Salads Why Not To Eat More?- Salad Recipes

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Today we are very conscious regarding health. Now we have the full of information to eat fruits, dry fruits etc. We take this information without thinking and acting on it . But be aware while eating it, how to eat it? When to eat it? Which fruit we have to eat it in which season. 

 Generally speaking avoid eating fruits in the morning before eating anything. Eat fruits or salad after breakfast or lunch  

  We know that today we are getting fruits with chemical applied. We feel very good while looking to them but they are covered with full of dusts, germs and insects. If we will wash the fruits under the tap only with water the germs are remaining as it is on it. So we must have to wash fruits with Potassium Permanganate. Means we have to keep fruits as like apples, Banana’s grapes, Guavas in the potassium permanganate solution for 10 minutes and then you can wash it.  

  Avoid to drink water after eating salad. https://chhayaonline.com/2019/03/22/collection-of-salad-weight-loss-salad-recipes-vegan-cool-recipes/

collection of salads/chhayaonline.com
http://collection of salads/chhayaonline.com

Fruit contains large amount of sucrose, fructose, yeast, etc . If we will drink water after eating salads, it produces gaseous in the stomach.  It can bring full of swelling in the stomach.

Avoid to eat it more: If we think that fruits are very good for the health so we are continuously eating fruits then it can create pain in the stomach.

collections of salads-chhayaonline.com
http://collection of salads /chhayaonline.com

If we will drink water after eating fruits then definitely it will bring invitation to the dysentery. Sometimes makes us unconscious.

We have full of carbon dioxide in our stomach, if we will eat fruits without biting well, bacteria of stomach act on it and creates gaseous , Dhekar , etc .

Some people can’t digest raw fruits or pieces of it. For example small kids or old  people , for these people make juice or cook it in the cooker make its dessert and give to them it will give good effects on them.

Avoid eating cucumber in the morning without eating anything. It can create sneezing; we can suffer from flu or cough and cold. The person who is suffered from sinus never has to be eating cucumber.

Delivery  lady must have to avoid to eat raw  fruits as it creates lot of gaseous in her stomach. Her milk become cold and it can affect to the infant. They will suffer from gaseous, stomach pain or any liver problems. 


Tylers Coffee – A healthy brand

       Tylers Coffee – #Requestedcf8 by Tylers Coffee –Nichevendor .com     

Tyler’s Coffee. :  Do you know today the world is changing fast. If you will observe In the market you will get  coffee shops for each 500 m distance. Now people have changed their total life style.

Today No one is bringing any food or drink item directly watching advertises but, they are checking every products benefits , Is that product is good for health? Is it will show after some days any harmful impact etc.Generally people are buying products via blogging. As they have the perfect and faithful market from blogger. https://chhayaonline.com/2019/10/11/advantageous-disadvantageous-of-coffee-or-tea/

We have plenty of advertising on coffee. Some people attracts easily to the advertise and simply bringing that products. They didn’t think about their benefits and harmful effects. Whatever may be behavior of some people but, we will try to change their behavior and habits with our new products . That is name of it is Taylers coffee  

   Let us we will check how to get this important product ?

    HOW TO BUY IT ? What are its benefits?

   How did it is working for good health? What are its price? quality, quantity etc.

  Get more information here info@nichevendor.com,  hello@nichevendor.com

   Tylers coffee is the healthiest coffee for us due to their trade secret roasting process. Which doesn’t bloom the tannic and lipid acids in the coffee bean. These acids causes lower PH, Damage to the GI track ,Damage to the Tooth enamel ,Upset stomach, Acid re-flux, symptoms, heartburn, indigestion, bloating and a bitter after bite.  

  We are drinking so many types of coffees but we have lots of side effects as like nostalgic feeling, acidity, feel to vomit , etc brings a lot of side effects. If we will drink more times unhealthy coffee some times we couldn’t understand that we become unconscious. This phenomenon couldn’t understand easily in daily life.But I observed it in so many times seriously in so many times . If they will drinking any types of coffee in more proportion. check here different products of this brand . https://tylerscoffees.com/collections/acid-free-coffee/products/regular-ground-12oz-bag

Regular Ground (12oz Bag)/chhayaonline.com
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Decaf Whole Bean (12oz Bag)/chhayaonline.com

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Crispy Chivada – Breakfast Recipes

How to make crispy Chivada recipes – Delicious Chivada

In India Chivada is the delicious , crispy, time pass and entertainment recipes. We have so many entertainment recipes but, have good nutrient value. Only difference to say it ”entertainment” is they can eat anywhere in the home. While watching T V, doing work on the PC , doing any work, while making food , only we need small dish and spoon and small place to keep it. It can give interesting, satisfied feeling while eating it.

it has so many ways to make it , so many are making it by frying srisp Poha . But, I never because I am not preferring to eat more oily food. So I am baking it first and then making , as require less oil and if we will keep it for more days it can’t spoil .Not giving any type of arrogant smell. etc, It can remain for more days . https://chhayaonline.com/2019/11/19/how-to-make-biscuit-cake-without-oven-cake-recipes/

Let us check , how did I have made it?

Time for it

prep cook total

15 min 15 min 30 min

Author’s name: Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine : Marathi

food type : Chivada recipes

Keyword : Chivada Recipes – How to make Crispy Chivada?

serve for 4


Crispy poha : 1/2 kg

sweetcorn Poha :100 gm

green chilly : 2 tbsp [pieces]

cumin powder:1 tbsp

salt: 1 tbsp

sugar:1 tbsp

curry leaves: 5 to 6

mustard seeds:1 tbsp

oil : 150 gm

salt : 1 tbsp

lemon juice: 1/2 tbsp

peanut : 20 gm

gram nut: 20 gm

pieces of coconut: 10 to 15

pinch of hing


1] Take the crispy poha and all ingredients ready .

2] Bake it slowly with the medium gas and keep it aside.

3] Fry the sweet corn Poha in the oil and keep aside.

3] Now take all Ingredients in the big Thali , as like peanuts, green chilly pieces, turmeric powder, sugar, salt, cumin powder, lemon juice, oil , mustard seeds, etc

4] Now keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to it, wait to heat it.

5] Add mustard seeds to it and wait to splutter it .

6] Now add pieces of green chilly, curry leaves, pinch of hing, turmeric powder, peanuts , etc .

7] Stir fry it with medium gas .

8] Now slowly add Crispy Poha to it.

Ingredients for Chivada recipes -chhayaonline.com
http://Ingredients for Chivada Recipes-Chhayaonline.com

INSTRUCTION FOR IT : Bake the crisp with light hand so that it couldn’t be broke down into powder.

Keep flame of gas medium until total recipe prepared.

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Gobi Pulav – Weight Loss- Breakfast Recipes

Gobi Rice Recipe Pulav Recipe

Generally, we are eating all types of rice, everyday we can’t make Pulav and fried rice, etc. We make easily Dal Rice and another Bhojan easily. We know that rice is the favorite food for everyone especially for small kids and children. Without rice they didn’t want to eat anything. Today we have nice utensils as like pressure cooker so that we can cook it easily .So now it become very easy that small children also can cook easily rice.

