let’s check it how I have made it? 

  Author’s name: Pranita deshpande

  Cuisine : India 

  food type : Chutney recipe 

  Keyword: Date chutney recipe 

    serve for 2 


  Dates : 250 gm 

  tamarind [ripened] : 10 gm 

 Jaggaary : 10 gm 

 cumin powder : 1 tbsp 

 Hing : 1 pinch 

 Dhaniya powder : 1/2 tbsp 

   red chilly powder: 1 tbsp 

INSTRUCTIONS TO MAKE IT :  Take the good quality dates. 

                                                     : Remove its peel, grind it in the                                                                      mixture.                                                                                                     :Take the ripened tamarind ,

                                                     :wash it with warm water.

                                                    :Make its solution and keep it aside.                                                    : Add chilly powder, salt, grated                                                                Jaggary,cumin powder, dhaniya powder,                                                    hing in the powder of date. Mix it well.                              Now add the solution of Tamarind into the above                                     mixture. : Stir it well.  Well prepared chutney is ready to serve. Serve it with rice, chapati, roti, bread, any breakfast , etc.   

Happy blogging!

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So please visit my site every day to get good, ancient, meaningful knowledge of food.

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Are You Secure In – COVID -Lock down – Stay home

Pranita Deshpandeauthor,blogger, affiliate marketer.
More secure and more happy . If you are reading news paper then observe today’s rape cases, accidents, quarrels , etc .All these events have been stopped. Another thing is that before lock down there was a big and tough competition . This competition brings a lot of hatreds, jealousy, comparison, anger in the relationships and this was bringing so many health problems. As like blood pressure, sugar, hyperthyroid, etc and so people are more worried. May be they have so much money there was a competition of showing I am great than you . No one was there to say you are great. As they thought that, If I would be tell them great I would be feel lower and my confidence will decrease. With these thinking people were more worried.
Now we are away from all these things . Of them due to horrible situation criticism have been stopped suddenly. No one wants to critise to the front person. People have been turned their minds to the good situations. Atmosphere become cool. calm and stable. Air become clean . We have made complete change in our life style so no worries.
Now question is of #Coronavirus . But, if we will be careful and will follow the rules of CORONA there is no any question of security. Since lock down we are not in the crowd place then automatically we are feeling that now population has been decreased. Now new questions have been created that is losing jobs, loss in business will cover in 1 year . So no worries ,no any tension. Decide to be happy and always live happy./quotes-on-acceptance-power-to-face-in-lockdown-exit-covid/
More important question is of education . Education is the thing which can be learn ourselves. I think that now real qualities of people will develop as our education system was developing very fraud persons due to competition. But, now students also tension free from comparison and competition so they have more chances to develop themselves. If parents have been giving them good counseling. Also social media have catalyst role to develop good people. As in the social media we have the independence what to chose? So students can chose what they want eagerly and will make great progress.quotes-on-education-in-lock-down-quotes/
Maybe we think that students confidence will be getting reduce . It will happen but definitely their self esteem, self realization power will increase. As  today all people have been turned to work on spirituality. Everyone has a good understanding of spirituality . And  we know that spirituality can teach us how to overcome difficulty ? and how to be happy in any situation ? If the person is getting real happiness he can do anything.
With this we can develop India as wished by Swami Vivekananda.
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Virtues Of Cucumber_ Weight Loss -Health Benefits.

Hi friends, good morning 🌞 have a graceful day. We know that we are using cucumber as a salad in every day 😜 Let’s know here what are the health benefits of it.

Know Cucumber Here : It is the low calorie food . In 💯 gm cucumber we get only 15 calories. If anyone wants to reduce their weight then they must have to include this food in their diet. It contains A, B1 , B6 Vitamin. Cucumber also contains good form of potassium. 100 gm cucumber contains 147 gm calories of Potassium.We must have to eat cucumber so that we can control BP, To keep better health of 💓 we must have to include cucumber in our diet.

