Importance Of Writing In Lock down



   Best Solution For Mental Health Patients 

 Are you going to depression in lockdown? 

 Do you feel too heavy in this period?      

      Last week I went to my relative’s home to meet their family members. Now schools are closed so students have to learn at home. The students who are already in the school are now in confusion. 

They are thinking that to talk teachers have no time so there is no conversion. So one student asked me there I want to ask so many problems to the teachers but teachers are scolding me and saying ‘’you are bringing us every time problem.’’ To express everything directly is very hard. As the teacher will scold on me. I asked him But, most important is you have to talk to your teacher about your question. Then he told us we are going outside for a tour and want to take permission from him/her. I can’t ask him/her some questions directly. 

Then I told him why did you are not writing it via letter writing.? 

 Now he understands its very nice idea. We can’t talk to her all things on the phone but, we can write it in detail.

Then I got the point that how writing is important? 

We can express everything without any fear in writing but not orally. The person who can’t talk in front of any person but, he can talk loudly on the phone. Any person who can’t talk on the phone can talk in the writing without any limits.

We know that Govt. declares a lot of rules and laws every time he couldn’t tell all laws orally. Maybe tell orally we can’t keep at a time all these in our mind. Any way implementation is writing. 

May be science has developed a lot of apps, or scientific apparatus still we have to write everything on the mobile or app.

We have to keep every word safe as like valuable diamonds. If one word has been lost from any diary our life becomes very hard. 

The newspaper maybe we have heard any news on the TV or the internet but we can’t get satisfaction till reading it in the newspaper. 

How My Habit Of Writing Developed

My habit of writing is developed in this way. Anything If I can’t tell elders in front of them I was writing a detailed letter to them. Then they could understand everything.

If the person is like terrorist means we can’t express him anything in front of him then we can write some understanding points for him to counsel him, It will effectively more than speaking. Also writing is good proof for everything.

If the boss is very strict means we can’t talk in front of him then we can talk to him via writing. 

If there is no way to talk or to express our thoughts writing is the best way to express it. And when our thoughts read a lot of people then we get happiness and well satisfaction from it. This satisfaction we never get anywhere.

In my childhood, I am explaining my every thought to my father, brother, sister, friends by writing a letter to them. 

When we are talking to the front person we are talking in one word but we can write 1 page on that word. 

Let’s see the word ‘’Flowers’’ we can at least speak on it more than 100 words orally but, we can write plenty of novels and poems 

on the flowers.

 Nowadays in so many families, there are a lot of issues regarding a lot of problems then if we will express it due to fear of quarreling or creating peace with pressure then it will create more problems. Everyone has the right to express their feelings. But, in some families, there are strict rules especially for the ladies in India who have to suffer more. To express their feelings and thoughts writing is the best way. To remain light in any situation. 

   I think that this rule can run for mental health patients in a better way. 

  Benefits Of Writing 

Let’s us we will see the benefits of writing 

1] Writing teaches us discipline. 

2] It increases beautifulness in our life. 

3] Beautiful writing comes from inner and gives complete happiness. 

4] It develops thousands of voices from writing. 

5] It transforms the whole world with one sentence. 

6] It keeps man aware, it can keeps mind, heart clean. 

7] To increase creativity writing is the best way. It impresses a lot of people, changes the habits of people. 

  Changes mind, thoughts, effects on every little impact of life. 

8] It creates understanding, bringing maturity, changes thought level, increases confidence, makes a strong connection between people, writer, and authors. 

9] Creates telepathy, some times people became mad, due to perfect writing, increases love and creates strong bonding. Makes man positive, keeps focus on their goal, and enjoying his own life happily. 

10] If the boss has told anything orally it is not working but, if he has given it by writing it heal the stop in one second. 

11] It can divert and detoxify the mind easily.

Many times true writers mind is anywhere and audience mind is anywhere and this situation creates history in the world. Also creates happiness for all their fans.          

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Panjiri Recipe – Importance of Janamashtmi.

Panjiri Recipe-Krishnashtami 

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Some food item also has good value in the different situation. It may be a festival celebration or any celebration. The celebration gives us a lot of happiness, enjoyment, change in routine life, encouragement. We are full fill with an enthusiasm, changing our routine plan for it. Every day we are getting bored with the regular routine so we must need the change in routine. Nowadays the young generation is making change their selves by running to the journey or eating in the 5-star hotels etc still they didn’t feel fulfilled. Every time they are empty and feeling the vacuum. Again they want, This wanting list never has to be changed.

But Indian culture has given some good celebrations which are occurring naturally, there is no need of doing new work. Only we have to open our mind, look to the inside and celebrate it with happiness to get tremendous satisfaction. Everywhere there is a change in the atmosphere. Everyone is filled with love, happiness and an enthusiasm. Making prasad as like PANJIRI Recipe in Hindi 

Let us talk on JANAMASHTAMI.  

We know that this word is related to Krishna birth. Here everyone has a great discovery point that ”Why did RAMA & KRISHANA” has taken birth at sharp 12 o clock. One is at night at 12 PM and ANOTHER ONE IS AT AFTERNOON 12 PM.


We know that, in India this time is very dangerous. If any person is going outside for any simple work also then our elders are telling that please sit for a while, don’t go outside at sharp 12 o clock, don’t talk any important thing at 12 o’clock, don’t criticize at 12 o’clock, don’t take any decision at 12 o’clock. even the BHAGAVAN who has taken birth at sharp 12 o’clock . Whose Arati also we are not doing at 12 o’clock . There is a say that if anything is finished in any business or anything has been destroyed we say in Marathi ” TYCHE 12 VAJALE” ”means everything destroyed if this is a situation for us at 12 o’clock then what about ”BHAGAVAN RAMKRISHANA”?


It’s a very mysterious story. At last, both’s end is very bad. If they maybe God.  You know that God word is related to the problem means if anyone has a problem then go to God, pray in front of him and solve your problem. So to solve people’s problem they had to be destroyed their life. But we know that we are getting happiness by singing their songs ., Bhajans, devotee songs or reciting Mantra’s etc.

via fast food specials today near me…

Means they are completely fulfilled at any time in any situations and so our wishes are getting complete with him. Means how much their life is meaningful? and useful for other persons? As if we will go in front of their temples, our hands automatically join. It’s great miracle in our culture.  I didn’t know about another culture. But it maybe Jesus, Mohamad Paingambar or any religion God. Their life is with full of difficulties and troubles and always there nature is giving. We know that the person whose nature is always giving is known as GOD.

Okay, I forgot to celebrate Janmashtami. Let us see how we can make today’s PRASAD RECIPE.?

We are making 2 types of Prasad. One is Dinkvada and second is Sunthvada.

Dinkvada means making from Gum and Sunthvada means made from the ginger.

time for it

prep cook total

15       30      45 min

Author’s name  Kulkarni Chhaya

Food type Prasad

keyword  -Panjiri Recipe

serve for many

Cuisine – Indian


Gum [dry] stones   100 gm

almonds 8 to 10

jaggary  1 small bowl [grated

sugar 1 bowl

poppy seeds 50 gm

cardamom powder 1 teas

ghee 1 bowl

grated coconut 100 gm

dates 7 to 8

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Take the dry gum in the bowl, see it is dry or wet.

:  Collect all ingredients in a thali

:  Keep the pan on the gas, pour ghee to it.

Apple Halwa Recipe – Cupcake

: Wait to heat the ghee and add 2 granules of gum to fry.

Recipe ForWheat Flour Halwa

: If it will fry nicely then pour 1 tablespoon gum granules to it.

: Add more granules to fry it. Fry it well.

: Now keep it to cool.

: Now fry the dates,  coconut slightly and keep it in another                                                      bowl.

: After cooling add it to mixture jar, add another ingredient                                           except for ginger and grind it well in the mixture.

_: This is well prepared Dinkvada. Keep it in the bowl.



How to make Sunthvada? 


ginger   50 gm [grated ]

poppy seeds  25 gm

grated coconut    25 gm

jaggary   1 small bowl

dates        4 to 5

cardamom    2 to 3 flakes

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Grate the ginger with a small slicer.

:  Add jaggary, baked Dhaniya powder ,poppy seeds etc to it .

: Grind it in the mixture .



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Prayer Is An Antivirus – A Complete Protection

Hi Friends, Good morning , have a graceful day !

Are you praying everyday?

Do you have any good experience with prayer?

In which form you are praying to the God?

Do you feel any change in your life?

Join me here to change your life., .

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My Interesting School Memories – Reflection Of Life


Heart Touching Story On Spiritual Healing

How spiritual healing helps?

Today everywhere there is a discussion about healing. Now so many people are conscious to make healing.In 2013 suddenly my sister (elder) was suffered from mental disorder,   it increased with reducing her sodium level. So I went there in her city to see her and I saw her but I feel she is nice, only some swelling is there on her body and I totally understand it is mental disorder case but at that time my study was not in detail so I left her there and came back to my city.

After 8 days her husband brought her in a car to Latur .

Her condition is so critical that she has a lot of swelling on her body. Her eyes can’t open easily and it was with full of swelling. Now in my city also she has admitted in the I.C.U. Dr told ”we will try but can’t tell anything” as a condition was critical. But I didn’t know about it no one has told me about it.

On that night she was totally unconscious in the I.,C.U. In the morning I received a message about her seriousness so I went hurriedly to the hospital.

Now a lot of relatives were sitting outside the I.,C.U and waiting for a message from inside. Thinking that now this was her last stage I stopped there for a while saw every one face, everyone has fear of death and crying loudly but at that time I told everyone, stop your bad thoughts, stop crying, no one would think bad about her, no one would cry for her. I told these words and directly enter in I.C.U.Of course here doctors efforts also important.

But  I saw her and observe her body, she was totally unconscious and in a dangerous condition, she was on ventilator and so on.. a lot of treatment also running there. Then also I kept my hand on her hand I turned my hand on her body and started to chanting mantras continuously this is totally for 24 hours. Of course, here I want to tell that Dr also had left their hopes only they are trying but in this situation, I didn’t leave hopes. and  in the next

down at 4 ”O” Clock she opened her eyes and started to giving smile to her son.

Now I confirm that she was out of danger and she lived 5 years nicely after this incident. I am giving her everyday counseling to remove her fear of death.

After  5  years her both kidney’s get damaged and we can’t make her operation .she passed away.

In 2016 my 80 years mother get failed on the stairs and her legs broken means not fractured but somehow damaged. When I saw her she can’t get up early and easily so we started to make malish to her leg. But with only malish she can’t be getting up. Now, what to do? She didn’t want any treatment of a new doctor. Then I told her, ”Aai you tell only ”VITHALL ” VITHALL  by clapping your hand ” Where you have pain. Then from that time she started to clapping with saying ”VITHHAL” ”VITHHAL” spiritual healing 2

where she has pain and  after some days her leg become cure then I ask my brothers’ daughter how is the grandmother then she told she alone is going to toilet without anyone’s help. She can walk nicely herself.

In Feb Month I went to my one relatives who have some mental as well as physical disorder. Only I have given her some counseling  and given some mantra healing. She becomes cure.Her 70% problems get solved.

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Quotations & Stories: Thoughts by [Pranita P Deshpande]


My Interesting School Memories – Reflection Of Life


    I was learning in a big school. It was the famous school in my city at that time. No, any school can run a competition with my school. I never forget the memories of my school. 

    A Confidence Building School 

   That school was taking a lot of activities in the school. Like sports, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, reading, writing competitions, fancy dress, a new style of competitions. I have very proud of my school. I am here due to my school. As my school was the confidence-building school. It was a very rich people’s school. Body members of the school are very high-level perfect business persons. Still, they have complete attention to my school. 

  Many Competitions Are Running ...

  At that time we have celebrated at least one-month gathering. All competitions were running. Students were performing amazing performance. At that time. Our school teachers were working continuously for school. They were all ladies not only working for the school but, for the development of every student. 

   It Was Only Girl School 

   Another important thing about my school is, it was a girl school. Only all girls and ladies’ teachers were there. No, any gents were there. Everywhere we see ladies. Peons also ladies. When I have entered college, I have a lot of fear for the gent’s students. To enter the college also have too much fear. After arriving at the school, if 1 minute was also late, we have to stand outside. No entry in the school. Of them, if any teacher has compassion, she was calling in the ground. Giving punishment to stand the whole day. 

  About Prayer Of School

  There was prayer in the morning and evening as radio broadcasting was running. While evening prayer starts ‘’VANDE MATARAM’’ we have to stop instantly on that stop. This event gives us a different meaning to our life with curiosity. No moment has to do still finish that song. If we had been standing in the opposite direction will have to stay there.

Why Did I Love My School?

Our English teacher was our class teacher. Her personality is filled with full of activities. Today also she has 80 years but taking part in so many social activities. She is my idol for my life. Her teaching, her lifestyle, her loving nature towards students, strictness, etc. I never forget it. 

I was learnt there only for 3 years 8 to 10 class. At that time, we were a very poor family. There was no time to make food for me. And my all friends were bringing every day a new type of food. I was shy to bring roti in the school so I never take tiffin with me in the school. 

How Class Teacher Keeps Personal Attention?

  One day how this information was reached to my class teacher. She came upside on the first floor to see is I had been bought tiffin or not? She saw I didn’t have bought tiffin and she caught my hand and reached in her staff room to eat the tiffin. This memory I never forget in my life. 

  In the 10Th class, all students have tuitions outside to learn English. But, we few students have no money to join the outside paid tuitions. 