In my home so many are hating to eat Gobi Subji , so yesterday I decided to make Gobi Pulav for everyone. It is favorite recipe for everyone . It also cook in less time , carry multivitamins with it. Good for digestion . Gives good taste to eat . Let us check here how did I have made Gobi Pulav ?

time for it

prep cook total

15 min 15 min 30 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

cuisine : Indian

food type : Breakfast recipes, Pulav recipe

Keyword : Gobi Pulav -Weight loss – Breakfast Recipes

serve for 4

Ingredients for it

Rice : 300 gm

Gobi : 250 gm

green chilly pieces : 2 tbsp

peanut : 20 gm

gram nut : 20 gm

Cumnin powder : 1 tbsp

OIL : 3 tbsp

mustard seeds : 1 tbsp

salt : 2 tbsp

garam masala : 1 tbsp

paste of coriander and garlic : 1 tbsp

turmeric powder : 1/2 tbsp

lemon juice : as your convenience

Method to make it : Keep the given amount of rice to soak for half an hour.

Take all ingredients ready in a big Thali .

Keep the 1/2 lit water to boil in another container.

Keep small cooker on the gas , pour oil to it ,add mustard seeds wait to splutter it. Add pieces of green chilly, peanut ,gram nut, grated Gobi , etc. Fry it well.

Now add soaked rice to it , fry it well . Add all remaining ingredients to it . As like turmeric powder, paste of green chilly, coriander , gar am masala, salt , lemon juice , sugar etc

Fry it well .

Add hot water to it and keep lid of the cooker tight. Wait for 20 minutes .

After 20 minutes you will get tasty Gobi Pulav .

Instruction for it : Take hot water to make Pulav to get complete delicious taste.

Use fresh vegetables for Pulav https://clnk.in/jZRD

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http://chhayaonline.com -Gobi Pulav- Weight loss – Breakfast recipes
Image may contain: food
http://chhayaonline.com- Gobi Pulav -Weight loss- Breakfast Recipes
Image may contain: food Gobi Pulav - Weight loss- Breakfast Recipes.
http://chhayaonline.com-Gobi Pulav -Weight Loss -Breakfast Recipes
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How To Make Biscuit Cake Without Oven- Cake Recipes


2$ Donation to run our business

Intention behind creating this site is to reach the poor people to help them for food, clothes & health resources. If you are aware for it , read my some posts regarding health and all, save so many lives.

200.00 INR

Welcome here, to check my site for cake recipes. Generally, we know that we are very eager to make recipes. But, we think that, to make cake is a very difficult and hard , time consuming process. So easily we are demanding cakes from stores. But, there are so many ways to make a good , healthy cakes in an easy, in less time with less ingredients.

Today cake food become the king of food . Everyone is loving cake. Sometimes I am feeling that, to make cake and eat cake , can people are celebrating there birthdays so many times in one year? Today no one is empty to keep in the mind the dates of other person’s birthday.So may be people are celebrating their birthday’s 2 or 3 times.  The people who are away from us couldn’t attend that how much time they are celebrating their birthday.

Sometimes my mind is telling me that ”Why couldn’t we will celebrate our birthday 2 or 3 times in a year. It will give more enjoyment, as well as we will enjoy different types of cake recipes. Market will run fast and the person whose birthday is there will get more love from all friends and relatives. All atmosphere will filling with full of enthusiasm . If anyone don’t mind for this we will start to celebrate our birthday 2 or 3 times in 1 year.

Let us check here how did I have made [GOOD DAY ] Biscuit cake in short time with less ingredients.

time for it

prep cook total

10     25        35 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

cuisine : Maharashtra

food type : Cake recipes

Keyword : Biscuit cake without oven [GOODDAY]

Serve for 4

Ingredients  for it

Good day Biscuit: 1 [60 gm]

sugar :   4 tbsp or as your convenience

milk  :  1 cup

Baking soda : 1 tbsp

Bicarbonate soda : 1/2 tbsp

ghee   :  3 tbsp

Method to make it :  Take all ingredients in one Thali .
Make the powder of Biscuits along with sugar in the mixture                                             and  keep aside.
; Take ghee, baking soda, bicarbonate soda, 2 tablespoon milk in                                            the another bowl.
Whisk it for 3 minutes .
Add powder of Biscuit and sugar  in the above bowl .
Add milk to it as your convenience to make mixture as like                                                   a paste.
Keep this mixture to well  set .
Meanwhile take the cooker add salt to it, remove whistle of the                                          cooker and keep it on the gas with the medium flow. Keep it for 5 to 7 min .
Now take the another bowl , spread some ghee to it , or keep butter paper in it, so that cake couldn’t get stick to the bowl. It can remove easily.
Now pour the batter in this bowl .
Keep this bowl slowly in the cooker , keep the lid of cooker tight.
Keep this cooker for 10 minutes with medium gas .
After 10 minutes , remove the cooker lid and slowly take out the                                      bowl of cake .
Your well prepared cake is ready to eat.

No photo description available.
chhayaonline.comIngredients for Biscuit cake 


No photo description available.
Powder of Biscuits to make cake chhayaonline.com

Image may contain: food

                            Cake after preparing in the cooker-chhayaonline.com

Image may contain: food
well prepared Biscuit cake -chhayaonline.com chhayaonline.com

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Why did we are every time hungry- Health

Why did we are every time hungry?

8 Points tells us we are hungry.

   This issue is more important in everyone’s life.  As we know that in 1 home there are 2 brothers but of them 1 has the habit to eat every time and another one is normal. Generally these habits are developing due to insecurity of life.

Or it has so many reasons some are mental and some are physical.

Let us we will check which are the mental.

1] If the person has the fear of death, any disease, or having any pain in the body then he think that if I will eat more, I will become strong and so he continuously started to eat anything.

2] Some people have to do a lot of physical work. They are spending their calories at work but they feel that our work is very difficult so we must have to eat more and due to this thinking they are getting hungrier.

3]   Today some students are suffering from obesity, main reason of it is insecurity towards life, may be quarrels in the parents or May they have suffered from so many difficult situation. Or any diseases in the small age , it can create fear of death in their mind and they are becoming every time hungry.

4] Some people think that building a big and strong body means to impress front person or to create some fearing atmosphere in the surrounding, so they work for it and creates hunger. Or eating junk food every time.

Now we will check physical reason   

1] Diabetes: We know that our country means India is the capital of diabetes. Why did do you know? As Indian people are more worried and are not working on control on their body. So today this disease is getting to increase rapidly. It is also entering in the small age students. In any age it can attack on any person. It has so many reasons as like mental as well as physical.

Mental reason: In student’s life if they are not getting complete marks or they want success in their proper field at that time they are creating pressure, stress, anxiety, worry, etc due to it create unbalance in the hormone and these students are suffering from this disease. When these symptoms are occurring in anyone’s life then automatically he turns to eat more and increases hunger.

2] Bulimia : This is a one kind of eating disorder. In this case patients are eating irregularly . Due to eating more they have the problem of omitting.