We know that if we feeling more hot 🔥in the summer or anytime then we must have to eat cucumber. As it contains 75% of water.. So automatically it can control the temperature of the body.

It Removes These Diseases: It can help ful to the ♋ patients. As it contains Polyphenols .It can useful to overcome so many types of cancer. It throws a lot of toxins from our body. Because it contains more amount of water and fibers.

What Changes Occur With It In Our Body? : If we will drink every day juice of Cucumber 🍾. It will help to remove problems of acidity, gaseous, burning of 💓 etc. It contains more amount of silica .These are useful to keep our tissues strong. Patients of diabetes must have to drink juice of it. For Beauty :. It contains antioxidants in more proportion so it is best for the skin. Ascorbic acid of cucumber and C vitamin create Cologne in the body and they keep skin clean 💪, smooth and attractive. It can also keeps health of hair beautiful.

How To Buy Good Cucumber 🍾.: While buying the cucumber we must have to buy complete green color cucumber. If it have spots on body or feeling more old avoid to buy this type of cucumber. It must be fresh. If you have tasted with pin the water must have to come out. Original Cucumber smells different. If you have knowledge of its smell then you can buy easily fresh cucumber 😜.

Instructions: Never keep cucumber near to another fruits. Other wise it will create yellow color. It must to keep in the fridge.

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Test Your Body With Spoon – Health

Test Your Body with Spoon – Health

SPOON: Do you know this word is making a history in the world? We know that in the politics,

The person who is working as a downline assistant of any leader and he is giving all information or messages   to the leader it maybe good, bad by adding his some words then we say ,that person he is the spoon of that leader.

We all of us watching Mahabharata it contains so many parts of them ‘’Shakuni’’ is the best part in it.

He is working as like spoon with his nephews Dushasan or Durodhan.

We know that this person has developed Mahabharata.

However this is the work of spoon in our philosophy , but in our daily life also we are measuring everything with the help of spoon and if its proportion is less and more we have a lot of problems.

Let us test our body with the help of spoon.

Here are the tastes.12-things-to-overcome-insomnia-health/

1] Rub the clean still spoon with the downward side of tongue. Rub it still saliva will form in the mouth.

2] Keep this spoon in the clean transparent polythene bag. Hang this bag for a minute on  the lamp.  Then check the changes occur in it.

Diabetes:  After one minute if you have a smell of sweet to the spoon then think that your diabetes problems are increasing .health-benefits-of-almond-almond-day/

3] If you can see yellow layer on the spoon then you can diagnose yourself that you have the problem of thyroid.

4] Cholesterol:  If spoon have layer of violet color then we have to diagnose that we have problem in blood circulation or we have stored so much cholesterol in the body.

5]  Body Infection: If white layer seen on the spoon then we can say we have the body infection in our body.

6] Kidney Problems: If there is an orange layer on the spoon then we say that we have some kidney problems.

We can say it as a spoon therapy. If we are running so many therapies then why not this?

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Make these test in your home and write your results in my comment section.

This is the simple and easy home test of body with the help of spoon. If you have any serious problem. You can go easily to the Doctor.

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Stay home , Stay Blessed.

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Symptoms Of Jaundice _ Treatment For It._ Health.

Hi friends good morning 🌞 have a peaceful day.

We know now the rainy season is running. This season is giving us a lot of happiness along with some health problems. discentry, Jaundice, Influenza, Flu, Cold are the real brothers of this season. Of them, Jaundice is the elder brother of all diseases. As it can’t diagnosis easily. In so many patients it has been spread over all the body still we can’t understand it. 

Effects of daily salt on our body – Health

History Of Jaundice In My Life: Before marriage, I was a teacher in the village. It is away from 4 km from my native place. I was living there with my parents and doing up /down for my job on walking.