Then she carried tuitions at her home. She was calling to us at her home to teach the English on Sunday. She teaches us for 2 hours. Makes our English perfect. mystery-blogger-award-dpranita583/

Our Speech Competition

I think in the 9 TH class there were competitions held in the school. For the English speech. Then notice came in every class. From each class 2 students have been ready to take part in it. In our class
Our monitor, Gaytri Kalantri, and I took part in the speech program. She is from a very rich family. But, a very loving nature. Very ambitious, clever, active. She behaves strictly in the class when there was no teacher but, after that, she loves everyone.
Now the competition has been holding and we took part in that competition. It was an English storytelling competition. Then mam has given us topics to learn. She has given a story on Mahatma Gandhi and I was given ‘’ Story Of Bagdad’’awesome-blogger-award/
Now I was learning that speech perfectly. Then mam took the practice of both. Because external examiners were called to examine us.
The competition had been started first she performed. She has very well. Now my turn. I had been no stage of courage. I was singing a song on the stage but in the corous. Still, I went to the stage. Start to speech. The first paragraph and honoring were perfect. But, in the second part, I have lost my confidence and forgot my second para and blocked there. Then still I told my speech is over. Thanks. interesting-story-hava-kahe-suraj-kare/
MORAL: We think that these types of competitions are not important in our life. As percentage is very important but, when I remembering this event, I thought definitely these types of events give us the courage to be ahead in life. Today when I was thinking about my book and articles, I realize that this competition is the main root of my preparation.
My class teacher’s name was Sumathi Jagtap.

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thoughts by pranita deshpande
Book Review -Quotations & Stories [Thoughts]


Reason Behind Sneezing and Cough Calling To COVID – Health

Reasons Behind Sneezing and cough– Exit To COVID -20
Hi friends, today we are indulged in very dangerous trouble. Everyone is facing a lot of mental and physical problems. So many are worrying about how to rescue from it? Because this case is so dangerous that A single sneeze can cause a big difference in our life. Means our life is on the hanging rope we are handling it very carefully.

You may be thinking that why did I have chosen this topic to write?
You know that the symptoms of COVID are related to it. This sneeze is creating a lot of fear in everyone’s mind.
Let us discuss the reason behind it.
1] First we will see by which types of food and drink causes sneezing and cough

  • How To Know Toxins In Our …
  • 1] Eating cucumber in the morning without eating causes sneezing and if we will drink water after that Will start cough.
  • 2] Eating cold Dahi/Curd without eating anything in the morning also creates the same problem. It can create swelling in the tonsilitis.
  • 3] Bathing with too much hot water and sitting in the A. C. room or under the fast fan causes sneezing and pain in the head.
  • 4] After bathing if you would have been not wiped your body immediately and came out in the cold air causes sneezing. Generally, these rules are for a delivered woman but, in case if some woman and gents have less immunity can easily catch these problems.
  • 5] Eating cold fruits as, like watermelon, muskmelon, banana and any fruits drinking cold water on it causes pain the esophagus or drinking buttermilk or cold drinks without eating anything starts sneezing.
  • 6] If some ladies have sinusitis problem and if they are coming in contact with any flour or in the dust, cement, chalk piece dust, some perfumes, incense sticks, etc also starts sneezing immediately.
  • Why Did Anxiety- Mental Health
  • 7] Eating peanuts without baking and drinking water on it starts to cough, eating a banana when you have already suffered from flu can increase the problems of tonsilitis and suffer from flu.
  • 8] Eating ice cream while sleeping, drinking cold drinks at night will definitely cause flu in the cold region or who is already suffered from flu, cough, and cold.
  • In this way, there are plenty of reasons in everyday life which can increase our common flu and cold but today we have a lot of fear of COVID -20. If we will not aware of all these things working as it is will contact an infected person will definitely increase this problem. We will make the label them as quarantine.
  • Quarantine label is not a bad assumption to control the epidemic but, still, we have to take care of the above reason so that we can stop to increase quarantine people.

God bless to all.
Please read this post carefully as this situation is the starting message for COVID – 20.

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How To Deal With Fear In COVID -Health

Hi friends, you may be thinking that why did I am writing only on this topic? But, when I have heard this world COVID since that time my inner voice is telling that your birth is for this purpose the people who are indulged in this wicked cycle, you must have to take them out.

Quotations & Stories: Thoughts by [Pranita P Deshpande]

Why Did Anxiety- Mental Health

Do you know there is one story behind fear? In our Indian culture, we have a lot of stories about coconut trees and we say ” Imaginary tree” or ”WISHING TREE” means whatever maybe we wish or we are demanding under that tree it will complete automatically. So one man sat under that tree and he demanded his wish like this ”oh ! If I will have a good meal and nice bungalow how much nice to me” then he got automatically all.

He started to demand a lot of wishes and his every wish was completing and at last, he wished us a one fearful wish that if any ghost will come here and he will eat me then really ghost came there and he has eaten him.

So moral of this story is positive thoughts create positive things and negative thoughts create a negative thing

Our Parents: Another reason for fear is ignorance of his parents and a lot of error when they are growing their kids. In childhood when children have been not eating then we are giving him fear” see ghost will come and eat you” or like this, a lot fear to enter in his mind and he grows up with this fear.

How to stop living with fear |

Why Did Anxiety- Mental Health

Coping with Fear:


So many times any big accident will happen or any bad incidence also causing to increase our fear as it’s danger impressions hold in our mind and we carry it all over the life and this fear creates a lot of disturbance in our life.

SOME DAILY REASON: In our home, if any child has broken anything then parents are scolding them loudly and this voice creates fear in his mind. Sometimes it remains as it is in their mind continuously and its effects on their success or

COVID -Fear: This fear has made our life very difficult. So many people are affecting their lifestyle. Govt. also kept strict rules to overcome this disease. But, I think that maybe this disease is contagious but never become more harmful than our toxic thoughts. 

As we know that sneezing, cough, and cold are the symptoms of this disease. Then do you know we have how many ways sneezing? 

 Let us read the above post you will understand how did we are indulging in the wicked cycle due to lack of real knowledge and easy-going to Quarantine. If we will understand basic reasons for symptoms of sneezing and cough we can easily keeping away a big fear of COVID. If we will be away from fear there is no possibility to come to any virus near to us. We are creating negative energy and calling the virus near to us. 

Many times our lots of doubts create a lot of diseases. If we will assume that I have pain in the back for the slight pain and keeping attention on it. It will definitely increase pain in the back. However nowadays the whole world is focusing on it, all channels, newspapers, people, politicians, etc focusing here. Then what will happen? Can we come out of it? Maybe the virus is very dangerous but is it possible that we can catch him by keeping the position strict? Latur Blogs

It is good to be taking care of it. But, we must have to remove him from our mind. If you will remove him from your mind, definitely he never comes near to you. 

So, at last, I think that ”Where there is no fear and worries that person getting the blessing and he could get everything in his life.

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Indian vegetarian food

Gram Dal Pulav Recipe _ Pulav Recipes

This is the new type of Pulav recipe. We can make it instantly by soaking gram dal in the water. After soaking we have to make it as like Rice Pulav.

This recipe is having high nutrient value with rich in protein. It can make body clean. Good for health. Getting all types of multivitamins along with proteins.

let’s us we shall make it .

Gram Dal PUlav Recipe /Pulav Recipe/chhayaonline.comNo photo description available.
http://Gram Dal Pulav Recipe – Pulav Recipe/

Time For It , soaking time 1 hour.

prep cook total

10 min 20 min 30 min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine : Indian

food type : Pulav Recipes

keyword : Gram Dal Pulav Recipe

serve for 4


Gram Dal: 250 gm

oil : 2 tbsp

mustard seeds: 1 tbsp

cumin seeds: 1 tbsp

cumin powder: 1 tbsp

lemon juice : 2 tbsp

sugar : 1 tbsp

turmeric powder: 1/2 tbsp

chilly powder: 1 tbsp

garam masala: 1/2 tbsp

peanuts: 10 gm

coriander: 2 tbsp

tomato for decorating : 1

No photo description available.
http://Gram Dal Pulav Recipe- Pulav Recipes/

METHOD TO MAKE : Soak the dal for one hour in the water.

: Remove it from the water and keep it to cook in the cooker.

: Take 1 or 2 whistles and keep it in the bowl after cooking .

: Now keep all ingredients ready to make it .

: Keep pan on the gas. Pour oil to it. Add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, and wait to splutter it.

Add curry leaves, pinch of hing, peanut and fry it slowly.

Now add slowly cooked gram Dal to it, add remaining ingredients one by one. Let’s see how to add it.

Stir it well. And keep it for 2 minutes to get the steam.

Serve it with any fruit or tomato, cucumber , etc .

No photo description available.
http://Gram Dal Pulav Recipe -Pulav Recipes

Health and Mental Health

Today’s Most Important Treatment – Detoxification Of Mind

How to detoxify mind?-In Lockdown


Today we are indulged in very horrible situation. In this situation obviously maybe we will decide to keep good thoughts for others ,still sometimes very dangerous thoughts are coming in our mind for ourselves and for others. So it is very difficult to stable and peaceful here. For the body we

are taking a lot of medicines but what about mind? Real fact is that for our nearest relationship also running away due to our toxic thoughts. Really COVID is increasing due to toxins thoughts. But who will manage it?

Let’s us learn here how to manage it?

         At the beginning of the day, we are working on our mind that to keep our mind clean, clear and  happy  and we know that if we are happy then we can do anything with good intention. I think we never do any bad karma with a happy mind.

Still, there is huge competitionBrianna Wiest  Brianna Wiest is the author of SALT WATER. everywhere to do any work. Everyone wants good position, name, fame, & money.   No one wants to lead a life with a heavy load of unhappiness but still, there is unhappiness, sorrow or sadness.

If anyone is trying to remove all these from their life but it comes in front of us suddenly, what’s the reason? OK, don’t search for a reason but learn here how can we overcome it?

 To overcome it I have to learn how to detoxify it?

We know that we have a bad habit that to keep a lot of dust in mind purposely

. We can say it is poison or bad thoughts for anyone since childhood

.It’s obviously true as we

thinking that ‘’ACTION IS REACTION’’

If we can think outside then the reaction is the best solution for detoxifying the mind.

If anyone has abused you without any reason or if you

react to him instantly maybe it’s way is right or wrong

, you will get satisfaction.

Detox Your Mind Quotes. QuotesGram/
Buddha thoughts

we are in a happy mood thinking that we have succeeded in him.

It is true for a while in the outside world or for an outside

person but we have to work regularly with any person &

if he had abused you or purposely he is targeting

you with a jealous mind or any reason now we can’t leave

that person as he is there in your life for a long time. WE

CAN’T REPLACE HIM OR WE CAN’T move from him.

.Now every day we have to interact with him. Now if we

have not learned the skill ‘’How to detoxify mind”?. Then

we are interacting with him having a lot of load & conflict

in our mind insipidly & we are behaving nicely outside

then it creates stress &  we suffer a lot of diseases like

sugar, B.P, kidney, thyroid etc  or any diseases etc. so we

require a skill to detoxify or let go technique

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Happy soul

Here are some points to detoxify the mind.

Remove bad thoughts from others who have reacted

with you purposely it is hard but turns your mind


To remove bad thoughts for others is not easy but

connect to God, or recite any mantra for a while.

Talk with him instantly keeping your mind clean &


Ignore him or forgive him forgiveness is good for us

not for him.

Keep attention on our work don’t try to show any

one I am right, he is wrong.

If your intention is right & you are really true there

then there is no need to expose it outside as true is always true anywhere.

Keep in mind I have to do nice work for others not for me only it is not for any publicity not for getting money not for showing others that I am doing right work. There is no need of publicity for good work.

. It requires time to propagate it but automatically it spread everywhere..

Be ready to accept challenges while you are working on it.

Accept front person as it is as a Gods gift & find a positive attitude for him.

Do pray for him regularly.

    Detoxification makes man positive, it creates clean

love & starts with binding broken relationship easily. It

removes the wall of ego, bitterness, hatreds etc

   11] Detoxification makes man positive, it creates clean love  & starts with binding broken relationship easily. It

removes the wall of ego, bitterness, hatreds etc

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Banana Recipes -Koshimbir

Today we have Angarika Chaturthi. We are celebrating it with full of devotion. As Ganesha is the main God of worshipping Chaturthi and we know that everyone is loving Ganesha. He is God of talent and Wisdom. He gives us plenty of knowledge, wisdom, talent, and everything. If we will give him full of devotion he is giving us plenty of us.

So today we have fast, which means we are not eating anything avoiding salt. We know that salt is the main important content of the food. Without salt, our all metabolic activities can stop. This salt is making a tremendous change in our life and body also. If we will eat more it causes more problems like B. P., overreactions, or skin disease, etc. If we will eat it less then also it makes the B.P. problem or level of sodium gets reduce which causes problems in our body and life.

Another thing is that we know that when we eat anyone’s food we must have to be polite. Otherwise, we are telling ‘ in Marathi ” Aag Mazya Hatch Mith Khalis, Thods Mithala Jag” means the person who has eaten the salt of another person he must have to keep gratitude for that person.

Why did I am telling it do you know as I didn’t eat today salt for a day up to dinner. Direct we are taking salt in the dinner in the evening for today.

I think the reason to keep fast without salt is maybe gratitude. Means God is telling us that keep gratitude for your elders, ancestors along with God .Give them good respect in life. Remember their efforts and hard work for us. Keep respect for him with this fast. If we will decide that is there a need of keeping fast to remember ancestors or elders? We can indeed remember them without fasting also. But we can’t realize their efforts without suffering from our bodies. Suffering is a good way to realize many things in our life. so that our HINDU Religion has kept lots of rituals, festivals, and some rules for life.

To lead life meaningful and with our good purpose and satisfaction, we must have to adopt all these things in our life. 

Let us start how to make ”Banana recipe – Koshimbir

Time for it

prep cook total

10 10 20min

author name: Chhaya Kulkarni

cuisine: Indian

food type: Koshimbir

serve for 2


DAHI : 1/2 cup [thick ]

sugar: 2 tab

salt: As your convenience

pomegranates: 2tabs

Manchurian masala: 1 tab

coriander: 1 tab well chopped

cumin powder: 1tab

tomato : 1 [chopped ]

cucumber : 1/2 [chopped ]

PROCEDURE: Cut the vegetables tomato and into small pieces and keep aside.

: Remove the peel of bananas and cut it into spices and keep aside.