3] Worms :  This problem generally, occur in the small age. As small children has the habit to eat a lot of chocolates, biscuits, etc, these types of food produces worms in the stomach. I think nowadays this phenomenon has been lost. But, in our childhood we are suffering from it every time .Maybe we were not eating all above things but I think they may be entered from milk. There length is some time as like 15cm scale. Sometimes it is less. So many toddles were crying loudly while it is coming out side from their body. BENEFITS

  So these ascaris are eating /absorbing your food in your stomach and we need extra food for it. We feel a lot hunger every time.

4] Medicines:  Some medicines increases hunger .These types of problem is called ‘’Hyperfegia’’

Medicines of depressions are creating more hunger.

5] PMS : PMS means prime style syndrome . This type of syndrome creates hunger every time. Along with headache, pain in the stomach, constipation, etc.  ASAFOETIDA

6] Stress. : The person who is in the stress disorder they are also eating every time. They have always desire to eat something. When there is a stress on the brain  it will release corticotrophin hormone. This is the main reason to increase the rate of hunger.

7] More talkative symptoms: Some people has the habit to talk loudly or continuously . Due to talking also create more hunger.

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The Liebster Award

I am very excited to Thanks for the nominee given by PoojaG . I read her award and become inspired with her magical lines. She is all rounder blogger, means she carries, food blog, recipes, life style, general writing along with psychology, poetry, inspiration and positivism. I totally get inspired with this work . Check her blog to get motivation to you. https://lifesfinewhine.com/


Acknowledge the bloggers that had inspired to you and display their names.

Answer 11 questions that blogger have asked to you.

Give random thoughts about you.

Nominee 11 other bloggers and notify them for nominee.

Ask your nominee ‘s 11 questions.

Here are my answers to the questions

What difficulty you are facing in the blogging

The journey of my blogging is very hard . Before knowing how to sign up I have published my book ”QUOTATIONS & STORIES” and started my blogging journey. At that time I didn’t know how to sign up to the channel but started to write article. My article have 60,000- per second result in the google. Everywhere I was top most blogger in the year 2015- 16 but , due to lack of technical and security knowledge my first site has been hacked . Then I have found new site and started to work on it. So would have been faced physically, emotionally, economically problems along with oppose of society.

How did You realized that God is our support?

Since child hood I have the habit to read, spiritual , holy books, listening devotional songs, worshiping God and my father is behaving totally as like saint . So there is no question to keep faith on God . Automatically my life is running on God’s principal. If I would be removed any principal of God from my life .It is very difficult to run my life.

Which is your favorite book / holy book

I like Nepolean Hill ‘s book to get the motivation and to increase the confidence. Along with I love to read ”SHIVLEELAMRUT” in Marathi along with ”DASBODHA” which is totally depend on the life skills and personal development of life. It was written by Samarath Ramdas .

Where are you from ?

I am from India from small village.

What are your favorite hobby?

I like to read on current knowledge or changes happening in the world. Some spiritual books, writing , creative writing, research writing, psychology, spiritual healing, etc, Along with it listening mother tongue songs, old classical music, devotional songs, spiritual music, reciting mantras , making food. etc

Where have you traveled ?

I have been traveled 1/4 Th India . Want to travel abroad.

Are you married? How did you are dealing with family members?

Yes, Having 2 Sons of them one is graduate and 2nd is learning in the college . My family is very traditional family . So I must have to leave my education, business, qualification in the PC .Only I have to keep in mind that I am a house wife to keep balance in the family otherwise it is very difficult to handle all family members.

What was the biggest challenge you have overcome in your life?

Most accepted challenge in my life is my hubby . As he was suffered from Schizophrenia patient and at that time no one known that he was patient after 15 years of marriage it has been realized that he has been patient . Then with spirituality I have overcome it. Now he became normal. This is the main challenge of my life , then I have learned to overcome chain of challenge .

Have you ever had any supernatural experience?

I am always filled with spirit.

What was the best thing happened in your life?

Travelling to the south India and tracking the highest mountain ”GIRNAR” of 30,000 steps in the night.

These are the questions asked by Pooja G . I am giving you answer not as an entertainment but seriously telling about my challenging life. In my life since childhood with every step of life I have a challenge. Then my fear towards any questions have been finished . Didn’t know how did I become fearless and every time fresh. No any worries , no any type of greed , or any type of comparison, there is every event is same to me means happiness, unhappiness, respect, disrespect, my life become totally devotional. Want to live for others , Otherwise what is the difference between us and animals . Sometimes I think that animals also living a life for others then why not we/

My Questions To Her

1] How did you have turned to blogging ?

2] Why did you have interest in psychology?

3] Do you have attraction for India ? Are you interested to visit INDIA this year

4] Do you believe on traditional habits to pray or worshiping God?

5] Do you have any historical knowledge about India?

6] What do you think about learning new language?

7] Are you running any another business along with blogging?

8] How much time you are using internet?

9] Are you open for today’s social media posting?

10] What type of transformation you want in the blogging business?

Here are my nominee

 1] possesshispromises.com

2] https://lifesfinewhine.com/

3] riversidepeace.com

4] amazinggrace.wordpress.com

5] workinprogressblog.co

6] https://ckonfab.com/

7] rachelmankowitz

8] A Sliver of Life

9] Bookish Fame

10] deesplatter.wordpress.com

11] ramasamy59.wordpress.com


History Of Diwali – Happy Diwali

History of Diwali

We   are celebrating Diwali as  our ancestors are celebrating it. This Diwali brings us so many changes in everyone’s life. In India Business man’s New Year is started from Diwali. These changes bring lots of changes in the market. Generally  we will think Diwali is the celebration of marketing. As only this festival brings imports and exports Crores of money. Before starting globalization this festival is celebrating only in India but after globalization it becomes the festival of world. As now changes are happening in the whole world. Whole world is getting inspired with this festival.


Once Upon a Time in  India Prabhu Rama while returning to the Aodhya, people of that city has enlighten some lamps on the road. This is happened in the TRETAYUGA. From that people started to celebrate Diwali in Ayodhya.

Shrikrishana had killed the Demon ‘’Narkasura’’ on the occasion of Diwali. So GOKUL people had been celebrated this happiness with delighting the lamps and started their Diwali.

Goddess Durga had taken the form of Mahakali and killed the Demon . After killing him also her anger had been not getting reducing so Shankar had been touched to her body and she became cool. With this memory in the Diwali we are worshiping Goddess Laxmi.

King BALI had been won  the universe. Due to it, some Goddess become fearful and they had prayed  for the lord Vishnu. By listening this prayer VISHNU become the short ‘’VAMAN’’ and he told to Bali King that, ‘’ I am happy with you, Demand me what you want?’’ and he had given him underground soil and told him that these people will celebrate Diwali with the memories of your life. From that day we are celebrating Diwali as a ”BALIPRADA”

Shikh Guru no. 6 Guru HarGovindSingh Badshah  has been rescued from the prisons of Jahangir  on the occasion of Kartik AMOYASHA. So Shikh people are celebrating Diwali.

Before BC  500 Years Mohanjondado where we have got some sculptures of idols of Goddess . In that they have shown worshiping in the Diwali by enlightens the lamps. This proves that they are celebrating Diwali.