The office of the school was in a dirty place. I have to seat there for 1 hour every day. Suddenly I caught an infection of Jaundice. But, couldn’t understand that it was Jaundice. I came to Doctor. He had seen me I have too much swelling on my body. Also, my body becomes yellow in color. Still, the doctor didn’t diagnose it, only given some medicines and told if no change comes back. Now I came to my home back. Took medicine s for 8 days still no changes. Here I am feeling more tired, anxious, losing desire, didn’t want to do any work, etc. Getting worried is I am suffered from any serious diseases?  

How My Younger Sister Had Made Diagnosis:  I told my medical and suffering history to her. She asked me the following questions.1]Do you want to eat sour things? 2]Do you feel every time sleepy. ?3]Do you have urine with particles? 4]Do you have swelling on the thigh and feet? 5] Do you feel tired and have more cramps in the legs? In this way, she asked me so many questions. For every question, there is an answer yes. Now she confirmed you are suffered from white Jaundice. And she told me to go to the “Gavali” of Latur and take medicine.

I Went To Take Remidie: The person who was giving medicine can identify Jaundice by watching face and body. He saw my body and face and told me you are suffered from white Jaundice. He gave me medicine for 15 days. I became a cure with it.

Types Of Jaundice. : This disease is very horrible. If it will enter in the stomach it can damage the liver easily. The liver function is getting disturbing. Blood Cancer which we are telling,”Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia” is we say ALL is nothing but white Jaundice. So there are 2 types of Jaundice.1) White Jaundice 2) Yellow Jaundice.

Yellow Jaundice can come in the urine. It can easily get a diagnosis. But, white Jaundice couldn’t identify with any taste. So it is very horrible. If it will not diagnosis easily patients’ blood automatically converts into water. It can stop all activities. In the last decade, patients had easily death with it. What happened didn’t know the Doctor and also not understand the patient.

What To Not Eat-In Jaundice: Never touch to the eggs, fishes. It can increase swelling. Avoid eating fried, sour things. Never eat milk, cream, Curd, etc. Avoid going to dirty places. Avoid eating coriander, Dhaniya, Jaggary, milk, Onion with milk. Avoid nonveg, outside food.

Treatment For It: Eat cane sugar every day if possible. Take green wheat plant juice daily for some days. Drink Neem leaves juice for 1 more month. Drink juice of bitter guard leaves in proportion. Drink neem leaves juice 5 ml every day. No, any disease or infection will touch your body. You can take green ”Durva’s juice” in the morning. collection-of-health-benefits-life-style/

Diet For Jaundice. : Jowar Roti with Solid Cooked Dal along with garlic chutney. Cooked green Moong dal. Leafy vegetables like Spinach, Methi, etc.Rice with dal or ghee (pure cow ghee). Take every time fresh food. Never eat stale food. health-benefits-of-Jowar-roti-weight-loss/

DRINKS FOR JAUNDICE: Must avoid any type of alcohol. Avoid milk,

curd. Instead, you can drink a tea of ginger along with basil leaves. 

  Avoid coconut water, as it is oily. Drink orange juice, green wheat plant juice, fresh buttermilk, or buttermilk curry.  

Exercise For It: You must have to get up early in the morning. Maybe you feel tired you have to go every day for walking in the morning. You must have to live in the fresh air. Avoid overexertion. 

Disclaimer: These are my life experiences. If you have complete faith in it, you can use it. In case you can consult your doctor. Maybe you are taking the treatment of Doctor still you must have to avoid above food to get a good response for your treatment. 

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Watch Video On Use Krishna Come Back instead Corona Virus

Just now I was reading Lokmat news paper and getting hurt by reading all news . If we are spending crore’s of Rs for the #COVID why did we are not trying this small experiment. I am telling it because with my observation worlds lot of people’s mind has been changed with my thoughts. Then why this experiment will not change it? Some times my inner voice is telling me that . Your have given birth God . To release COVID problem. If this experiment will work with authority .I think we will get good solution without making harm to anyone. Let us watch this video. Write your thoughts in the comment.

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5 Ways to increase eye vision with sunlight – Eye Health.