: chop the coriander and take ready pomegranate seeds in the bowl.

: Now keep ready another ingredient to add it like hing, Manchurian masala, cumin powder, etc.

: Now add slices of bananas in the pot. Add all ingredients one by one last thick Dahi and stir it well.

: Keep the small pan on the gas, pour some oil to it add cumin, mustard seeds to it. Wait to splutter and add a pinch of hing to it.

: Now pour this spluttering oil into the koshimbir.

: Now serve it with chapati or roti.



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Banana Recipes -Koshimbir/

Health and Mental Health

Keshar Halwa Recipe _ Friday Feelings.

Halwa recipes /Keshar halwa/
Keshar Halwa RecipeKesharHalwarecipe/

Hi friends, good morning 🌞 have a graceful day. Today we are celebrating “Laxmi Mata Vrat”.To celebrate it we need to do the worship of God with full of enthusiasm and love. For it, I decided to make Keshar Halwa. Which can give us more nutrition? It is very simple to make it. Let’s see how did I have made it?


prep cook total

5 10 15 min
Author’s name: Pranita Deshpande,

Cuisine: Indian,

Food type: Halwa Recipe,

Keyword: Keshar Halwa Recipe.

Serve for 5
Ingredients: Rava (wheat flour) : 100 gm ,

Ghee : 50 gm ,

Sugar : 50 gm ,

caradamom powder: 1 teas,

dry fruit powder: : 2 tbsp ,

Milk cream : 2 tbsp ,

cashew nuts: 4
Instructions To Make It: Bake the Rava with ghee till gray color come along with delicious smell spreads everywhere.

Now put off the gas. Add cardamom powder, dry fruit powder, sugar to it and stir it well.

Before making halwa prepare hot water to add it and keep aside.

Now keep it on the gas and add hot water to it. Add saffron and stir it well.

Your well-prepared halwa is ready to serve.
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What Is Mean By Self Respect – Self Awareness

What Is Mean By Respect?

How To Keep Self Respect? – Self-awareness 

Does respect carry sansakar? 

Have you depresses any time with disrespect? 

Is Respect give meaning to life? 

Have you carry self -respect

When we see your capacity and accept others as it is, is respect.

If you are rude then you can’t make the respect of others, as rudeness makes you blind and that is the wrong ego.

Respect means give value to the next person or front person with good behavior.

Category: Gestures of respect

To give respect to the other peoples by accepting his social condition, or by accepting his education, by accepting economical or social prestige keep a balance between self-respect and other persons respect means to build a good relationship.

Every person is the gift of God, and everyone has some good virtues. and we know that everyone tries to make happiness in another person’s life but everyone`s definition of happiness is different. and when we know that we are doing all this work purposely and by knowing us or without knowing us also.

          Respect has the most important in everyone`s life. we are teaching our children to respect parents, teachers, culture, respect the emotions of other persons, and so we are keeping the respect of a person who is the capacity of keeping respect. 


Environmental science teaches as, keep respect with trees, we know that so many times people quarrel loudly but they are keeping respect also. (Pranāma)

Our life will become good if we can keep the respect of others. If we do not take anyone`s help then also we can lead our life strong. 

Our life is depending on how much we are giving self-respect to us if we are not giving self-respect to us and not to others then also we can`t keep respect for us friendships/ 

It is the best philosophical part of common sense.

So we will see what is self-respect?

Self-respect means keeping the respect of other people’s desires and opinions.

Respect tries to keep the peace but that is not what is wrong we should try to understand.

So what is respect?, Respect means not make another people’s` life difficult or give anyone unhappiness do not behave him, another person, politely It is not acceptable but live with him with compassion, with keeping right, if he didn`t have respect with himself.

Respect means accepting all different people’s opinions, respect means to keep the respect of other people’s opinion and being an important life with compassion.


1] Respect means behavior with another person respectfully and keeping care of his rights.

2] Respect means to make our life peaceful and special.

3] Give cooperation to others

4 ] Keep anyone’s natural behavior safe and give him space to live life.

5] Respect another he has with him.

6] Respect means to give love and inspire him

7] Respect always keep to live away from our hurting values.

8] Respect means understanding other people’s desires, needs and dreams, and imaginations.

9] Respect means keeping care of other people’s lives and keep care of the earth.

10] Respect means keep respect for our rituals, sanskaras, festivals, and rules of the country and obey the law of the legal process.

11] Respect means to give respect to others and take respect from them.

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Reasons To Left Persistence and Consistency In Lock down – Self Improvement

How To Develop Persistence and Consistence In Lock Down

Can We Develop It In The Students At Home In Lock Down


These are the 2 words using in education. Now we have changed the definition of education. Our education is at home. To get motivation and inspiration is very hard. We must have to search for a new education near us. As we have away from competition and comparison.
For the small class students means up to 10 Th class to keep students engage with persistency and consistency becoming the challenging work for all education system.
We know that if persistence is absent we can’t increase our productivity. Now is the main question to the students, how to develop persistency and consistency?
As everyone wants a successful person but, what about persistence? It doesn’t require more education or any type of training. In the olden days so many people are carrying it so that they have made progress.
It must have to develop with our perfect efforts.
Which are these let’s check here
1] We must have to keep our definites of purpose along with burning desire.
2] It must require a definite plan to work continuously.
3] Everything we can overcome but, what about our negative doubts, how can remove it. Some discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends, and acquaintances.
4] We can reach our goal With the help of good prayer, friends, our parents, etc.
5] I think due to one’s economy can control another one’s philosophy.
6] First we have to take a small step to reach the goal then automatically we will go to our definites of
7] Then we are ready to achieve lead, power, fame, and worldly recognition.
8] With these steps we avoid powerful brakes.
9] Persistence has the power to converts dreams into physical realities.
10] These are the steps that can control one’s economic destiny.
1] Clarity is not there what to wish
2] Many times taking alibis to show others how I am Okay in my work /
3] Having less knowledge in that field.
4] Instead of creating a solution showing alibis without making plans.
5] Having self-satisfaction that I am Okay and happy in this situation.
6] Weakness Of Desire, losing desire, sometimes due to fear in mind or very danger
The situation around it.
7] Eagerness to quit now, I can’t do the next step.
8] Lack of plans or there are no idea how to make a plan? Or life is not taking seriously.
9] The habit of neglecting to move on ideas or to grasp opportunities when it presents itself.
10] Wishing instead of willing or willing power is less due to the bad experience of life.
11] The habit of comprising poverty instead of keeping aim to be rich. The general absence of ambition

To be to do.
12] Searching shortcuts to becoming rich without giving a fair equivalent.
13] Fear Of Criticism: Its a very dangerous issue in everyone’s life. As it creates a lot of damage to our life.
14] Pressure of getting good things that, can I will be fit there? Or can I digest this change in my life?
15] Sometimes having worked on more tasks also reducing persistence.
16] Having insufficient guidance, support, facilities also reduce it.
17] Working with more stress increases obstacles and it reduces the power of persistence and consistency.
18] Absence of motivation, instead have to suffer more jealousy along with hatred also reduce power to work.
19] A lot of times negativity of surroundings also reduces persistence.
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Is There Right Way To Think About It – Response Here

  • Do you know who is running our country? Our youth generation. As we are running on followers and trends and the google search. Mostly and unfortunately the internet is handling from the age of 7 Th to 21, of course, these aged people are unmatured, they didn’t know the difference between good things and bad things or good thoughts, values, etc. Generally, any person attracts the bad things he can’t control his sense organs and these people are making decisions about our country.
  • Why did I am telling these sentences? When Obama was visited in our country. Our first invitation was to one actress. She came to the program by showing his open body and we are running the whole world on her trend.
  • I think that if I will compare to that actress to my Bhandevali, Bhandevali is the topmost valued lady in the world. She must have to get an ideal award in this period and this situation. As she is working honestly in the day and feeding her 4 kids without disturbing any values and society.Without showing his body to the outside people.

Now tell me who is the most welcome lady?. Is it that actress by showing his body to the people or the lady who is working honestly for his family?

I want to ask media, can any media have taken interviews of like these ladies? Can any media have given importance to like these ladies?

So now tell me who has spoiled values? Is it a trend or actress? To whom we have to give more respect?

If we are honoring like these actresses what we are spreading in the world? Is there are no talented or intelligent ladies in the world? Or no person in the world who is not able to stand with Obama.

I didn’t understand the point why did any management is giving more importance to the actress or actors in the place of director and writer? That story, the singer gives values to the actor and actress but we are giving value to the actor and actress.

 I am not an enemy of any actress and actors but how many pictures are there in the world even 1 writer name also didn’t know to the people. No one is giving awards or publicity to the writer. Why did this much diversity for originality? Not only this is the case for pictures but in a lot of cases For example scientists, last week I saw Jayant Narlikar very few people known his name Was carrying bags himself while traveling. He had done lots of efforts for our country. Not only this scientist but also another scientist, authors. Did their names know to the people?

Last year I have a meeting with Kid Zee school’s H. M. She told me that ‘’ my father in law was also an author ‘’ He had received an award from President from Pranav da. He had written 85 important books. Did anyone he know? To write 85 books is not easy to work in as in one cinema. We know Amitabachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Amir khan easily. Why did these important people we don’t know? Who is responsible for it?

Like these plenty of people are hidden behind the curtain who has done lots of efforts towards values and virtues. Why did this is happening? Because our total attention is going to What Aishvarya has worn? How did she color her hair? I know these questions answer, that people are taking an interest in these things. To run a business it is important But, this doesn’t mean that other people are not important for the country. But why did we are giving importance to the unimportant things? This is very dangerous to the universe.

  • Disclaimer: I didn’t want to give any blame to some people. They are not my enemies only I have to mention here the discrimination going here for which talented, wise person has to face more. 

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Quotes On Success – A P J Kalam

Dr APJ Kalam is my favorite leader and I will always salute to him for his work.

Today his death anniversary. To say this word I feel very hurt. He is the super challenging and welcome person for the India. His inspiration never will going from any generation’s mind. Every generation will remember him as a missile man forever with his #Bharatratna.

For this day let’s know his Quotes on success.


http://Quotes on success APJ Kalam/

1]”All of us do not have equal talent,But all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talent.

2]” If you want to shine like a sun .First burn like a sun

3] ”Man needs difficulty in life because they are necessary to enjoy   the success”

4]”All birds find shelter during the rain but Eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds.”

5] Don’t take rest after your victory ,because if you fail in second more people are  waiting to say your first victory was just luck.

6]”Thinking should become your capital asset no matter whatever ups & downs you come across in your life”

7] ”Without your involvement you can’t  success-ed, Without your

involvement you can’t  fail”

8] If you fail never give up because  F. A. I. L. means” First attempt in learning ” End is NOT THE END in fact END means ”EFFORT NEVER DIES”

If you get No, As an answer remember NO means ” NEW OPPORTUNITY”   

10]” If you salute your duty, you no need to salute anybody, but if you pollute your duty ,you have to salute everybody.”

11]  ” It is very easy to defeat someone ,but it is very hard to win someone”   10 Points To Know Comparison – Self Made Quotes

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What Makes Me Different n Happy – Intresting Story

Hi friends, thanks for asking me this question. As so many people are very eager to get this answer.
Since childhood, I was clear, clean, and open-minded. This is creating extra energy in my mind and increase confidence. And I think When any person is having more confidence, he is always different and happy in any situation.
Another thing is when we are away from material things we are getting more powers from the universe. For example in our home when our grandparents maybe have more amount in their account but they have distributed it in their sons and daughters still we are giving them more respect. And we have ideal fear [ respected] of them. We feel shy, shame to tell any unwanted thing in front of them. In some families, their sons didn’t drink, smoking in front of them. As in the last stage of life, people become free from all the material things, money, position, status, etc. They are only distributing pure love and thoughts to us. They need only pure love and pure thoughts as these 2 things give them more power.
As we know that if any grandparents have more money but he is not behaving lovingly to the family members then we know that so many granddaughters, sons are abusing them as in the old age power of money is not running. To understand it we have to experience life.
The same pattern running with the Saint, can we hate Gautam Budha as he didn’t have money?
Can we hate saint Tukaram, Dnyeshwar, Ramdas, these are so ancient people?
But, can we hate Anna Hajare as he didn’t have money? Can we hate the Amte family? But they are also always happy and their life is different. We never hate Mother Theressa. Even she was so simple.
When we are running with our principals then automatically we get happiness along with differentiation.
Before publishing my books I was so happy that I think that In the world no one is happy in comparison to me. Although I was facing a lot of difficult situations. I didn’t know what is mean by profession? What is the value of money in my life? Why did we have to save money? I was completely away from all these things. This means I didn’t earn money is not true. I didn’t save money is also not true. But, still, I was never living for the only money.
At that time also I was earning money but never left my daily happiness. Living light is my virtue since childhood. Of course, I was carrying some worries at that time but, still light.
In college life also I was famous as a most laughing student. I like the students who are laughing with pure hurts. And my all friends were also jolly and laughing friends. Open-minded and always free. We have completely lost all these things in the lockdown.
In college, we were friends easily creating jokes, not telling jokes from books or by watching any films or reading books, etc. But when we gather at one place we were laughing continuously. Where had been lost this laughing now? In today’s life I am looking to the teenagers they are behaving like olden that 50 years’ person and saying we have made progress.
I think that at a particular level maturity and understanding are okay but if it is more in small age we are killing the next generation.
I am always giving thanks to my parents that they have left us free. We think that, if we didn’t have money then we have problems in our life? It’s true but, still, I think that if we have money and we didn’t understand how to use it for my family, my society, my religion, my charity, myself then It creates more problems in our life.
The person who will understand how to use money at the proper time that person always remains happy in his life and also everyone’s life. And, when we create happiness for the other person we create happiness for us.
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How To Motivate In Corona Epidemic – COVID -20

How to live motivated in Corona  Epidemic 

       Dear  friends, now we all are in very difficult situation. Everyone is creating pressure, thinking for future, worrying about their kids, its natural for a while. How man is interesting ! As he is telling every time .Why did we worry ? God is there. Still he is worry and not keeping complete faith on God. Now tell me if you are fluctuating every time  then how did he will show you the way?