Samarat Vikramditya ‘’Abhishek has been done on the festival of DIWALI . On that  day also people of that village have celebrated DIWALI by lightening the lamps on the road.

Cautil also enlightens the lamps on the day of Diwali . Gold temple of Amritsur also started to build on the day of Diwali. .

Jain religion 24 th Teerthkar Bhagvan Mahaveer has been left his body and from that time ‘’MAHAVEER SAVANT’’ counting of days has been started .That day was Diwali. Swami Ram Teerth  who had taken birth in the Punjab but had left the body on this day while bathing in river Ganga , he pronounced OM and taken the  ‘’SAMADHI ‘’ on the same day.

Maharshi Dayanand  had also taken Samadhi on the same day and  built the society ‘’Arya Samaj’’      

Mogal Badshaha also celebrating Diwali with keeping big Lentil on the big poll.

Mogal king Smarat  Bahadurshaha Jafar celebrating Diwali as a big festival with great happiness.

History of diwali-chhayaonline.com
http://chhayaonline.com-History of Diwali-Happy Diwali
History OF Diwali -chhayaonline.com
http://chhayaonline.com-History of Diwali-Happy Diwali
  History of Diwali -chhayaonline.com
https://chhayaonline.com/ History of Diwali
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Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea

Doctor  Says How Much Coffee Is Useful To Our Health

I think these drinks are how lucky that our [human’s] life is started with these drinks. Really Coffee and tea  are not unhealthy for our life. But,  If we didn’t know it’s proportion how much we have to take it  then these are very harmful to us.

Aliv Ladoo https://chhayaonline.com/2018/07/10/aliv-ladoo-recipes-healthy-recipe/

These drinks contains ‘’Antioxidants’’ .Tea contains flavonoids antioxidant and coffee contains ‘’Chlorogenic acid’’ These are antioxidants which are maintaining balance in the cells health as well as they are increasing immunity power of life.  Along with it they can help to overcome cancer, Alzheimer, heart diseases, so regarding it these drinks are very good to us.

Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /chhayaonline.com
http://Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /chhayaonline.com

Main problem of these drinks is they both are containing sugar. Cafe chino coffee contains cream. The person who is drinking more times coffee and tea  gets more calories. Due to its more calories we can increase our weight. So keeping these points in mind avoid drinking tea or coffee with more sugar, drinking it with less sugar. Or drink it without milk. But we didn’t like it to drink without milk. Some people are drinking it without milk but not getting any taste.

Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /chhayaonline.com
http://Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea/chhayaonline.com

If we will use buffalo’s milk to drink it then it contains more calories as well as fats so we must have to avoid it. You can drink it with cow‘s milk. If cow milk is not available add more water to that milk and make tea or coffee. So that you can control on your increasing weight.


If we will drink tea or coffee without milk it is very healthy for us .As milk contains ‘’Casein ‘’ protein . This protein reduces antioxidants from tea and coffee.

In a whole day we can drink 3 to 4 cup coffee or tea, but do not increase this proportion. Important point to mention here is before sleeping never take any drinks as like tea or coffee. It will create a lot of health problems. If you will observe your self. In any program or in any event if you have taken more times tea or coffee in a day. You can’t sleep at night. You didn’t understand this phenomenon. You only thinking that why did I can’t sleep today. But I have observed this experiment in my life a lot of times. While drinking it we didn’t understand what we are doing wrong with our health but after some time it will definitely shows a lot of problems in our life. So that at night drinking coffee and tea while sleeping is very unhealthy to us.

Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /chhayaonline.com
http://Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /chhayaonline.com

We know that coffee contains ‘’Caffeine ‘’ It gives us good energy to our body but if we will not control on its proportion it definitely creates poison in our body.

Let us check proportion of Caffeine  in the tea  and coffee.

*Black tea  ; 40 to 60 mg Caffeine  per cup

* Green tea : 25 mg /cup

* Espresso Coffee : 80 mg/cup

* Strong drip coffee: 140 mg/cup

*Instant coffee : 2 spoon coffee  60 mg .

Elder person has to drink 300 to 400 mg caffeine  with coffee.

The person who is sensitive to drink coffee he has to take only 100 to 120 mg caffeine .

Teen agers need  100 mg coffee per day and pregnant ladies can drink 200 mg. It may be less but not more.

Disadvantages Of More Drinking  Caffeine

  1] Sleep disorder

  2] Depression

3]   Anxiety

4] Increasing rate of heart beats

5] Increases blood pressure

4] Every time want to go to toilet

5] Pain in head.

How to use coffee to increase beauty of face.   

Instead health, coffee can be using for the purpose of hair and skin. It can keep hair and skin smooth with charming glow. Due to its some minerals’ and antioxidants it gives fresh look to the face and hair.

To look skin attractive we need more antioxidants, we can use coffee as a scrub. If we will make paste of coffee with a drop of water it can open our holes  of skin .

Check here coffee washed face.

Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /chhayaonline.com
http://Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /chhayaonline.com

To give color to the hair coffee is very good drink. To avoid some chemicals for our hair you can use coffee paste to your hair. It will give smooth and attractive look to your hair.

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Health Benefits Of Indian Spices – Mental Health

Benefits of spices -Mental Health

These spices reduces risk of worries , depression.

We   know that if we didn’t have  any spices in the Subji’s we didn’t like to eat it. Not gives any type of taste to it. We feel low and not getting happiness of dinner or meal. So I think that spices are most welcome catalyst in the food. As they helps to secret  enzymes which we feel happy.

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There  are a lot of stories telling importance of spices. Making spice powder is also an art . The cook who can make perfect spices can provide the delicious taste to the food. We must know the proportion of constituents which are using in the spices. Some outside [market] spices gives taste of white soil. Didn’t have good con taints as well as they are mixing some invalid products to  get good profit them . We  didn’t understand it  and by watching advertise we are buying it. But, actually reducing taste of it . Instead if we didn’t have any spice we can make it instantly at home . By taking some garlic flakes , cumin seeds, Dhaniya , It gives  fresh and delicious taste to any subji on the spot.
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have these spices for sell

At first we will check the spice which can keep our mind happy that Cinnamon

chhayaonline.com-these spices reduces risk of worries -depression-mental health

Cinnamon : This is the spice which contains small amount of sugar. This sugar stimulates to our brain. If we have the desire to eat sugar it can reduce it automatically . So it can keep automatically balance of sugar in our body. It can increases memory power along with keeping cool to the brain. This spice is creating mood. We can use it in the lot of Subji’s .

Saffron : This is the herbal product which can make from the flower Crocus Causative. It is using in the Masala milk . It can stimulates to our brain. Increases memory, IQ etc so that we are giving it to the pregnant women to get good positive energy and happiness to her child. It creates hormones of happiness. In ancient time or today also so many people are drinking milk by adding it.

There are a lot of songs regarding this saffron milk for the LORD KRISHANA. As Lord Krishana is always drinking milk with it.

images of safforn-chhayaonline.com
http://chhayaonline.com-These spices reduces risk of worries- depression-mentalhealth

It can work for stress, it removes stress easily.