How To Increase Eye Vision With Sunlight – Eye Health

Do This Experiment To Increase Your Eye Vision -Health

In today’s life eye health become very important question in everyone’s life. As since infant to old persons now everyone is using a lot of times gadgets. Everyone wants to watch some thing on the screen. Today’s 80% life is engaged with screens. Now with this best engagement some serious eye cases also happening. In them eyes problems are most difficult problems. Nowadays in every eye hospital full of crowd and shop of Opticals are filled with customers. Since childhood we have to use lenses, if we will check the school students you will see a lot of students are wearing spects in the school life.


1] Get up early in the morning before rising the Sun.

2] After taking bath recite these 12 names of Sun GOD by taking his darshan with east direction.












Then recite this Mantra


Image result for Images of SUN GOD/5 ways to increase eye vision/
http://SUN GOD/5 ways to increase eye vision/

3] Take water in the copper bottle or Lota , add red flower, kumkum 5 to 10 rice granules. Now go to on your terrace or in the garden , look to the SUN complete for 3 seconds. Take rays of SUN in your eyes . Touch few drops of water to your eyes. Now take the 5 rounds with your self body by reciting above names . Now fall this water under the tree by watching to Sun rays .

4] Do this experiment every day definitely it will increase power of your eyes.

जानिए, क्यों चढाया जाता है सूर्य को जल /5 ways to increase eye vision.

INSTRUCTION : Keep attention that even 1 drop of water couldn’t be fall on your any part of body. Otherwise it will effect on your body.

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The Miracle Of Peace – Health – Self Improvement


Understand Peace here,

Let’s learn to create peace here

Peace is spirituality.

Peace is simplicity .

Peace brings satisfaction.

Peace makes you smile.

Peace is sweetness.

Peace is stability.

Peace creates solution.

Peace makes you strong.

Peace makes you stress free.

Peace makes you sing in happiness.

Peace creates your inner stress.

Peace makes you scare.

Peace is having sympathy.

Peace brings safety.

Peace is solitude.

Peace is stillness of mind.

Peace is having self respect.

Peace makes you spontaneous.

Peace enables you to know

all secrets of life.

Peace is not produce automatically we have to work on it. And it is not a simple way but we have to stop lot of daily things means we should have to attend to control our mind, some time we have ignore lot of  things.

Some times there is challenging person same like donkey but we have to assume as a very wise person or say ”GOPALRAO’ ‘so that we can maintain peace in difficult situation otherwise it is very hard to survive human beings.

Sometimes we have to face different types of people with peaceful mind . When the person handle these types of people with peaceful mind . That person is the great person in the universe. Otherwise by keeping some people away and creating peace is the simple thing.


Understand Peace here,

Let’s learn to create peace here

Peace is spirituality.

Peace is simplicity .

Peace brings satisfaction.

Peace makes you smile.

Peace is sweetness.

Peace is stability.

Peace creates solution.

Peace makes you strong.

Peace makes you stress free.

Peace makes you sing in happiness.

Peace creates your inner stress.

Peace makes you scare.

Peace is having sympathy.

Peace brings safety.

Peace is solitude.

Peace is stillness of mind.

Peace is having self respect.

Peace makes you spontaneous.

Peace enables you to know

all secrets of life.

Peace is not produce automatically we have to work on it. And it is not a simple way but we have to stop lot of daily things means we should have to attend to control our mind, some time we have ignore lot of  things.

Some times there is challenging person same like donkey but we have to assume as a very wise person or say ”GOPALRAO’ ‘so that we can maintain peace in difficult situation otherwise it is very hard to survive human beings.

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has been taken from there book.

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Different Forms Of Durga In Every Women

What Will We See In Different Forms Of Navdevi?

Why Did We Call Navdevi?

Nowadays we are reading so many criminal and negative news in the newspaper as negativity increased everywhere. Everyone’s mind is full of conflict and full of negative thoughts. To work on negativity we have to call Navdevi.