Here are some points to be motivated to live away from it.

Get Up Early In The Morning : There are a lot of motivational stories of great person who are getting up early in the morning. Once a time there is a business man   who had lost his complete business then he went to meet this person . He told him one great solution for him . Whatever may be happened in your past. Let us get up early in the morning. Really he started to getting up early in the morning and his all lost things came back in his life.

Learn To Remain In Less Thinking:  Every time if we are thinking about it. It will howy on you. So avoid to think on it. You keep these words with you take care of your health but, ‘’Don’t watch, Don’t talk,Don’t think . Engage yourself in any activity. Do prayer in the morning. Talk to God. Imagine that God is with you. He is always talking with you. Giving direction to you.

Do Pranayam, Yoga :  This is the welcome way to remove toxic and negative thoughts. If you want to keep your body and mind strong . Work with it compulsory.

Avoid selfness : Do this small experiment. Do something it may be short for the needy person.

Who didn’t have food to eat give food to them.Anyone who didn’t have clean place to live.

Help them to get good place. If they didn’t understand its importance give counseling to them to live better.

Donate Blood : If you are healthy, fit and strong then donate your blood. It will be useful to the people who need it now. Otherwise what you are doing it by keeping in your body.Can you make pickle of it? Or do you want any investment from it? If you will donate blood now it will create again in 21 days. Then why there is fear? Remove fear: Whatever may be happening we have to face it, then why did fear? Without fear man can climb highest mountain , going downside the earth at the bottom of the earth. Then why fear for small virus?

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Indian vegetarian food

Nagpanchami Navyadyam – Bhojan Recipe

We are celebrating Nagpanchami as a rainy festival. It is the festival where people are worshiping a snake. If a snake is not available they are creating a snake of mud and worshiping in the temple. At home, ancient ladies are drawing images of snakes on the wall. In my childhood, my mother was drawing /1/2 wall snake along with snakes family. Means female snake, their kids, with turmeric and drawing small dots of white lime water around it. Making eyes of coal or black oil.
She keeps that snake 1 year and we were watching it carefully.
At that time there was a rule that on this day we didn’t have to cut anything, don’t keep hair free as hair will go in the mouth of the snake. Do not make Puran Poli on TAWA. Never fry anything etc.
So my mother was making Puran Gujiya by steaming. It has to eat with pure ghee, gives good taste.
I too also today made the same Gujiya along with Puran Poli, Dal Rice, Chitrann, Mirchamrut, potato sabzi, etc.
For recipe and ingredients check my other posts.

Recipe  for Navyadyam /chhayaonline.comImage may contain: table and indoor
http://Nagpanchami Navyadyam recipe /

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Interesting Story On Sansakara – Story

Emergence e of sansakar

I have been read one story about sanskaras. One famous author was there and he decided to adopt one child and to give him nice sanskaras and make him a big and great person. So he went on remand home with his wife and bought one kid for 6 months. The kid was so beautiful, cute, and attractive that everyone is turning to him. Now they have bought at home.

  • They are taking a lot of care for that child. Then after 3 years, they have given him admission in the best kinder garden for good Sansa Kar. Teaching him everyday nice songs, poems, shlokas, mantras, etc. Telling nice stories of Rama, Krishna, Arjuna, this way that child also giving them a nice response to their teaching for becoming talent clever student .

Everyone in their family enjoying every moment of life with happy thoughts. He is good in all subjects & he is getting nice marks. Now he is learning about taking care of his parents.

In this way, he had been coming to the 10th class. Now he becomes a mature student. He was studying regularly with full concentration. Everyone is inspiring him. Oh! He is a great boy talent & clever ‘’ Whole school had proud of him.

At last 10th exam over & result came & he becomes the topper of the school.

Now there was the discussion of college admission. His parents have collected some money for his admission. His parents want to go outside to meet his guest. So they went outside for 8 days leaving alone him at home.

child care -the emergence of sansakar.

One day has arisen he opened cupboard as a curiosity. His parents have kept his all documents of remand home & original information in one file. He opened the cupboard he got that file. He read carefully & he understood that he was the boy of another parent. Now he becomes a lot of angry & disturbing himself. He thought that this parent has cheated him & they had hidden him from his original parents. 

Now he was starting to hate this parent. He wants to take revenge on this parent but how? As within a fraction of a second, he lost his memory about this parent & start to revenge him. Now he was searching for something that how to get rid of this parent. Again he was searching in the cupboard & he got an ornament box of his mother & a lot of money. Then he took off it & ran away from that home. Now tell me what to do that parent with their sanskaras?

Why did I choose this topic to write? As I know today everyone is aware of sanskar, to get the good sanskar for their child they are giving them admissions in the big school. Involving them in a personal development class. Then also after the marriage that son becomes practical & starts to leave away from his parents.

child care -the emergence of sansakar.

Do you know there are 5 types of Sanskaras which are

1] Genetic & hereditary Which can carry past birth impressions as it is.

2] from parents

3] talk true.

4] From previous birth: when the child taking birth he brings a lot of samskaras from environments: Means due to my willpower I have sansakar to talk lie but my friends will power creates sansakar to and memory of premature birth.

My original sansakar which are peace, happiness, purity, truth, love, bliss & knowledge.

Now decide which sanskaras you want to keep?

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Thoughts by pranita deshpande
http://Quotations & Stories/Interesting story/

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How To Get Rid Of Addiction – Self Improvement

How To Get Rid Of Addiction?-

Nowadays everyone is familiar with addiction, addiction is the main hurdle of progress in everyone’s life.

Why did addiction come in my life?

When elder persons are addicted then younger one and smaller one learns from them that addiction is not a bad habit as my father is taking regularly. As he had created a good and real image for his father and from every point of view he thinks that my father is taking then it is good for me also.


 Experience and information and belief systems for example when yesterday I drank tea then it’s taste is better to me then I create a belief system tea is better to drink but if we want to rescue from tea. We have to change this belief system with knowledge and understanding of tea also harmful to our health.

Sometimes we think that we are doing it for getting happiness, and joy In a relationship as well as with a friend. I have been not getting happiness, and real joy So I start to addiction means when I get frustrate Then I turn to addiction.

Every time I want true love, trust, respect, and some qualities in a person. That makes me feel better. If not get these qualities I became discomfort able.

I am comfortable at a physical level but for a mental level, I feel uncomfortable.


I want to be complete inside and I am not comforted because I am not aware. I am not feeling well. My Uncomfortable feeling gives a vacuum. Uncompleted, but everyone wants experience harmony complete inside. Then search started the possession, achievement, coffee tea, movie, drink any kind of stimulates and that kind of stimulates trigger certain kind of feeling, Stimuli gives me a comfortable feeling outside. It is not inside it is temporary take out from dis comfortableness. and it distracts the mind for a moment from the emotional pain and unhappiness, but still, pain is there.

           When I am taking alcohol or watching T.V. drinking cigarettes etc. I have postponed my pain for some time. 

A concentration of my mind is merged and my mind is distracted anywhere you know that you are going in a bad direction still you are engaged in that but your pain is increasing so I want to remove that pain I want comfort feeling but when I realize how we feel without taking?

Solution for addiction.

1)To be spiritual as spirituality find roots of any problem.

2)Spirituality means getting to know you.

3)A positive affirmation to create a positive feeling.

4)We could think negative and create a positive sentence cannot work.

5)God is looking to your, pure, peaceful truth vibration, He will not just look to your mistake. Wherever attention goes there energy flows. So keep awareness of your thought.

6)You could get success suddenly but we have to take a decision co firmly.

Family counseling.: Scolding, no conversation is not the solution, first, we have to give him faith then tell him” you could be free from this addiction.” It is easy to free only to continue it is hard but we will try.

When I create one positive thought on it, I have to work on it, as thought create action, so I have to keep attention on my thought


Powerful motivation: – Quit today if not, decide date- Imagine it, share it to everyone, celebrate it. When I have to quit it then ask questions to yourself if you can’t stop. Then postpone it and when I feel that I couldn’t live without a drink then don’t keep any cigarette or bottle of drink with you.

Do meditation every day; connect with God for every second by remembering in every situation.

Spirituality means awareness from childhood.

A Strong will power and a strong foundation cannot turn to a bad habit.

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Indian vegetarian food

Sweet Corn Upma- Upma Recipes

 Tasty Upma Recipe- Marathi 

  Breakfast recipes _ Upma Recipe 

This is a real homemade tasty recipe. We can make it more nutritive with good ingredients. If we will attend to make it delicious then, you never forget the taste of this recipe. Yesterday I was in worry what kind of easy recipe I could make? Then I saw there are lots of sweet corns at my home so I decided to make upma of it.

Let us see how I have made its upma .

time for it

prep cook total

10        15       25 min

author : Pranita Deshpande

cuisine :   Indian

food type :  Upma

Keyword : Sweet corn Upma , Upma Recipes 

serve for 3


cornflour   2 bowls [ 300 gm  ]

tomato     1 chopped

onion    1   chopped

green or red chilly  2 to 3

groundnut    1/2 bowl

curry leaves    3 to 4

hing   1 pinch

turmeric powder     1 teaspoon

chilly powder    1& 1/2 tbsp

salt    2 tbsp

sugar  2 tbsp

oil    3 tbsp

cumin ‘s 1 tbsp

coriander    1 tbsp [chopped ]

mustard seeds  1 tbsp

water As your convenience


: Hello, friends for making this recipe we will have to first take some sweet  corn fruits.  Bottle Guard Rice -Slow Cooker Recipe

: First, we will remove seeds from it and then we shall grind it in the mixture this floor we can take for to make Upma.

: Bake it well till the color of it changes & Khaman smell spread everywhere.

: Keep some water to boil in the pan and keep another pan on another gas:

: Pour oil in its way to heat it add Cumin seeds and mustard seeds to it, wait to splutter it. 

How to make chikoo Paratha ? Dessert recipes.

: Now ,add tomatoes, Chilies  pieces, groundnut and fry it well, add Chili powder and turmeric salt, Pinch of Hing, add sugar and  saute it  well

: Now, add a sweet corn flour to It. fry it well meanwhile water will boil on other  gas take this water and pour it into the fried sweet corn floor now stir it well.

:Keep the lid on it & give good steam for it.

: Serve it hot


sweet corn ingredients

Baked flour/


sweet corn upma/
preparing upma /

 well prepared upma

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Quotes On Albert Eisenstein- Quotes

Quotations & Stories: ThoughtsKindle Edition

by Pranita P Deshpande (Author)

5.0 out of 5 stars    1 customer review  

See all 3 formats and editions

Beautiful thoughts in beautiful mind

   Give beautiful dreams in beautiful eyes

so enjoy these beautiful nights

n beautiful dreams.

In beautiful night in beautiful manners,

Education is not the learning of facts ,but the training of the mind to think, 

There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory.

so hearty  ”GOOD NIGHT”


1]Follow your curiosity

2] Perseverance is priceless

3] Focus on the present

4]The imagination is powerful

5] Make mistakes.

6]Live in the moment.

7] Create values

8]Don’t be repetitive.

9]Knowledge comes from experience.

10]Learn the rules & then play better

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

Change doesn’t start with action, it starts with a vision.Artists are great at creating a vision.

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Benefits Of Potassium Alum – Skin Health

Benefits of Potassium Alum 

  We are using this product in everyday activity. It can use as a spiritual product, as a disinfectant, for the body as well as in the home. These are one types of small crystals which we are using to stop negative vibrations in the home. It has white. Looking transparent. In childhood, we think that it is the stone of sugar and eating it secretly. When understanding the taste, throwing it on the ground or playing pebbles with it.

It has so many benefits some of it we will see here. 

We know that this product is using to clean the water for so many years. Before inventions of the new products, we are using the power of it to clean dirty water. It can keep all dirt at the bottom of the water.

If we will add the powder of it in the bathing water it can remove the foul smell of sweat. Otherwise today also some people are keeping small crystal of it in the saving kit. They are applying this crystal on the beard before saving it. As if there will cutting with the knife, it can stop the flow of blood immediately.

It can use to stop the blood in the wound. 

Due to a lot of pollution and changes in lifestyle, our face takes a black appearance or having dark black spots on our faces. To make it clean if we will apply it on them before going to bed for 10 minutes. It can clean all dark spots and skin. But, this experiment must have to do at night. If you will use it in the day time and went outside it will damage your face. So avoid using it in the day time. Excess use of it will create other problems.

This is the information which I have got from my observation and experience. Before using it you can consult to the specialist.

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10 Points To Be Happy Easily In Lock down

  Today everyone is always aware to be happy. We know that we are getting happiness from so many closed things like relationship, love, acceptance, watching TV, shopping, traveling, working as a businessman or in any job, getting money in the job or business. These are the things we are giving us happiness easily in the open world. 

   Generally, we get happiness from the following types of topics. 

* Physical: Here we can add money, business, property, clothes, food, and medicine. 

*Social: Independence, peace, friends, chatting, visit the partner, family, etc 

*Emotional: Love, romance, living in relationship

*Spiritual: Peace, religion, prayer, cleaning of the mind 

*Physical: Eating, drinking, playing, sleeping, etc 

*Etc: hobby, working, watching, cinema, TV, etc 

   These are our daily needs which can we complete our budget. But, when we are using it in the more proportion then it can create a lot of problems in every type of life. It may be physical, social, emotional, spiritual, etc So everything should be in control.

 Let us learn here which are 10 things keeping us always happy. 

1] Pretend That You Are Honest Person: To become an honest person. You start to make a drama that I am a really honest person. Means whatever you may be, you are that person. This means if you are feeling that you are a happy person then no one could be stopping you to be happy. So it is the very easy tack that if you didn’t know how to be happy then you must have to pretend happily.