Cardamom : This is the familiar spice for everyone . Generally we are using it in the Pedha, Basundi, or in so many desserts. It also stimulates our happy hormones. If you will come across to the LORD VENKTESHA You will feel everywhere smell of cardamom in the temple while making Prasad. We feel that we are in the heaven . If we are making any sweets with it in the home also we feel nice smell and it stimulates to our brain and we feel happy. We feel festival or celebration. So that while eating eating masala pan we add Cardamon to it.

Image result for images of cardamom-chhayaonline.com
http://chhayaonline.com-these spices reduces risk of worries and depression/chhayaonline.com
Image result for Image of Ladoo prasad at tirupati temple-chhayaonline.com
https://chhayaonline.com/these spices reduces risk of worries -depression-mental health

tirupati temple front view/chhayaonline.com
http://chhayaonline.com-these spices reduces risk of worries and depression-mental health

Coriander This is the green leaves subji which can stimulates our appetite. If anyone is suffered from thyroid must have to eat coriander or Dhaniya everyday. It can stimulates to our mind and removes our depression. If we will only looking to the green coriander we feel happy. It has plenty of benefits .

Image result for images of coriander
https://chhayaonline.com/these spices reduces risk of worries and depression

Yellow Turmeric : Yellow turmeric is always keeping us happy .So that in India there is a ritual if any married lady enter in your home must have to keep some Yellow powder in her center of eyebrows. As it can stimulates happiness. That lady also feel satisfaction. As well as getting good respect with it.

 Both ladies gets full fill and satisfy with it. Feeling proud that we are some important person.

These Spices Reduces Risk Of Worries, Depression -mental health/chhayaonline.com

http://These Spices Reduces Risk Of Worries, Depression -mental health/chhayaonline.com

This Yellow Turmeric contains Anti emplomatory and Anti oxidants. This yellow Turmeric increases serotonin.

While making food also if we didn’t use any food without Turmeric it feel unhappy by looking to that food .

Image result for images of turmeric
https://chhayaonline.com/ these spices reduces risk of worries, depression-mental health

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Kayword-Mental Health


How to make Chikoo Cookies Without Oven – Cookies Recipes

Chikoo Cookies Recipes -Homemade

Delicious Chikoo Cookies Recipe – Without Oven

Hi friends, there is contest running in the Go To Chef and they need fresh , short monsoon recipe. Now I have a question that how to make monsoon recipe instant ? We know that we have to run with time .Today time is our closer relatives .If we will not love him properly our life is getting disturb. So sometime we need to keep our real relatives away from us. We feel bad but, everything is useless. As time is the winner in this period. He is always giving us challenging life if we will not in his control. Sometime our mind is saying that everything we can understand but, what can we do? May be you are eager to read my content then let us read it. Your time never goes waste here.

I thought just we will try to make cookies without oven . Then I have searched ingredients in my home .I got all ingredients easily . I think that strong willing power can complete our pure wish . So i decided to make it without oven as it is my strong wish .

Now check here how did I have made it ?

Time for it prep :10 min , cook : 20 min, total : 30 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine : British

food type : snacks/cookies

Keyword : Chikoo fruit cookies recipe

serve for 2

Ingredients for it

Chikoo : 3 small size

wheat flour: 1 cup

baking powder:1/2 tbsp

baking soda :1/2 tbsp

sugar powder :50 gm

ghee for whisking -2 tbsp

milk to knead : 1 tbsp

Method for it : Keep the pan on the gas . Add salt to it. And keep it to preheat for 10 minutes before making it.

Take the Chikoo fruits , remove its peel and keep aside.

Now take the ghee, sugar in the bowl to whisk and whisk it continuously for 3 minutes

Now add the Chikoo’s and crush it with wire guaze . Again whisk it with wire guaze.

Now add wheat flour to it and knead it with 1 tbsp of milk .

Knead it completely to become smooth. and shiny.

Now make its small cookies and keep it in the small bowls .

Keep the cookies bowls in to the pan for 20 minutes with tight lid .

After 20 minutes well prepared cookies were ready to eat.

How to make Chikoo Cookies Without Oven  - Cookies Recipes /chhayaonline.com
http://How to make Chikoo Cookies Without Oven – Cookies Recipes /chhayaonline.com
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Health Benefits Of Pure Ghee – Homemade

Krishna Bala Lila: Krishna's Pastimes of Stealing Butter ...
http://Krishna Bala Lila: Krishna’s Pastimes of Stealing Butter … Bhagavatam-katha /chhayaonline.com
How to make pure ghee at home -homemade/chhayaonline.com
http://How to make pure ghee at home -home made

How to make pure ghee? -Healthy

pure butter for pure ghee/chhayaonline.com
http://pure butter for pur ghee/chhayaonline.com

Author : pranita deshpande

food type : pure ghee

keyword: How to make pure ghee at home -homemade

cuisine : India

serve for 2

We know that in India , there are so many stories regarding to prepare pure ghee. Since Krishana’s Bithday we are hearing stories of butter, how Krishana is stealing butter? Why did he likes butter and milk, ghee. I think he has to show health importance of it so he had made lots of stories and songs on butter, milk and Everyone likes butter,  pure ghee but didn’t know how to make it.?

Ghee is the best medicines for so many problems of them nose, eyes, hair fall , waist pain, weakness, rich supplement  for the proteins. We can make plenty of food products from pure ghee. Of them cow ghee is the best medicine for our sensitive organs. It can work as a good medicine for about 200 problems.

  Let us we will see how to make it ?

There is not need of so many ingredients for it .Only require cream of milk means thick curd.

 Ingredients for it

Thick Curd : 1/2 lit

 Let us see how can make it ?

There are a lot of methods to make it , today’s generation is fast generation so for the time I am always making it in the mixture jar.

1] Pour  the thick cream curd in to the mixture jar. 

2]Now move the mixture button and start to rotate the curd without adding water for 2 or 3 minutes.

3] It creates thick collection of  butter.But, we can’t say it is pure butter.

4] Now  add cold water to it . Pure butter is automatically floating on the surface of water. 

5] Now  collect the butter in the water and keep it to wash in the pure water.

6] Butter must have to wash clean as it can remove acidic nature of curd, to become clean, clear and pure butter.

7] Now keep this butter for the melting . Check the activity of melting. While it started to create gray color and spreading khaman smell of it .Off the gas.

8] We have pure ghee .Some black impurities are remaining down side of the ghee .So filter it after getting cool .

9] You will get pure ghee. You can add leaves of basil while melting it to get good smell.

10] Pure ghee can be identify with its smell .It can’t tell orally .Must have to experience it.


1] It can overcome hair fall by applying it with camphoor powder. As well as it can keep your head cool .

2] Gets dark sleep by eating it or by applying it on the head.

3] It can uses to make lots of cosmetics. It can apply on the face to get the nice glow on the face.

4] It contains rich amount of protein so it is using after delivery to maintain blood volume as well as proteins proportion which have been lost in the delivery or any injury or in any accident.

5] If we will eat it with rice at first in the Bhojan it can keep eyes cool.

6] If you have problem of hair fall continuously then pour it in the nostrils everyday while sleeping definitely hair fall problem can be finished.

7] Sometimes we feel that our eye sight has been getting reducing then pour this cow ghee in the nostrills while sleeping.