We have to succeed in anger, stress, worries, pressure, anxiety etc.These are the evil powers of the mind.
In our mind, there are two types of powers one is evil and another one divine. Evil power means greed, anger, jealousy, comparison, ego etc, and divine powers mean happiness, purity, truth, peace, simplicity, love etc

Our Goddess is all Navdevi. Why did we call them Navdevi? Why are we inviting them for Navratri? What are their work/? We will see

Deities also have both divine and evil powers but they had emerged divine power by working with themselves inside and we call them Navdevi, goddesses, or Ashtabhuja, etc.

We are worshiping all Goddess without curiosity. We have not asked the question to anyone How could Devi sit on lion, tiger and why? Before thousands of years our ancient people has been used symbols to represent their knowledge, they kept some pictorial form in front of people so that they should have fear inside to live the life successfully,

We know that if lion and tiger is the biggest and harmful animal for any animal, then how could been deities would seat on their back but we had believed on them as it is &starting to worship them. But the meaning of this is Goddess can face as big as situations like powers of lion tigers.

In some pictures we can see weapons in the hands of deities and they had been killing demons. She is using longest Trishul and showing killing to two demons. We have not studied it in detail. She killed demons means not outsides person or real demon but inside her, there are both sansakar, these are divine and evil sansakar, so to emerge inside divine sansakar& to vanish evil sansakara she has to work a lot of to show it, they have been used eight weapons in her eight hands.

We have also *eight types of inner powers to emerge these powers we have to learn Ashtabhuja lessons.

1] Parvati: Parvati means the soul which can change every time so that situation automatically gets changed.
Parvati has done a lot of efforts in meditation without Shankara to emerge inner power. and she became the goddess in each form of Navdevi.

2] DURGA: Means she has removed all mental toxic power with the help of weapons from her mind and body. or purification of the mind and body.We have to see the picture with right perception so that we have to let go old sansakar ,i.e body, ego situation we visualize and its symbol is Durga.

3] Jagdamba: Situations should in control or power to control means Jagdamba. The soul who will give the same kind of love to every child in the world is the Jagdamba,and the soul who can accept everyone as it is

Many times we call Jagdamba as a Maa or Mother means to accept everyone unconditionally, without pain

4] Vaishnavi Devi; She could protect our ego, mind, intellect, which can give us success.

5] Santoshi Mata: The soul makes everyone satisfied and happy is the Santoshi Mata.

Shitala Mata The soul who can make everyone’s mind cool and calm is the Shitala Mata.

7] Mahalaxmi Mata: Means the soul who can give us abundance food and prosperity by

worshiping her we can emerge all inner powers, to get all these things.

8] Mahasaraswati: The soul who can emerge powers to learn all knowledge with

the help of intellect is the Saraswati
To emerge all these powers we have to remember God Shiva or to recite all names of deities
Up to we had only celebrated all these festivals but now is the time to understand, to emerge, to withdraw, to tolerate, to accept and to work on it. click here to buy any product.

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Create On Line Store On Face book Page

Let Us Make On-Line Store On FB page

If you have already fb page then it is good for you.

Then make your page professional attract customers to you.

If you want to sell some products on this page.

Then start to make a shop on this page.

Open your page, see the left sidebar.

There is shop option on it.

Click on that page.

Which product you want to sell, name the shop convenient with it.

Add your products one by one and chat with your customer.

Keep your time fix to talk with a customer ,

Make a list of your customers.

Try to convenience them clearly.

Share your shop every day so that automatically customer will attract to you.

Keep consistency and punctuality of your shop time.

Now there is question comes how to refund product on FB page.?

for that here is the clear solution

       Today everyone is busy in their own activities , no one has time to stay for a while for shopping or other any activities, so all busy people preferred to buy so many products on online shop, As benefit to buying online product is we save our time to go in the market and come back, to make choice it requires a lot of time and another reason is that  we have a lot of ways to save money . That is there are ”cashback money offers from banks” then discount on product, if we have a coupon code then again it is good to purchase an online product. Still, there are some problems to buy the product. 