2] KEEP RELATIONSHIP STRONG: This is the most part of any person’s happiness. Otherwise, if you have everything and the relationship is so bitter then maybe you will decide to be happy. You never become happy. So you just have to learn to keep relationships strong with each and every person. In the relationship only love is the word that can make strong bonding. So if your love should be clean, clear then maybe how much bitterness is there it can convert in to sweet.


I think that the person who knows this sentence is the king of the world. The person who can face easily all problems of life is always happy. They think climbing on the mountain is an easy thing no worries.

This strength is known as the power to face. The person who has this power have the ability to understand where had been hidden the power of face. And at a difficult time, he definitely emerges his power. 

4] KEEP FAITH ON YOU AND OTHERS: I think faith and confidence in one vehicle. But, there are 2 types of faith 1 ] regular faith 2] Blind faith. You know perfectly both faith. So to do any work we must have faith in ourselves. If we will lose our faith everything can finish in our life. 

5] TAKE HAPPINESS IN EVERY MOMENT: Do you know so many people are working for fame, position, future, family, next-generation, country, etc Work is not bad but, what they do they are postponing their happiness. Living very seriously. Some people didn’t know to be happy we didn’t have to waste this second. So they are losing happiness of that second and waiting for next year’s happiness or the next day, the next generation’s happiness, etc. In this situation, they are losing their happiness in the present case and becoming hurt. Always in tension. 

 Ego is the most important reason which is keeping us away from our real happiness. Ego carries hatreds, jealousy,     

6] GOOD HABITS CREATES GOOD EMOTIONS: Understand your bad habits. Find the way to vanish it. How did you will become more positive to create good habits must have the main aim of your life. Write your both habits. Try to remove it with your speed. Read good books, collect good friends, turn your bad habits into good. What we are eating also creating habits. As food creates emotions and emotions and habits are running close to each other. 

7] CLEANLINESS, HEALTH, HAPPINESS: Cleaning of anything changes our mood. Even if you will clean your utensils in the kitchen it will give you happiness. Your face has one type of charming. You can check this experiment. Cleaning of anything gives us happiness along with positive vibrations. Removes, laziness, brings alertness and awareness in our life. These things always keeping you happy so your health becomes strong. 


    Acceptance is the power that can change the world. The person who knows the power of acceptance he can live life happy anywhere it may be the forest, temple, cottage, any Bangalow or anywhere. He can be happy anywhere. So learn to accept good things. To live life happy we must have to accept change, must have to learn compromise and control. 

9] RELAXATION AND EMPTY TIME: Relaxation is the best way of making mind cool. Anyway how much you have work you must have to relax. This relaxation giving you more time for the next work. 

10 ] FIND SATISFACTION WHERE YOU GET: This is the topmost solution for happiness. Search your satisfaction. Where you can satisfy? For this, you must have to understand who you are? How could you get easily satisfaction?    

1]Are you really happy ?

2]Did you have a habit to postpone the happiness?  

3] Have you experienced happiness in small things?

4] Do you feel heavy while searching happiness outside?

5] Write your feed back in the comment section.

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Indian vegetarian food

Date Chutney Recipe – Hello world!


  Hi friends, we know that we Indians are very fan of chutney’s. Without chutney we didn’t eat food. Our diet is square diet. Means we are taking all types of food in one thali. In this Thali we include rice with ghee, chapati, Subzi’s, Dal, papad, salad, curd or buttermilk, etc .But, most important part of this Thali is to give us taste with our chutney. 

There are plenty  types of chutney’s. I think this chutney means bringing out housewives skill or potential. As making chutney is an art and a small talent which can give delicious taste to our food. Some chutney’s we can make in a short time that have so delicious taste. We didn’t need any another food for Roti and chapati.

Let’s check it how I have made it? 

  Author’s name: Pranita deshpande

  Cuisine : India 

  food type : Chutney recipe 

  Keyword: Date chutney recipe 

    serve for 2 


  Dates : 250 gm 

  tamarind [ripened] : 10 gm 

 Jaggaary : 10 gm 

 cumin powder : 1 tbsp 

 Hing : 1 pinch 

 Dhaniya powder : 1/2 tbsp 

   red chilly powder: 1 tbsp 

INSTRUCTIONS TO MAKE IT :  Take the good quality dates. 

                                                     : Remove its peel, grind it in the                                                                      mixture.                                                                                                     :Take the ripened tamarind ,

                                                     :wash it with warm water.

                                                    :Make its solution and keep it aside.                                                    : Add chilly powder, salt, grated                                                                Jaggary,cumin powder, dhaniya powder,                                                    hing in the powder of date. Mix it well.                              Now add the solution of Tamarind into the above                                     mixture. : Stir it well.  Well prepared chutney is ready to serve. Serve it with rice, chapati, roti, bread, any breakfast , etc.   

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My Interesting Internet Experience – Blogging


Quotations & Stories: Thoughts by [Pranita P Deshpande]
My Interesting Internet Experience – Blogging

 Friends, I want to share with you my nice and interesting experience to let us enjoy.


My aim in life is to publish my books, So I wondered for it for 8 years. I have contacted all publishers in Maharashtra. In my city. I have tried for 5 years, no one is responding to me, then I was running tuitions at that time I was earning 15,000 per month, but I decided to publish my book ”IMPORTANCE OF PRAYER” My husband has done typing of a book in Marathi.


To publish it I went to one press and that book was published in one month. Then after 5 years, I bought a smartphone in NOV 2014, Before that, I didn’t know how to handle a computer? or even how to keep email id? How to log in to Facebook? 

My younger son told me in his childhood that don’t touch this ”Mozilla Firefox ” as it will create a fire so I have a lot of fear about the internet. 

http://my interesting internet experience/


In that month I got a state-level award. I didn’t know how to upload photos, my student uploaded it. He also uploaded some photos vertically, some photos straight, some horizontal, some inverse, etc, Then I was searching publishers for my English book ”QUOTATIONS & STORIES” Then easily searched publishers, got partridge publishing com. The USA company. Then I filled their form and waiting for 15 days.


One day her call came and starting to talk with me, I was busy in my work at home. I told her please call me in the evening, so when I was in class her call came to me in the evening. at least one hour she was talking with me, She is convincing me I was refusing her…. Then again she was calling me on every week, In this way, I have left my 2 months, then, at last, I decided to publish it with that publication.

Then I studied all her agreements carefully and ready to agree. I have done my agreement with the help of my students, it was completed by Amrita Sarada ICSE student 10th class. Then I turned to online, my younger son, the elder son, is telling some small things, then I read some books at home about a computer.


When my book has been to publish I didn’t know I have to work on social media. I think they will publish & they will make marketing of it but they have told me to find your accounts on these channels & etc . Then I opened my account but not run these accounts. Sitting as it is thinking that



But only heard about Twitter, so for how to handle twitter I went in a cyber cafe, There is one student he told me like this you go, again I was in a lot of confusion what to do with this twitter.? I heard only VIP people are tweeting there, When I was looking to twitter account when follow board shows me I am clicking on them and I was getting a message on mobile that you are following with ….But I was thinking that oh! I was getting followers like Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, like this lot of big personalities are following me. As I didn’t know the difference between followers, following, follow. At least March month I didn’t know how to tweet? what to do with it? Why did I have to tweet? 

At first, I think only one tweet is sufficient for me. As I have my one book and some Brahma kumaris notebook. After finishing this book what can I do for a tweet? I am worried about what to tweet? Then I was sitting in front of the computer continuously and try to understand all the things and now I became the popular queen of the internet.

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Can We Control Nature – Humanity

It’s a very nice question. It is very bad for humanity, society, for people everyone. Have you seen ‘’Sairat’’ film? If you will observe the natural moment from that cinema for a moment we like to live that life and real life is that. But for status, position, and material happiness we vanish real happiness means pressuring our mind and bringing artificial happiness for the other people. This means we are killing our happiness. So that in today’s life people have no more enjoyment in life. if we have a lot of material things.
We know that traveling is very good for us giving happiness to us but, for that traveling, we are cutting forests, reaching like that point where no one is reaching then, when one man reached there. Then there is a queue to reach there as we have tons of money and we have polluted those places. In this way, we have polluted earth and now we are going to pollute other planets as well as the moon.
Now one person went on the mars, 2nd will collect money he will adopt anyway to go there and collect money to reach there as his goal is to reach there. So it will disturb society. And it can disturb humanity. Then that planet can fill full of rich people then these people will think ‘’YAAR MAZA NAHI AA RAHA JINDAGI MAIN’’ As there are no poor people to say them rich. Now tell me can they will be happy there?
Why did people are not believing that there is a supernatural power which can control all nature, planets, etc? His way of writing the destiny of people is different. If people are thinking that we are greater than nature then why did they have not inventing quickly vaccine of coronavirus?

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Mystery Blogger Award – dpranita583

Hi friends, hope you have enjoyed Sunday very well .

I would have to thanks to the daneelyunus for nominating me to the above award . Please visit his site here . To read his excellent posts. He is very good person as a blogger. Choosing excellent topics to write the articles. I like his articles on multi niche. He always inspires,motivates , gives confidence to the readers to be consistent. As readers are our welcome guests. We always respect readers attitude, pleasure, gratitude to reach us . Reading our posts. Always heartily thankful for their good appreciation.

This is 5 Th Mystery Blogger Award post.

Rules : Put the logo on our site .

Thanks the blogger who nominated you.

The creator of this award is Okoto Enigmaa. Thanks for creating this award.

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I like to write on multiniche. Especially by watching any things in the life of people.

I like to share my mysterious life experiences to my blogger friends.

Writing on life skills, present situation, mental health, health is my best choice.

Innovative writing, research on daily life’s some questions is my passion.

I think that, spiritual journey is the way to live a life happy .









1] How do you get time to run your passion from household chores ?

Very well question for me. So many are thinking that, I am behind in the business. But , I have written 3 , 4 books as living same journey. I think my self that to mange everything in the successful manner in the difficult situation. In the contrast surrounding is the main skill of life. I have managed all these things and reached here, to interact with international members. This is the top most good moments in my life. Now question remained of success. I am running here everyday and giving readers new

experience is best success for me. Now, I think that other success will also follow me automatically. As in my journey I have overcome d a lot of difficult situations to reach here.

2] Your Favorite Destination

Somnath temple and the surrounding area of it.

3] How did you will define your highest happiness state?

When I am writing new innovative article on any topic and publishing it. Getting good compliments on it is my best happiest thing.

4] Your favorite book.

Success Through Positive Mental Attitude.

5] What Anonymous you most

Toxic people.

At last thanks to the Daneelyunus for nominating me to this award.

Happy Blogging Journey

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Where Had Gone Sensitivity – Emotional Health

Search here sensitivity.

And according to psychologist Elaine Aron, having a particularly high level of emotional sensitivity is an actual condition – she coined the term Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Sensitivity takes man near to God. It is the best virtue of human being. We can’t identify human being without sensitivity. It creates humanity original love, purity real happiness, simplicity etc. A sensitive man never attracts externally to the material things. Every time he is calm & quiet . He attracts people towards him. I think he doesn’t matter about money also. He never makes his protection with money. It brings understanding also.

There is a proverb “ Sensitivity brings creativity” or my creativity depends on sensitivity. Nowadays this sensitivity is losing everyone’s mind. I understand it when I observe myself.

Now we will see why did it is lost from everyone’s mind?

We know that money is the best solution of life. Without money, we can’t do any work or we can’t lead our life. So we need money & this is also one type of energy. If this energy lost we can’t make any confirm place anywhere. Without money, we have to suffer a lot of times. & there are a lot of inventions. we need all these material things if we do not have material things no one is giving value to us we have made this atmosphere & so everyone is turning to material things & if I have all the things I would be happy “ is become the definition of happiness. & by this definition also sometimes people don’t realize satisfaction & peace then I understand that ‘’Oh! Where have we lost sensitivity?

Original love brings sensitivity & we are indulged in a lot of important activities there is no time to think about my family. About my relationship with people, about neighbor’s etc.

So many times people compare their happiness with the people who had achieved a lot of success in his life,& to achieve like him he is losing a lot of things like sensitivity, humanity etc as he wants to reach there & It brings a lot of sorrow or sadness also.  have you seen sensitive guy?

It is a very good thing that so many people are working on it, like Amir Khan, Nana Patekar, Makrand Anaspure in India. And our political leaders, some social workers etc But I want to realize the intention of them should be brought sensitivity not to bring popularity. I think without real sensitivity we can’t bring popularity also.

We know that there are a lot of people who are popular like, Daud Ibrahim our leader Chhagan Bhujbal, Tejpal, Vijay Mally. Etc. Can they take aplace in people’s mind or heart ?.

So to bring sensitivity we have not need to think but realize some concept of life.

Self-realization brings sensitivity.

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Do Human Needs Emotional Contrast In Their Lives – Emotions


Of course, but it depends on the person how his perception towards that contrast person. If he will look positively to him definitely he can progress in his life and if he will take it negatively then we can’t say or think about his result. It will result in the destruction of anyone with any couple that is it maybe Father-son, husband-wife, mother in law – daughter in law, sister – brother, etc Sometimes if there is meaningless contrasting then we must have to be left away from that relationship.
As it can create only destructive situations or events. It never gives any happiness, love, respect, care, peace, etc Life becomes very difficult with this relationship.

Generally, loving ones are closer relatives and are in contrast to the loving ones. As they have good intentions behind it. Means parents are always contrasted with their kids or children if they are in the wrong direction. In the husband-wife relationship. There is a say that God keeps a couple purposely in contrast to run life better and successful.
In the relation between mother in law and daughter in law also this situation occurs often. Mother in law had more life experiences so she wants never has to go to her next generation in this way so she always contrasts to their sons or daughters to go in this way but, we think that they are wrong or opposing us to go this direction and we can fail here.
Some close friends who are loving you more to you and they want real improvement in your life then they contrast you for your better future.’t-have-to-bother-criticism-self-improvement/

Most example of contrasting is school teacher, some school teachers are very creative in developing their students. They often think that our students must have to learn something new or just have to think out of the box so that they could shine easily and learn creative things. In this list, strict teachers are coming. We often keep in mind the strict teacher who is so strict but loving for the student’s future.