9] We can make lots of medicines from it as like Chavanprash , Some medicines etc .

10 ]I think it has lot of properties so Krishana always plays with the butter.

http://How to make pure ghee at home -homemade
pure butter for pure ghee /chhayaonline.com /chhayaonline.com
http://pure butter for pure ghee -chhayaonline.com
How to make pure ghee at home - homemade /chhayaonline.com
http://How to make pure ghee at home – homemade/chhayaonline.com

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A Major Health Problems In Our Body – Health Issue

  How body obstacles are dangerous to us –  Health Issues

  Modern world is running on time .Everyone has no time to take breath also. Working of every man become precious .In that sometimes we become so addict to the work that we forget or post pone to work on our body functions as like to  go to the toilet in time , to eat, to sleep, sometimes we are stopping to let go our excretory products . As we  have made plan for the work and to complete this plan in time it become very difficult  so we are ignoring all these things . But if we are made a long time for it , it will create harmful things in our body. We are suffering from danger diseases. The time which have saved for the business must have to waste to maintain our body. If we will not getting success in maintaining it then we have to left our body.
 maintain our body.

Let us discuss which postpone work is harmful to us


If we have stopped the stool and urine. :  If  we will not leave our excretory products in time .Then we have crumbs in our legs. Pain in head. Sometimes  a lot of pain in chest. Feeling low, vomiting comes every time. If we will tried to stop urine it brings irritations on the body, body start to paining , pain in the abdomen, if we will do it continuously it can create kidney stone. 

If we will tried to stop sneezing , eructate  and cough   : If we will stop to sneezing it will make pain in neck. Pain in head, or weakness .Never try  to stop cough  it will create vomiting , or starting to vibrate our heart or chest . Sometimes  more cough brings TB like diseases. Juice

By  stopping hunger, thirsty and sleep  :   Generally our best part of  ignoring any work is hunger . If we have a lot of work may be any person is so much talented or wise he definitely stops his hunger. We can’t stop another work easily but we can work on hunger easily. This is our belief system and so a  lot of time we are working keeping hunger with us.

But it create a lot of  side effects . Let us we will see here which are these?

So many times we forget  to drink water in time  then our throat become shrivel  and can’t speak properly. Creates a lot of heat in the body. Urine infections ,Feeling  lazy, tired etc .

We are purposely postponing hunger but hunger creates negative thoughts in the mind, body pain, feeling tiredand weak. Didn’t want to work in any field, face become   peel . Pain in legs, head and all parts of the body . Sometimes create a lot of stress, anger, anxiety etc.
benefits of ginger

Avoiding sleep  produce  so many effects on our body.  : Loosing memory, getting disturb with our work .Feeling tired, weakness, paleness, not capacity to do  work etc. Pain in body, unaware feeling heavy feeling in the head and eyes.

So these are the important body facts to run it at proper time.  


Malai Pedha [Karanji] Gujiya Recipe – Special Sweets

How to make Gujiya? – Malai Pedha

Gujiya [Karanji] Recipe – Holi Special

This Gujiya is thinking as the ”SHUBH FOOD ” in India. In the marriage, or any celebration or ritual can be celebrated with this recipe. This recipe is the compulsory recipe for every festival and rituals. In my childhood my mother was making ”KHAJA GUJIYA” means these are making from grated wet coconut with Khhoya. It gives very nice taste along with rich feeling. You never imagine hat taste.

When Gujiya are making together with family sounds nice. Everyone is making different shape and giving different ideas. Feeling that some thing is happening new in our family. Some types of food also giving belonging feelings in the group . So that in India every festival is celebrating with it.

Let us try to make it now.

time for it

prep cook total

5 10 15 min

Author’s name- Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine _ Indian

food type – Karanji or Gujiya

keyword _ Malai Pedha Gujiya Recipe – Special sweet

serve for 1


Rava- 15 gm

Malai Pedha _4

oil 3 tbsp

milk 2 tbsp

ghee 1 tbsp

Pumpkin Recipes

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take the Rava in the small Thali, add pinch of salt to it.

: Add 1 tbsp ghee to it and knead with milk .

: Knead it properly and keep aside.

: Now crush the Pedha as like paste and keep a side.

: Make the small dough and keep a side.

: Make small Puri’s , add crushed Pedha to it .

: Apply a drop of milk around the puri and join it completely.

: Now remove the front part of Gujiya with ”Firki”

: Fry the Gujiya in the oil . Show it to the God .

How to make chikoo Paratha

Malai Pedha [Karanji] Gujiya Recipe- Holi Special
http://Gujiya without frying/chhayaonline.com
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Banana Recipes -How To Make Muffins?

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Since last year I was deciding to make Muffins but every time it is getting post pone . I was thinking that it is very hard to make and time consuming . We blogger first think about time and then working on recipe but still competition is there so we must have to make and learn new recipes. So I like blogging business .As how much we will become lazy that much this business gives us power to work . If anyone getting bored to make it, but today keyword is that, then at that time we must have to be work specially. Really this is inspiring, encouraging to the life. Another thing suppose any blogger think that no, I can’t open PC today but he has to see his result in front of him so he must have to work on it.

Whatever may be it but I decided to make ”BANANA MUFFINS ” so I went to the market to bring Banana’s of good quality.

Really I got very nice original organic small size well ripened banana’s

Now I came at home and started to collect ingredients .

Here is the details of banana recipe 


prep cook total 

10 min  20    30 

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

food type : Banana recipes 

Cuisine  : Indian 

serve for  2

keyword :  Banana recipes, How to make banana muffins, Banana recipes Indian 

Banana recipes -How to make banana recipes?

Banana Recipes _Muffins 

Banana Recipes _Indian 


Banana   3 ripened [small size]

All purpose flour or Maida 1 bowl

salt 1 pinch

sugar flour  1 bowl

ghee  2 tbsp

vinegar 2 tbsp

butter 2 tbsp

baking soda   2 tbsp

sodium bi carbonate  1 tbsp

PROCEDURE FOR IT    :  Take the ripened bananas , remove its peel and keep                                                                       aside

                                                   : Take  1  bowl all purpose flour in a thali 

                                                : Keep another ingredients ready that is butter,                                                 vinegar ,  salt,sugar powder, baking soda, soda

                                               : Take banana’s in the cooker tiffin and crush it                                                                     with wire gauze

                                             :  Add crushed banana’s in the Maida ,add 1 tbsp                                  Soya oil to it .

                                              : Stir it by adding some milk to it , stir it continuously 

                                           : Now take another ingredients sugar powder, butter , vinegar,    pinch of salt, baking powder, soda and stir it    continuously . Stir it   as like to make it’s paste .


                                      Add above both mixer in another container and fate it continuously .

Make it smooth as like a paste . Add  this solution to the muffins bowl . 

Keep the pan on the gas , add salt to it and keep these bowls on the salt .

Keep the flame of the  gas  slow and keep lid on it instantly .

: Keep it for   15 minutes by keeping gas flame slow. 