A lot of customers are getting worried to purchase product on line. As they have fear in mind that if we will purchase product and if we will not liked that then how could we exchange it ? how did we will get refund from it?

So many have more confusion about it so here is the best solution for it.

1)      First you see product by reading all features.

2)      Read their all customer reviews, question and answers seller rank, keep total inquiry about it, see all images carefully, search on goggle. Is this product has good features? etc.

3)      After purchasing product keep all documents, boxes carefully or keep history of product with you. Means delivery date of product, shipping date, price,  model, no.etc.

4        Handle product carefully. After handling it if you have any defect then decide to resend it. and take action for refund. Here is the solution for how to request refund for purchased product on fb page.

1)      Click- in the to  right  side of facebook and select setting.

2)      Click :  payment in the coloum.

3)      Click : the item you want a refund for.

4)      Click  : contact a seller.

5)      Fill out the form and click send.

Need help? No problem FAQ

1)      How do I track my order?

2)      When will my order arrive?

3)      When will I be changed?

KEYWORD: Online store on fb page

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Indian vegetarian food

Dahi Metkut Recipe _ Remedie For Piles.

This is the best 😂 welcome ❤️ recipe for the pile patients. In the summer so many people are suffering from piles. So if we will make it in this way. It can remove a lot of health problems. As like digestion, constipation, or any heat problem. It can remove immediately. But, it must have to eat with Jowar Roti.

5 Best Dishwashers in India for 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

10 Best Kitchen Chimneys In India for 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Ingredients for it.

Metkut: 30 gm ,

Onion: chopped 1 ,

Dahi : as your convince,

Salt : 1tbsp,

Sugar: 1 tbsp,

Spices are already mixed in the Metkut.

Watch video how to make it 😂? Click on this link to watch the video.

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http://Dahi Metkut Recipe/

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piles remedies-DahiMetkut/
http://Dahi Metkut Recipe/

17 Best Features -Tips For Home- Stay home – Stay Safe

Why Every time remembers home?.

New home necessities

When we are traveling on the road we are watching a lot of hoarding alongside the road and there mostly hoardings are only of our dream Homes. They are showing there a beautiful picture of a housewife wearing the beautiful sari and a joyful look on her face. A big copper pot on her head showing she has abundant prosperity and she can live always happily in any situation at home. Her every wish will complete only in the home not anywhere, she could live stable at home. Not anywhere, she can enjoy her each and every moment full of confidence at her home, not anywhere. having the feeling that ‘’ this is mine home’’


I think no any guest will remain stable and lovingly without home.

If we will try to live them instead of our home in the hotel or on any lodge, they may be providing best quality but they didn’t show any type of belonging or protection or support they will live there as a third person.

17 Points To Remember Home

  • House is a place where we can spread any item anywhere
  • Here automatically we get love, peace, happiness, etc..
  • Only we can accept everyone’s wrong behavior here.

5) This is a place where we can compromise, forgive, make complimentary criticize but again create love.

6) Here we can carry sometimes bad habits, laziness or anything.

 7) This place never cheats to the close family members may be there a lot of questions creates.

 8) It can give us a lot of relaxation after our lot of struggle.

9) We can forget past and create enthusiasm to do work For our great family members for their next life.

10) I think GOD may be upside but always live in this place as he also feels comfortable only in the home.

11) So home is the creation of lord shops.

12) Home is the place that creates protection.

13] We never get pure love and comfortableness in the heaven but it can get in home.

14] Everything we get easily but to get comfort home is very hard to find.

15 ] Without home we became helpless and not getting anywhere value to any person.

16 ]Every thing we can purchase easily but to purchase the home is very difficult.

17 ] So that God also thinks that every soul should be born in home and death also in his home. As it gives peace of mind.3 Join here to read my other valuable posts.

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Indian vegetarian food

Basen bharad subji-Subji Recipe.