This case happens more in politics. Some politicians are on truth way. They think the future of country so they always contrast to the oppose party who are going against our country. Vise versa some leaders are so selfish that , they want only position and chair so they never contrast , they

are always bowing for their needs to the seniors .

I think contrast is in every field, we never live life without contrast. It must be there without it we can’t progress in our life.
Generally, contrast emotions are running where there is more love. As love binds each other maybe there are so many problems.
In this way, if we will understand the role of contrast emotions in our life then we will never come across any conflict. We can turn it into another creative form.

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How Eye Contact Can Influence On Our Life – Life Experiences

Types of Eye Contacts – Life Skills

Why Did We Get Irritated With Someone’s Eye Contact?

Learn here

What are the types of sensitive eye contacts?

How to understand types of eye contacts?

Did you experienced any danger zone due to poisonous eye contact?

Do you believe eye contact is also a good language of life?

Eye contact

We know that a lot of love stories, family stories have been developed with it.There are so many person whose hate is showing from their eye contacts. Some people’s eye contact is so poisonous that it can spoil the front person’s life. I never forget that events throughout the life. These are my well experienced thoughts which I am sharing. I have an experience of eye contact [poisonous] that experience still I am facing with my life and on my family life too.


We know that, if small baby has been played for a while in front of so many people her mother can remove her ”Nazrana”

Our bride groom when ready to celebrate marriage we keep a small black

spot on his face so that he couldn’t suffer from any poisonous eye contact.

In this way there so many rituals in Indian cultural to remove negative energy via our eye contacts.


I think that our 80% life can understand only through eye contact.

We know that even small infant of age 2 to 3 months can understand 3 rd

person with his eye contact. He/she can watch face but, when enter into the eyes of third person he can understand the real persons. Of them if we

will see with furious eyes to any small baby she /he never come near to us.

So that in India there is a ritual ‘’Najar Utarne’’ or, ‘’Drisht Kadhne’’ with red chilly,mustard seeds and salt .

There are so many types of eye contact which we are experiencing.

That is romantic eye contacts, mother’s special love contact, praising eye contact, surprising eye contact, criminal eye contact , marvellous eye contact, loving , caring, understanding eye contact. full of anger or furious eye contact, We can understand all these things through eye contacts. Even small baby can also understand language of eye contact. So I think, eye contact will became the special branch for study.

If we have a lot of hate for any person we didn’t want to see his face then we never make any eye contact like that person.
We can experience a lot of times loving eye contact with animals like dogs, cats, cows, our all domestic animals.
Sometimes we can experience violent eye contact in the eyes of animals too. Sometimes we can see a lot of anger in the animal’s eye contact too.
Wild animals could catch the prey with their furious eye contact.

CONCLUSION : Eye contact can become the best language. If the person is clean, clear mind and having loving nature like saint we say his eyes are ”Satwik eyes” has a different type of brightness in his eyes. He/she could became genius person in the world.

Generally, Godess and God’s eyes are filled with full of love we are looking it in the images of them .

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How To Know Our All Responsibilities – Self Improvement

In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.” 

― Eleanor Roosevelt “This is your life. You are responsible for it. You will not live forever. Don’t wait.” 

― Natalie Goldberg Responsibility is the word in everyone’s life to complete the task and work in the proper time without proper reason. 

Responsibility means an ability to respond. – Generally, the person who has true understanding and maturity for life can complete his responsibilities. Nowadays so many people are using the word enjoyment instead of responsibility. response to actions means to do a responsibility. So that we cannot be left our so Many tasks, values, and virtues, our culture, our relationships, our country, our nationality, etc. Responsibility never tells don’t do enjoyment, while doing responsibility we have to do enjoyment Responsibility means to keep discipline and trust in our work means what to do and what not to do.

What Are the Facts Of Responsibility * We are not responsible for anyone’s happiness and problem and we can’t interfere in another person’s life?

* Our thoughts, words, actions, should be positive and in harmony. *For our own life’s preference, you are the only responsible person. *Which thoughts and actions we have to choose is our responsibility. *Which way you have chosen that we have to accept. *We can’t give blame others for our preference.

 • Who are you? What are you becoming? and what is happening with you? Is your responsibility. No one is responsible for it.

*We and only we are responsible for our happiness. To get happiness there is no need to depend on anyone.

• To keep attention to our health and emotions is my responsibility. *Avoid giving blame to others. Don’t make anger for them who have not done nice work in the past with you. 

  • As they don’t have sufficient knowledge, maturity, or understanding. 
  •  The person who has given you a lot of pain, anger, unhappiness, etc in the past we have to keep the nice thought for him. 
  • Types Of Responsibility
  • 1] Moral responsibility: To give respect and to take respect is my moral responsibility. To protect my family, my village, my state, my country, my world, and my UNIVERSE In any situation. 
  • Legal Responsibility. There are some rules for Society, politics and for a country we have to run with them, if we feel these are making injustice for our work then we can try to change all these rules.
  • Family Responsibility: To provide all needs, security is our responsibility as a family member to clean home, give love, happiness, peace along material things is everyone’s responsibility. To take care of small kids, children, family members including pensioners is our responsibility.   
  •  Guidance For Responsible Person: I am a responsible person, It is my duty to make an improvement in my work and give courage To me for doing nice work so I am respectful of myself. I am keeping attention myself for my work, not on others. I am ready to avoid misunderstanding and Doubts. What I am doing is nice for me and others.
  •  Every day I am praying to GOD ‘’Hey God give me the power, strength, and courage to do nicely for me and who is around me.’’ 
  •  My Main Personal Responsibility 
  • 1] I have to keep myself physically and mentally strong. 
  • 2] Spread happiness and joy everywhere 
  • 3] To help poor, handicapped and needy persons 
  • 4] To keep relationships strong everywhere without keeping any expectations. 
  • 5] To be aware of spreading values and virtues and to work on it.
  •  6] To keep attention in the environment in which changes are occurring? and what to do with it? 
  •       7]Make efforts that everyone should get their daily needs, education, health facilities.
  • I think myself that, it is my responsibility to share as like post with you as God wishes. It is your responsibility that how much you are giving value with it.
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5 Books Must Be Read In Quarantine- Exit COVID

1] Are you reading in the lock down?

2] Have you read following self -help books?

3] Are you feeling motivated with these books?

4] Can you share your interesting books list here?

5] Do you think that reading books means keeping self discipline

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in the life?

Self Book Must Read In Quarantine: Hi friends, today we are going to a very typical situation. Of them, if we are at home we are safe. But, if we are wandering here and there for any reason then we have to be quarantined. Then where we quarantine didn’t know it may be in any school, in any hospital, In rest house or in any farmhouse. Everywhere we have to deal with our empty minds. Of them, if we will read or listen to horrible news we have a lot of fear to live safe. In this situation what we have to do?
Suppose the person is very sensitive and has nature to catch problems then it is very hard to come out from this situation. So to come outside from these situations we must have to read some self-help books which can help us to keep strong mentally and physically.

Let Us Know Here Which Books Can Make You Strong?

1] Nepolean Hill: Success Through Positive Attitude
This book means the real development of everyone’s life. I have been reached this step in my life due to this book. I have read this book 3 times in my life. Not only read but learned all QUOTES from his book. I have made ‘’PARAYANA’’ of his quotes. Written plenty of times to understand the meaning of each and every Quote. After that, I have decided to write books on Quote and started to collect a lot of quotes and thoughts. In this way, I have collected 1000 Quotes and written books on it.
Then I wonder to publish it in all Maharashtra shops with the help of the phone. At last, I got a Penguin Random House Publishing Company. I have tried to publish this book with that company. They have published my ‘’QUOTATIONS AND STORIES’’ book with no any complaint within a time. When I have heard about another author’s stories of publications. They told me we have spent 50 thousand RS, some are told we have paid 5 Lakh still our book is not published for 2 years but my book has been published in 2 Months. This is the miracle of positive thinking of Nepolean Hill Book.
2] Where The Will There Is Way: I have read so many books of this author before publishing my books. He has given me a strong willing power to live life happily to make progress in life. I had been faced a lot of difficult situations with this book.
3] Personality Development BY Swami Samarth Ramdas: He had given beautiful rules to make life meaningful. He has given so many discipline rules to make life valuable so I have read that book and running with their rules to be happy and stress-free in any situation.
4]How To Win Friends and People – Dell Carnegie
Written in 1937
I have got this book in one seminar. It Tag Line only gives us full of energy to run life. The book really makes a strong difference in everyone’s mind.
5] Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: Again I turned to him I think that he is the main positive energy creator in the universe as well as the creator of rich people. I have written so many articles with the help of his book.
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Story Of Prestigeful Life – Interesting Story

Interesting Story Of Prestigeful Life – Childhood Story

In my city, there was a big a Sam ‘’YAG’.’ In that one famous Guru has been come to give the speech on prestige. I also went there to listen to his speech. In his speech, he narrated his childhood story about his Kirtan. I am keeping this story as it is here.

His Childhood Story

When Guru Gahininath was in the 10th class, his father Dnyeshwar was his ideal person. He always obeys him. Shri Gahininath Maharaj was learning Kirtan. At one place Dnyeshwar Maharaja had to perform kirtan but for some casual reason, he couldn’t go to do kirtan So he decided to send ‘’Gahininath’’ at that place instead of him for his kirtan.
Then Gahininath thought in his mind that ‘’If no one is there to perform kirtan at that place I have to go there.’’ Then he became nervous as he had to go to another state by bus to give kirtan. Then his father had given him one car and a driver with him. So with this happiness, he went to Kirtan. When He Reached there near stop, village people have inaugurated him as he came in a car. He performed his Kirtan as a homework school.


After finishing his kirtan he sat in the car To say by –by to the village’s people. Thinking that ‘’I am the richest and clever person in this world.” see my status’’ On the way, there was coming to a Govt. bus, every passenger was looking to him saying ‘’This is a Gahininath Maharaj ‘’ and they were showing hand to us we were also showing hand to them.


When we were running a car on the road suddenly a car stopped, a driver gets down he checked all car. He couldn’t understand what to do? The driver told him that ‘’ If you will push the car from backside then I will drive it’’ but I told him ‘’we will do the reverse of this’’ he refused and  told ‘’ you will do anywhere accident.’’ So I was pushing the car silently with mumbled words ‘’Hey God what is my real position, please tell me?” He astonished and saw backside there was a bus which went now and coming back with full of passenger and all are looking to him saying that ‘’ Hey Gahininath Maharaj pushing a car’’and laughing themselves. Then he turned his mouth with another direction closing with a handkerchief. A bus had gone long but …….

The moral of this story is ‘’To Get False Prestige We Are Doing Anything’’ What Is Real Prestige We Will See
Prestige is the bubble of water which can live floating for a short time. He can float for a while after some time it will vanish. The same thing happens with a human. When we have a status, position, our prestige is there beyond that there is no…………

Sometimes the man who is chasing to like this prestige will have to suffer many problems, difficulties, etc. Of Which We Have To Keep Prestige If anyone wants to keep prestige then keep prestige to behave not badly, to stop anywhere, to make corruption, to deceive anyone, to do fighting anywhere, to left parents, to left all relationships like a brother, sister and live in aish. If any bad thing is happening in the society then thinking that what should we do? It is not ours. Taking darshan of God without standing in a queue, to sell out valuable vote and keep our country in trouble……..

Nowadays everything became reverse of it, all above qualities Are keeping with us thinking that these are valuable and prestigious and a man has a nice position when he is walking on the road ‘’Oh! see this man is walking on the road very bad’’ these sentences we are listening everywhere but I think that so many men who are walking on the road, standing on the stop are the clean-minded man. They have no any fear, they can’t do any corruption, and they are not building their home with corrupted money The man who addicted to the wrong prestige, he can’t live in the society with an open mind.

Loss Of Wrong Prestige.

1] Wrong prestige can’t give real happiness

2] It creates a spider of complex actions in our life.

3] It keeps the distance between relationships like rich-poor, clever ignorant.

4] Many times it makes bankrupt in our business.

5]Due to wrong prestige man become emotionless, having no sensation

6] Every time it keeps the man in trouble or in  difficult situation

7] So many times we can’t create real happiness in our life.

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How To Search Happiness In Lock down- Happiness

Happiness Beyond Unlimited
Love, devotion and detachment is the main key to happiness. When we are keeping positive thoughts on our words and actions then automatically happiness comes to you.

When we are doing any karma with selfless mind then also automatically happiness sat in the mind for a continuous process.

When we are in a happy mood then we can feel positiveness in every
negative people. Happiness is the sign of stable mind. It can get due to our aims, words and actions with humanity, environment as well as some spiritual work we get it automatically.

When we can keep our needs in control of our budget and we not indulged in any bank’s loan
then also we are living happily with this small budget. As we have keeping values with truth.


The person who is earning money with truth keeping values in his mind, whose thoughts, actions, karma are clean and selfless than that mind makes his karma with enthusiasm and his prayer gives him happiness. Taking and giving has to get the same value of happiness.
We can also get happiness when other persons are in happiness state for ex.: When two
persons are laughing with reason then surrounding persons also laughing without reason.
So many people thinking that collecting a lot of money means happiness.

Some people are doing work or any business for getting happiness. Forex. The job of nursing in the hospital is the best work for patients, in that service they are getting respect for happiness and satisfaction.  Primary teachers get students pure love with respect and so they are automatically living happily. Friendships Success Brings Happiness and Satisfaction.
Many people build big buildings to get happiness and satisfaction, but when another
person build another huge building in front of him then his happiness get reduced for some days.


A student whose relationship with his primary teacher gives inspiration and this inspiration remains long life up to the last state of life.
Any person searches happiness in the environment or in relationship keeping so many
memories with him. So there are a lot of ways to bring happiness then also there is a say that
‘’One reason for happiest people brings unhappiness in another persons’’

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Do You Have Purpose In Your Life- Spiritual Growth

Purpose towards life

Latest education depends on goals of life.  Nowadays everyone is alert to their goals.