                  PUT  OFF THE GAS & SERVE IT 


Apple Halwa Recipe – Thanks Giving Day

Halwa recipes – Vrut recipes Halwa. 

https://chhayaonline.com/2018/08/30/apple-halwa-recipe-cupcake/Everything is okay with me on the internet but when I am searching for keywords it is difficult for me. How to find a keyword in less time? I think I have to work on a keyword like Chaturthi. 

Whatsapp Status

Food Whatsapp Status

We know that, today we have a big celebration of ”Sankashti Chaturthi”means today everyone is keeping fasting in an Indian home. Today’s Chaturthi is big Chaturthi. Meaning of it Chatur + thi . Chatur means talent and thi means that date.  I think the reason behind to keep fasting on it is maybe to become Chatur. Do you know the story about it? On this day ”Yashoda” mother of Krishna was kept fast for a whole day and at night, she had made some Modak’s to give the Ganesha, But Krishana came there and he has stolen some Modaka’s without knowing his mother. Now Yashoda was scolding on him? Why did you have ate Modaka’s ?There is say for today’s day that if we will see the Moon we have the crime of thieving. If you maybe not stolen anything but people are deciding to you, that you are the big thief.  

So from that day, there is a say that doesn’t watch moon today. Do not worship the moon today.

What is the reason behind worshiping moon today? As I have mentioned above .For Chatur word. Again Chatur word links to our mind and talent .We didn’t know in detail but definitely, we can say that our planets effects on our mind. Moon is the reason behind any person’s unstable mind.  I think to keep mind stable we must have to worship the moon. Even Muslim also keeping or leaving their fasting by watching the moon.

  1. Jyo Kitchen

In the past, so many Sage’s have worshiped for Gajanana. And We think that Gajanana is the God of wisdom and talent. So to emerge our talent and wisdom in a difficult situation to run a life we must have to be Chatur and so keep Chaturthi Vrut.

  1. Radhika’s Reflections

If you will go to the Astronomer he will tell to you if you have more ”Chandrabal” means if your moon is strong in your Patrika you would get more success. or your body remains strong. Everything you will get easier in your life.

Halwa recipe
apple halwa recipe /chhayaonline.com

I have so many stories and experiences regarding Chaturthi and Ganesha.  Once time  at Chaturthi when my 2 kids were so small, they have slept in the hall with their papa. We have an old home of 100 years back. That home was so worst that everyday I have to face a lot of difficulties to maintain it. Its roof was like that we couldn’t consider that it was a roof upside. As every room was filling with water In rainy season everyday I have to remove water from home first and then do another work.  The roof of it was made of wood? That roof was leaking everywhere.On that Chaturthi day  Everyone ate and slept silently in the hall. I had fasting so I was worshiping Ganesha with a clean, clear mind, reciting Mantra in the inside room. I have finished my dinner and came in the hall as it is and I saw there was full of smoke in the hall.Beside it there was the fire in the electricity meter. A lot of irritating smell was coming outside with it.I couldn’t see anything properly. Only getting excited.

  1. Ruchi’s Veg Kitchen

But In this situation also I didn’t afraid, only I pray to Ganesha, woke up to my husband, took of my 2 kids and sat outside. After that what my husband has done I didn’t know. But only I thanks to Ganesha that he saved my family by keeping fast with me. Otherwise, if I would have slept early what will happen to our family? Like this so many events occur in my life when time will come automatically  I will express it in my blog post.

Okay, we shall make Varai Halwa for today. We didn’t eat salt today. Now  see the recipe how did I have made Halwa from  it?

time for it

prep cook total

10       10      20 min

author’s name: Chhaya Kulkarni

Cuisine: Indian

food type: Halwa

keyword: Apple Halwa Recipes, 

serve  for 2


Apple: 1/2

Varai Rava: 1 small bowl

Jaggary: 1/2 bowl [small]

ghee: 1/2 small bowl

cardamom: 4 to 5

almonds: 5 to 6

water  1 + 1/2 glass

donation for the good will

If you are believing that this is the ''Invention for the Chaturthi Vrut '' then please donate for my hardwork & tapshcharya.

500.00 INR

    PROCEDURE  FOR IT :  Take the apple. Wash it with a potassium permangate    solution. As it carries so many germs.

: Cut it into pieces and keep to cook in the pot.

: After cooking remove its peel and crush it with wire gauze or                                                  grate with slicer.

: Meanwhile, keep other ingredients ready in the thali.

: Now bake the Varai Rava with ghee when khaman smell                                                            comes then stop to bake it.

: Crush the cardamom with the help of stone and keep aside.

: Keep the water to boil, add baked Rava to it, add grated apple,                                             jaggary and crushed cardamom to it.

: Add slight food color to it. If you prefer more color you can                                               add it more.

: Now stir it well, your best-prepared APPLE HALWA IS READY TO                                          SERVE.



Halwa recipe
apple halwa recipe /chhayaonline.com


Apple halwa recipe/chhayaonline.com
http://apple halwa recipe/chhayaonline.com

Apple Halwa Recipe -Thanks Giving Day 

 Apple Juice Nutrition

Apple Salad -Thanks giving day 


Best Mango Chutney- Chutney Recipe

  top post on indiblogger/chhayaonline.com
http://top post on indiblogger/chhayaonline.com

How to make mango chutney-Chutney Recipe. 

Chutney  Recipe  – Summer Special

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Hi friends, do you know it’s summer days and everyone wants to eat sour food .in them we like to eat raw mango or the food items which we can make from it ,This  above chutney is giving very nice taste with stale roti or if we will make it in a liquid form it can use to make roll of chapatti for the kids . They can eat it as a good mango sauce and gives them different good, organic taste.

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Really Nice

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Sridhar Dhondale

Certified Buyer

11 Oct, 2017

Let us see how can it make?

time for it

prep cook total

5          5   10 ,min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

  Cuisine    : India 

  food type :  Chutney recipe 

Keyword  : Best mango chutney 


Raw mangoes   4 [small size ] chopped

chilly powder  2 tbsp

            salt  2 tbsp

     skutt     1/2 bowl

cumin     1 tbsp

jaggary      1 tbsp

PROCEDURE  FOR IT: Take the raw mangoes .remove its peel.

: Cut it into small pieces and keep aside Salad Recipe _ Fresh

:  Add  chilly powder, salt, cumin, Skutt, jaggery to it

: Grind it in the mixture  as a  super fine pasteACHAR  

: If you want to make a sauce of it add some water to it.

: Make liquid of it as like sauce and serve it to the kid in a roll                                                         of chapatti.












There are so many ways to make it. Some ladies are making it by adding onion , Some are making it by grating with slicer different type gives different taste. Maybe you go anywhere means in 4 star hotels or in resorts no one can bring particular taste . So taste is always taste . It is 100% original. No one can change it, make it in the same way but not bringing same taste.


Breakfast Recipes-Satvik Poha


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Satvik Poha  dish is famous in Maharashtra. If any guest came suddenly in anyone’s home then 100 % they are telling to their housewives to make Satvik poha

This Satvik poha  is also special for engagement program means when all guests are deciding to arrange marriage  and there is a program of showing daughter to the son , at that time 100% Satvik Poha  is the best dish for everyone.