There are many types of goals. The family goal,  social goal, personal goal, political goal, economical goal etc. There  is the huge  difference between the purpose of life and  goal setting


let us we will see what is the difference.?

So many people think that purpose of life is the goal. Therefore someone wants to become a professor, someone wants to become an engineer, architecture,  pilot, minister, minister etc.

 they make a plan for it keeps deadline for it. Everyone wants to earn a lot of money in their life. Someone wants to wonder all universe. Someone wants to become a leader of the universe.  So he is trying his best.


Nowadays everyone wants a good career, as carrier gives ambition, status, position etc.

These power demands outside respect. So many people think that carrier is the main identity of a person. So that everyone is doing a lot of effort to get the job & good position in the carrier. Every person thinks that if I will get the good position in my life then I will be happy. So many people think that if I will build a big building, or I will buy a new car, or I will buy a new laptop etc then I will be happy. These achievements give me comfortableness, not happiness. Sometimes if I will buy a new car then my neighborhood will buy another costly nice car then I will become unhappy.

But now I think that I achieved a lot of in my life but I feel vacuum? Why did I feel vacuum? I think that whatever I want I have achieved everything. Then why should I feel vacuum? Why could I not be satisfied? Why I always irritate everyone? Why I create anger, jealousy, hatreds?  etc then I get tired , bored and   then I think that there is not getting me the purpose of my life? What should I have to do to get me my purpose in life?.

When I think inertly and I become calm then I realize who am I? The name, the profession these are mine,

my child, my property generally move

from all the labels but I am a pure soul energy.  I the soul playing so many roles in the relationship, my happiness is not depending on anything or any achievement no attachment, no dependency, no fear just unconditional love, no single thought of worry. Every thoughts and words are in harmony. I am already stable.I am always happy. But when I am in body-conscious I have not attended to my original qualities.

   I the soul means I have some original qualities these are truth, happiness, love, purity, peace, compassion etc I have to focus on it. If I  will work on it more then I will get back more in quantities.


Everyone has these qualities so many people have used these good qualities for good work means for humanity or for using values in their life and became an international leader, for example, Martin Luther King, Mahatma  Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, etc Someone has used all these quantities to destroy human life. Or humanity.etc.

So the purpose of my life is keeping attention on my soul to

doing. Purpose of doing is loving, compassionate, giving peace, stability etc.

 My purpose in life creates an inner power that is an authentic power which cannot lose and no one can take it away. That power is eternal no one can change it no one can take it. This power comes in my life when I become spiritual means when I connect to God. You have purpose of life -Spiritual growth

This purpose gives meaning to our life. Making man strong in any situation. Creates strong bonding in relationships may be lots of accidents happened. Removes our ego, anger, jealousy, stress , making  a man healthy in any situation.

Let me know here ,

1] I think today 90% people are turned to spiritual life. This is the way of spiritual life?           How many are running with this way? Write your answer in comment section.

2] Do you have faith on purpose of life? Have you observed any moments of life with spiritual purpose of life ? Share your moments with me in comment ?

3] Let me know is it the perfect way of spiritual people?

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Watch “How to make green chilly Pickle Thecha at a time” on YouTube Get to know here this pickle recipe. Generally we are using another types of pickle recipes. But, in our state , every farmer eating this pickle with Jowar Roti. It creates tons of saliva in the mouth. If we will see this recipe then also 😁 saliva creates in the mouth. So watch this video and try to make this recipe and share your experiences 😊🌻 with me. Let’s enjoy 😄 green chili pickle recipe.

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Ways To Improve Concentration – Self Improvement

The Power of Focus:

How to Hit Your Business, Personal and Financial Targets with Confidence ? Why did concentration is important in our life?

Concentration is needed to get success in our life and it is the main virtue of life to get success. The people who are keeping concentration in their work or study they are doing good jobs They all are in higher posts but the people who are did not have a concentration in their life are on lower posts.

To whom concentration is needed?.

We know that everyone needs concentration it may be animal also. .When lizard catching her pray she is watching and concentrate on that pray about half an hour and suddenly catch the pray. Our cat also when she is watching rat in the home she/he sat aside for half an hour watching the rat keeping continues concentration on it and when she will get the opportunity she jumps on it. For every business we need concentration. When carpenter cutting the woods he must have to concentrate if he will not concentrate properly what will happen? Similarly potter, painter, singer, Doctor everyone have to keep attention. So attention means concentration. When a mother cooks the food and if she forgot to put salt into the curry what will happen? Means to do best. We should have to keep concentration. Suppose you are talking to any person and if Your shirts button is open then your mind is giving you two types of messages. Which are one is about which subject you are talking and another one if you are feeling uncomfortable.

“I think the one lesson I have learned is that there is no substitute for paying attention [ Diane Sawyer]

 Which things reduce our concentration.? 

1] When you are in multitasking means at one time you are tweeting on twitter, talking on the phone, and sending an email it can’t make you any work better. 

2] It depends on your diet if you are eating food having more spice, tasting sour, having more oil in the food. It makes our mind lazy and we can’t concentrate on our work. 

3] To increase concentration we require necessity. We know that ” Necessity is the mother of invention’’ For ex; suppose you went to see ‘’SAHARA DESERT’’ in summer vacation. You know that there is not getting water to drink. If you lost there after 2 days. What will you do? Are you concentrating on your mind to listen to songs? Or Are you play there video games? Then what will you do? If anyone tells him to concentrate to search your road. Can you concentrate to search the road without drinking water? then what will you drink there? As in the desert, there is not getting water easily. then you can drink your toilet. In this situation, you can’t keep any thoughts in his mind. He will concentrate only how to escape from this situation? Same as this if we are hungry, thirsty we can’t concentrate on our task.

“The only unchanging rules must conscientiously obey is that you must always faithfully and without deviation follow the instructions accompanying the exercises and always keep your mind wholly concentrated on the purpose of the exercises as you perform them.” — Joseph Pilates

Napoleon Hill said the following words about attention: “Controlled attention is the act of coordinating all the faculties of the mind and directing their combined power to a given end. It is an act, which can be achieved only by the strictest sort of self-discipline.

”POWER “Learn to fix your attention on a given subject, at will, for whatever length of time you choose. You will have learned the secret to power and plenty! This is concentration.” 

“Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you don’t want!” Keep Prioritize: If we will not prioritize any activity we are getting confused. We can’t make any decision, we get bored and we never get success in any business. We think that my destiny is like this then we are depending on God, on some people and we are giving some excuses every time we choose excuses. At least one work also we can’t do properly and neatly. In another way if we will give priority to our work and first manage all things with making plan systematically, visualizing it, keeping in memory then we will get automatically the opportunity to create good plans, we can concentrate to do this work and we get 100% success in it. In this way, if we look back at the end of the day we feel fresh about our productivity or on work. It is a great way to visualize see our progress throughout the day, Every morning so many people give their priorities to their works and The people who are not giving the priorities to their work properly fail in their business or at any work.

Making Money Is the Best Way for Concentration In today’s situation for everyone, there is the best subject to keep concentration & that is making money. If you will tell any man or any child that ‘’ In this work, you will get this much amount he will leave everything & concentrate on that work.

Exercise for Concentration. : 

Exercise 1: Fill a small glass full of water, and grasp it by the fingers; put the arm directly in front of you. Now fix the eyes on the glass and try to keep the arm so steady that no movement will be noticeable. Do this first for one moment and then increase it to five. Do the exercise with first one arm and then the other. The purpose of the above exercises is to gain control over the involuntary muscular movement, making your actions entirely voluntary.

 Exercise 2: Concentration on the Inner Journey: Lie down straightly on the floor keeping hands parallel to the body. Watch your muscles with inner sight. Keep your attention on the heartbeat. Do not lose your attention anywhere. Now relax your muscles. Visualize that how the Heart of your body pumping the blood to every part of a body. After little regular practice, you can feel that blood is passing through your system. 

 Exercise 3: Controlling Desires You are sitting for study, and your neighbor watching a cricket match.and you are listening to this match clearly but the next day your neighbor is not giving your math paper…If you cannot control your desire to watch the T. V., you will never get success in the exam.

  Exercise 4: Concentrating on Sleep When we can’t sleep automatically, you can do this experiment. Keep a clear glass of water on the table before sleeping. Sit on the chair in front of it. Watch this water continuously. Think that your nervous becoming calm. After sometime muscles become calm, your nervous system giving an order to every muscle to shut the eyes and sleep.

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Health and Mental Health

How To Live Stress Free – Spiritual Thoughts

Bhagvan Shrikrishana has written in Geeta ”What you have brought when born? Do Karma and don’t keep wish to get success. It can be leave on him ”[GOD] if you want to be satisfied. Always keep in mind that if anything is not written in your destiny with God’s blessing which can’t be getting to you with any power of world, .
The thing which is in your destiny with God’s blessing which can not be taken out from your mind power with God’s blessing . God power can make impossible into possible.
So at last Karmaa is the ”Kamdhenu” and prayer is the ”Parasmani” of life.
In the physical life if you want to be happy ”Always make your comparison with the person who is less from you. ” Means he has everything less. So that you could be happy any time. spiritual-journey/
You know there is a small story . Once upon a time there was a man who was always unhappy by arguing with God . As he didn’t have shoes in his feet. But when he saw the person who didn’t have feet then he become happy and thanked to the God. Praying to the God that ” Hey God, you have given me strong and complete healthy body so your are the kindest God In the world. /why-people-are-turning-to-meaningful-life-self-improvement/
With the spiritual level you have to compare yourself to the person who is ahead of you in spiritually. So that you could became strongest spiritual person in the world.
Never keep hatreds for anyone who maybe have made big mistakes. If you want to be peaceful then keep your attention with your work . For your peace of mind you must have to be work for your mind, not for other persons mind. What is happening in the world is going on with God’s will not your wish or your willing power.
God always keeping all types of events in the balance of 3 periods. Means present,past, future.
Criticism of any person means criticizing to the God. As doing this karma means we are living in the opposition of God. Without any criticism you can become more peaceful.
So many times we didn’t have any problem but what carries my neighbors or my guest have the things is not with me this thinking bringing unhappiness in our life. If our neighbor has a big TV of 1 Lakh and I didn’t have it is giving me more unhappiness.
If we will keep attention to the another person that is ”What is in his control?” With this thinking what you will have also getting to finish. And our past birth sansakar also getting to finish . This karma means our previous birth karma. So that you will have to leave peaceful in any situation./what-is-spiritual-love-spiritual-growth/Please don’t look to your bare foot see the person who didn’t have the feet. When you will do the karma any karma thinking that this is the karma of God then you will never become unhappy in your life.

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Every religion has decided to sin is the bad karma . All religions of the world are attached to the doing karma for humanity. All religions as like Islam, Hindu, Sheekh, Isai, all are created with the wishes of God .When any person is doing any good karma he is getting happiness with full of joy. To reduce the stress of our life we must have to donate to the charity.

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How to live stress free-Spiritual Thoughts  

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Be Not Afraid Overcoming The Fear Of Death – Exit COVID

The struggles of life    

                                We are listening struggle word for so

many years. Everyone decides to struggle for work but no

one wants to do struggle. As struggle gives us lot of

unhappiness, sadness, bad stories etc. So many people if

they are not successes in their field then they are easily going into a depression. and accepting death but here is the solution  Be not afraid overcoming the fear of death?

Nowadays there is a new trend started in the middle-

class family. and that is to accept death as early as possible. In that this Corona virus

entered into the life. But,I think that since CORONA  is started people have understanding

the more value of life. Now people are keeping everything away from them. Means they

are comprising their hobbies, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, journey, getting mix into

the people,emotions etc and only


concentrating  on their lives. How fear of death can change the man?.

People are getting to realize everything properly. If I will be lie will get result be

as it is, If I would be making fraud anywhere will came back in front of me in any form.


Whatever  may be I have done in the past will have to give its account. So that nowadays

people are very relaxed , they are feeling cool, satisfied and I think  they are now ruled to

this habit. Living happy in the lock down. Also  living  so cool that if any patient have

been got anywhere . ”Leave it we are safe, some people are thinking that ”Duniya Jale

Hanuman Bahar ”And the people who are carrying fear are thinking that now everything

is finished. /what-is-spiritual-love-spiritual-growth/

Now so many people are saying that all previous life is coming to live. So many are

feeling its good. Traditional people are thinking that its nice life. No competition, no

comparison. Maybe anyone is too much rich is anything differentiate to me? Now

everyone is thinking that all people are same.

Actually it is carrying Satyug . Means we are away from anger,hatreds, jealousy, greed, comparison , etc. 

Only difference is that new generation is thinking we have a lot of money .We will enjoy our life. Why did we can live a life as like our parents?

parents thinking that we don’t have more money.

we have faced a lot of difficulties but we are free

from stress as we are distributing and sharing our difficulties

to all friends and become easily light. At that time no one

become happy by listening to anyone’s problem.


Everyone tries to understand other person’s problem and be

ready to help others to find the Solution and everyone thinks

that his problem become my problem and my problem become

our problem and our problem become society’s problem. So

they all coming together to solve problems with selfless love,

taking care of each other thinking that they are with us and

this problem is our problem so try to work hard for it etc.

pain of a person

Old people tell that in our period there is not like this

means now you are doing ‘’ every work by hiring the people’

’if any event is there all guests are Working in that, involving in that and so they feel that

all are ours and they can also join us. My mother is always telling

me that ‘’If any event is there we are making food for 500

people at home thinking that the people who are coming to us all are ours.

There is a lot of affection and  loving energy produce in that

atmosphere. That food also becomes tasty to eat.

Nowadays there is also a struggle but this struggle is selfish

means for me only, not for others. Why did I can do work for

others? What are they will give me? What is the benefit they

are giving us? Yes, If I will get anything from them, then I

will do something for them, If I will not getting then why did

I will do it? As we are giving first preference to money, like

this thinking making man separate and after age bar or at any

age everyone is feeling alone.

Everyone is thinking none is with me and so that we have

created distance in relationships, distance in a family, distance

in a neighborhood. Then who will

Think about country and so on……

This type of thinking brings insecurity, loneliness,and  many

people are suffering from mental diseases. To

attend these people no one is there at home. So they think

that We have earn lot of money, a lot of things but still, we are

alone and we have to left everything here and so they are going in depression and accept death easily.

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Spiritual Journey – A Way Of Life


Never mind any doubt about spiritual people’s journey . It is not always regular but changing with the atmosphere. But definitely it is running with inner voice. That journey didn’t know any goal but it gives us good eternal messages in the journey. So spirituality teaches us journey is important not destination.

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Why People Are Turning To Meaningful Life – Self Improvement

Why people want to live meaningful life?

man is living life for getting happiness to the soul. Happiness, purity, peace, honesty are the qualities of soul. Meaningful life carries these qualities in their life. The happiness which is getting from original qualities never get anywhere. It can be run in every moment of life but the person who didn’t know meaningful life couldn’t get easily understand it. The person who is running on soul quantities can catch happiness in any moment. He is always light. Means doesn’t feel any pressure, stress or any tension on his mind.

If any tension created in his life he/she can handle it easily and lightly. No worries of it. In his life never come unhappiness, still it will come he carry it easily thinking that it is the part of my life and he looks happiness in the unhappiness. Looking respect in the insult. Looking love in the hatreds, looking peace in the quarrel or fighting. He/she thinks that , I have to live life with it. So no question of any problem . He/she makes progress of his life in like this situation.

Since so many years we are reading or listening the news on the T V that the son of Kamvali has been passed ISS exam or Daughter of poor farmer became collector etc. Why did it happens? They have the perfect goal but still everyone need happiness in the present moment. They carry some original qualities of souls in daily life lightly and so they get the power to reach their goals. Also they are learning meaningful life in the journey of their success. So meaningful is important in everyone’s life.

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Why people are turning to meaningful life/

Keyword : Meaningful life.

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Why Did We Didn’t Have To Bother Criticism- Self Improvement

What Attitude have to keep for criticism – Criticism

Hi friends criticism is very tough situation in everyone’s life. No one want to hear criticism from another person. For that we are preparing our best life. But, still we have

to face it? Why? Let us check here?

It’s very good question. There are so many types of people who are criticizing us .

1] The person who want improvement in us .

2] The person who are jealous to us .

3] The person who can’t do anything if he want to do so they are criticizing.

4] The people who didn’t have interest in any thing and have getting some my posts as a system rule also criticizing .But, don’t want to lose me.

5] Some people have the habit to critise in any case means if you will do good karma or vise varsa.

Now You are asking me how you are not bothering it?

If our soul knows perfectly how I am ? Which situation I have faced in life? Can any person will do this type of work in place of me? I know that I am the queen of my life,because when I am putting one line here behind that line has the suffering of 25 years. So that these words makes transformation of mind easily. Then automatically my self esteem becomes high. This self esteem gives me power to heal me. /how-to-overcome-jealousy-mental-health/

Now another thing is when any person is on high level he must have to go from all these things. Of them if any person is doing good work he has lots of enemies so there is no need of bothering it. We know that so many politicians, actors, actress, saints, God’s have to go through it then who we are? And if anyone has to reach his destination or goal must have to face all these things. /how-to-become-satisfied-person-in-lock-down-exit-covid/

But, any way I like criticizing person near to me. So that I could make improvement in my work.

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We know that our Saint Tukaram have told that ‘’Nindakache Ghar Asave Shejari’’ If no one is there to point us we will become ‘’HUKUMSHAHA’’ and we will think . I am the right person in the world. No one will challenge me. So always we must have to appreciate criticism , have to study well by which angle it is doing? We must have to say thanks to the person who is showing us our mistakes. Otherwise some people never shows it.

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How To Know Toxins In Our Body – Health


How To Know Toxins In The Body?

Hi friends, we know that our body  is filled with the lot of toxins , unwanted materials, etc .

Which are these we will see here ?

WHAT ARE TOXINS : Toxins are the unwanted , waste material which can be created in our body in our metabolism action. These are created in the process of digestion, blood circulation,  excretion, assimilation, churning etc. Sweat, fart, omitting, bad breath, bad smell of body, germs on the body or hair, Dhekar in Marathi etc are the common toxins of the body. 


If we have eaten waste food that is stale food , raw food, dirty food, which is not digesting properly it can create toxins in the form of fart, omitting, acidity, etc.  It can convert food in to poison. We feel tired, depressed, do not want to do work etc. If we will eat any type of food in the more proportion as you like it , it also create toxins. It may be sour things that raw Mango , Amla, Tamarind, drinking more times tea , coffee, eating more tobaccos, drinking alcohol also  creates more toxins in the body.


depressed, do not want to do work etc. If we will any type of food in the more proportion as you like it , it also create toxins. It may be sour things that raw Mango , Amla, Tamarind, drinking more times tea , coffee, eating more tobacoes  , drinking alcohol also  creates more toxins in the body.

Craze Of Vegan Diet In Youth Generation

CHANGING TIME OF EATING :  This is the main cause of cancer disease or any disease  . As this habit disturb our liver functions and change all types of metabolism. Create more serum, acidity and this is the starting point of any serious disease. It produces a lot of toxins, so that we have urinary infections, skin infections ,etc .

In India there is a habit to eat ”Vidyache Pan” along with so many ingredients in it. As it will remove toxins which are creating in the body along with good digestion. 

Some fruit Juices removes toxins of the body for ex -Orange Juice . health, Mental health

Everyday it is not possible to eat that ”Vidyache Pan” but we can eat ”Badisoap” or cloves,

or cardamom  to remove the feeling of omitting or to make digestion good.

Increases Fungal Infections and Bad Breath :  When we have stored a lot of toxins in our body it can help to the germs to increase in the form of infections as like fungal  or bad breath. Feeling tired , sleepy, are the example of increasing toxins in the body.

SKIN :   Acne , rashness, inflammation are the examples of increasing toxins in the body. Eating more oily food increases these phenomenon.

COMMON HEADACHE :  There are thousands of reasons of increasing headache but of them common headache occurs due to increasing toxins .

EATING OPPOSITE VEGETABLES : Sometimes we didn’t have the knowledge to eat which vegetable with what . If we will eat onion with milk it creates toxins. After drinking tea or coffee some people are eating fried food , or sour drinks, juices  also increase toxins in the body. Today we are reading thousands of articles. They are filled with full of knowledge but if we are using so many of it to remove your problems it will create a lot of toxins along with so many problems in daily life. 

  So be careful while using home remedies.

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Indian vegetarian food

Vrut Recipes – Ashadhi Ekadashi Recipes

Hi friends , Happy Ashadhi Ekadashi. Do you know in India we are celebrating this fasting as a festival. There is a very big fair in Maharashtra . So many abroad travellers also joining in this fair but unfortunately this year with lock down everything has been banned. Even God also have to sit in Lock down.

Anyway whatever may be happen in the universe no one has left rules of eating. It may be fasting or Vrut we need everything up to date for eating.

So I made Vrut Recipes. In the morning I get up late and my hubby has to go at proper time means at 8 o clock. At first I thought that, I couldn’t make anything for tiffin. As we didn’t make any food without bathing.


Still I have made all types of recipes in only 35 minutes .

Let us check the recipes . apple-kheer-recipe-sweet/

Shabudana Khichadi

Shabudana Kheer

Sweet Potatoes slices with Jaggary and ghee

Fried Papudies

Varai Rice.

Curry along with fried green chilly.

Let us check the recipe here

Ashadhi Ekadashi - Vrut recipes
Collection of all vrut recipes, Shabudana Kheer, Shabudana khichadi, curry, varai, fried papdi, sweet potatoes slices, etc

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Indian vegetarian food

Save Puri Recipe -Crispy Recipy

via Save puri recipe -Crispy

Stuffed save puri recipe- Crunchy 

How to make save puri recipe- Crunchy. 

This is the best food to make at home . As so many kids are enjoying it . So many ladies are keeping save and stuff outside the Puri . But, I have inserted it inside the Puri. Let us check how did I have made this recipe? 

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

Cuisine : Indian 

food type : Save Puri Recipe 

Keyword : Save Puri recipe 

Serve for 3


Wheat flour : 250 gm 

salt : 1 tbsp 

chilly powder: 1 tbsp 

turmeric powder: 1/2 tbsp 

 cumin powder: 1 tbsp 

      Dhaniya powder: 1/2 tbsp 

                  Hing : 1 pinch 

 OIL TO FRY : 250 GM 

       save : 200 gm to stuff safe_image (1)save bhaji recipe

METHOD TO MAKE IT :  Take all above ingredients in one big thali. 

                                            : Add salt and above all ingredients to it. Mix it properly. 

                                             ; Now add water and knead it with some oil smooth. 

                                             : Make it smooth by taking oil in the hand . 

                                             : Create some small dough’s of it. Keep aside. 

                                             :  Now roll out it in these small Puri’s . 

                                           : Keep the pan on the gas .Pour oil to it. 

                                           :  Wait to heat the oil. Now slowly pour the Puri’s to it. 

                                           : Fry the Puri’s well and keep aside. 

                                            : Break the Puri’s and fill the save in it along with another ingredients. safe_image (1)save bhaji recipe





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Dal Recipe – Methi ,Mango TastyDal

Methi dal recipe/
Best way of making it.CHHAYAONLINE.COM

via Dal Recipe – Methi ,Mango TastyDal

Methi Dal Recipe _ Tasty Dal 

How to make Dal? – Methi dal  recipe.   

 Time for it  

prep cook total 

5         30      35 min 

A uthor’s name  : Pranita deshpande 

 food type : Dal recipes 

 Cuisine   : Indian 

Keyword : Dal Recipe : Methi, mango, Tasty dal 


Dal  :   1 & 1/2 bowl 

Methi seeds    2 tbsp

mango pieces   1/2 bowl [small]

Jaggary  2 bowls

Oil     1/4 bowl

chilly powder    2 tbsp

pieces of chilly[red]   4 to 5

cumin seeds 1 tbsp

Mustard seeds  1 tbsp

Hing     1 pinch

turmeric powder 1 teas

salt    as your convenience

coriander   2 tbsp [well chopped ]

PROCEDURE FOR IT :  Keep the dal to cook in a small cooker along with turmeric  powder  1 teas oil ,  add some Fenugreek seeds to it.  

                  :   Take 2 to 3 whistles of it &put off the gas . 

                           : Add 2 glass hot water to it . 

                                   : Stir it well , add salt to it . 

  •     ;  keep the pan on the gas, Pour oil to it , add cumin                              seeds,   mustard seeds  and wait to splutter it . 

            :Now add  curry leaves, chilly [red chilly pieces] , red chilly                             powder   , pinch of hing etc .       

              ;  Pour slowly liquid Dal to it . Now add jaggary , coriander to it. 

                      : Boil it for a while.     

INSTRUCTION : Don’t boil more time this Dal. This will reduce the taste of Dal.

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Importance Of Indian Flute Music – [Watch Video]   

Good morning have a peaceful, pleasant, graceful day.Let us enjoy this music.

This music makes our mind cool filling with love. While working if you will listen this music , you didn’t understand how much time you have worked? I think it can increase productivity. In the rainy days suppose think that, rain is coming and everywhere there is a green atmosphere. You are in  a travelling. Enjoying your travelling points, in them this music is running. Along side with you a huge mountains are there .From some mountains a stream of clean water is looking to you in one direction . 

SuddenlyWatch Indian Flute Music/ you are walking  to the another direction and saw there is a big water fall . You   have increased tune of this music . You definitely lost yourself in this music. 

And thinking that what a pleasant surprise you won. You feel that nature have been developed due to music. Music is the best source of life. 

I think who has been stepped first  on the earth. It is only music. God also after that. 

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Navnag Stotra For Kalsarpyoga – Treatment For Corona Virus.

Dear friends, today we have a lot of fear about Corona Virus. Total atmosphere is filled with fear. Everywhere people are worrying about their future and life. Now we have everything still life become very difficult. A lot of scientists, Doctors, are working and making research to overcome it. Finding and making new experiments to get the solutions. Still we know that it is experiment.

Sometimes I feel that, it is spreading due to curse to the universe. To remove this curse we must have to go spiritually. Without spiritual and thought power we can’t do anything.

Corona Virus treatment/
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.comhttp://Navnag Stotra for Kalsarpayoga – Corona Virus Treatment

I have given upside ”Stotra” as a medicine for it. As we know that ”Corona Virus ”is formed due to poison of the snake.And this ”Stotra” is related to the poison of snake. I have read about it. So I thought that it may be one type of solution for it. We perfectly know that when this type of natural calamity comes we have to keep faith on God.

While reciting in the morning , I have realized that ”Corona Virus” is also one type of ”SNAKE POISON YOGA” and here we say ”KALSARPA YOGA” Which can be useful to remove unnecessary toxic thoughts from our life. It works better. I have made experience on it. It can remove lots of toxins from the atmosphere.

Aitani Nav Namani Nagananch Mahatmnam,

Here is that Stotra .Read carefully.

”Anantam Vasuki Shesham Padmanabhmch Kambalam

Shankhpalm Dhrutrashtram Takashkam Kaliyam Tatha

Aitani Navnamani Naganach Mahatamnam

Tasya Vishyabhay Nasti Sarvatra Vijayi Bahvet

Read carefully you will definitely get complete meaning of it.

We know that Doctor also making experiment then why should we not

make experiment.

But , here we must have to surrender in front of God. Recite it with full of devotion and love by keeping complete faith on God. If it will work good

it is better for the universe. If not working nothing will damage you. No any side effects. Then why shall not we could try it ?

Let us check video on it. It must have to recite everyday in the morning and evening.

http://Navnag Stotra For Kalsarpa Yoga-

Let us keep these things with you . Campoor, 2Cloves, Caradamom in the pockt.

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