If we will make it with the special way then it gives a delicious taste. Let us we will see here how today i made it?

time for it

prep cook total

10       10       20

author : chhaya kulkarni

cuisine : Indian

food type : breakfast

serve for 3


Poha : 1/2 kg

2-3 green chillies (slit vertically)

½ tsp mustard seeds

1 tsp coriander powder

1 tsp cumin seeds

2 tsp sugar

1/2 tsp lemon juice

½ tsp turmeric powder

20 gm groundnut seeds

1 tablespoon oil

50 gm coriander (finely chopped)

Salt to taste

Water for soaking poha



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Soak the poha in water for about 2-3 minutes.

Remove water quickly so that poha could not remove their taste.

In the meantime, put some oil in a pan and add some mustard seeds and cumin seeds.

Once the seeds splutter, add slit green chill’s.

Then add the Masalas (turmeric, coriander powder,  and salt. Stir well.)

Add 1/2 tablespoon sugar. Now, add the soaked poha and mix well until each grain gets covered with the masala.

Now add ½ tsp lemon juice and mix thoroughly. Take it off the flame.


IMG_20180306_214715 (1)


  METHOD FOR IT :  Wash quickly poha and keep aside by draining water.
                                   : Keep all ingredients ready .
                                   : Add sugar , salt, lemon juice, cumin powder to it
                                   :  Fry some ingredients in the pan
                                    : Now add Poha in the pan ,
                                  :   Stir it continuously and keep for a while to get the steam
                                 : Serve it with coriander
NOTE : Don’t keep water in the poha , remove it quickly so that it could become free and tasty.



Rava Idali Recipe_Step by step method-Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast recipe : Rava idali 

Breakfast recipe _ How to make Rava Idali?

Time    prep cook total

min            15    30      45

Author’s name : Asha Digge

food type : Idali Recipe 



Rava  1/2 kg

tomato  1 chopped

coriander 2 tbsp

chilly powder   1tbsp

salt   2 tbsp

baking soda 1 tbsp

Eno  1/2 pocket

oil   2 tbsp

Mustard seeds 1 tbsp

cumin 1 tbsp

hing 1 pinch

sugar 1 pinch

Fenugreek seeds 1 teaspoon

PROCEDURE  Take a middle size pan, pour oil in it, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds,curry leaves, chopped tomato etc, fry it well. Now add Rava in it fry it well, Put off the gas and keep it aside to cool. After cooling add baking soda, ENO, Fenugreek seeds, sugar and stir it well, now add slowly water and keep it as it is to make  Rava Idli for 1/2 an hour. After half an hour see the fermentation procedure has been made otherwise keep it again to soak. 

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  •     Now your Idli flour is ready to make idli, Take an idli pot, spread some oil to the bowls of it and pour a small amount of soaked flour into it. Keep it in the cooker, Keep the cover and wait to get steam, give 10 minutes step, wait to cool it and after some time your Idlis are ready to eat, We can eat it without chutney also, but if you want to eat it with chutney you can make coconut chutney with it.
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  •    NOTE * Sugar and  Fenugreek seeds make fermentation easily.  %


unnamed (22)


keeping it for cook
KEEPING TO COOK/chhayaonline.com


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Idali recipes _ Light breakfast 

Breakfast recipes _ Rava idali 

Breakfast Recipes _ How to make Rava idali?https://chhayaonline.com/2018/02/08/idali-recipe-step-by-step-method/

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Green Leafy Vegetables _ Cabbage Subji?


In the morning we have a lot of rush. Everyone is busy with their own work. How to do all tasks in timing is the main responsibility of everyone. I have a big responsibility of making tiffin of my husband. As he is going to the office completely at 8 o clock. Here a lot of cold atmospheres is there. Means to make food in time is very difficult to work for me. So I am searching how can I make easy, fast and quickly food in short time. The main important thing for foodies is to make subji . In subji, there are lots of subji which can make but to cook it require lots of time so generally, I am using leafy vegetables to make it ,as to cut it, requires less time as well as to make it ,also very less time and it is good for our health as well as to digest also easily.


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It has lots of vitamins, salts like potassium, etc. Therefore I decided to make instantly this subji.

time prep cook

5         10       15


Cabbage: 1/4 kg

green chilly: 5 to 6

oil: 2 tbsp

mustard seeds: 1 tbsp

cumin’s: 1 tbsp

skutt: 2 tbsp

salt: as your convenience

chilly powder: 1 tbsp

curry leaves: 5 to 6

Hing: 1 pinch

turmeric powder: 1 teas

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Take the cabbage and green chilly

: grate it into small pieces with the slicer having a big hole.

IMG_20180125_065536 (1)

: Pour oil into the pan

: Add cumin and mustard seeds in it,


: Wait to splutter it.

: Add green chilly and saute it well

: Add turmeric powder and pinch of Hing in it.

: Add grated cabbage and saute it well.


: chilly powder, salt, Skutt and stir it well.

: Keep cover on it, to get the steam

: Simple tasty cabbage subji is ready to eat it now.



METHOD TO MAKE IT  :  Buy fresh cabbage from the market, if it is   grown in your own garden or farm then it is                                                           good for us.

:  Cut it with slicer

: Wash it with clean water

: Pour oil into the pan

: Add cumin, mustard seeds,  wait to splutter it.

: Add green chilly, cabbage,  saute it well.

: Add all ingredients and stir it well.

: Keep the lid on it to get well steam.


Mixed Vegetable Soup-Soup Recips

Mixed vegetable soup 

http://Home made mixed vegetable soup – Kids Recipe

Today’s generation has lots of things to eat so they want every day some new things.Generally, so many kids avoid eating vegetables or regular soups like tomato soup or another any types of soup. We must have to feed them good nutrient value food having all vitamins, minerals, salts and rich in iron so I decided to make this mixed vegetable soup.



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time for it

prep cook total

10        20       30 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge 

  Cuisine   Indian 

 food type   : DRINK RECIPES [SOUP] 



pumpkin   20 gm

mutter   10 gm

tomato  1 [chopped]

coriander  2 tbsp

carrot    2 to 3 middle size

garlic flakes  2 to 3

oil   2 tbsp

cumin seeds  1 tbsp

cumin powder  1 tbsp

Hing   1 pinch

ginger  1 teas [grated ]

jaggary  1 tbsp

ajawine 1 tbsp

salt   as your convenience


*Take ready given vegetables. Remove the peel of some vegetables.

* Make pieces of pumpkin, carrot, etc-healthy/

* Keep it in the cooker tiffin to cook or keep it in another pot to cook

* Wait to cool it. Remove its water in another container.


cooked vegetables


Removing water from cooked vegetables

Add ginger, coriander, hing, salt jaggary, cumin powder, ajawain etc .

* Mix it well  and grind it in the mixture

* Now keep the pan on the gas, pour ghee into it, add cumin’s wait to splutter.

*  Add water to the pan slowly wait to boil it .

* Now pour all ground mixture into the pan slowly.

IMG_20180103_163353 (1)
Added ingredients

*  Boil it for a while and serve it in the dishes.

prepared  soup/chhayaonline.com

This soup is making for small kids as well as old people who are getting bored to eat vegetables every day and they should have a different taste also. It can increase the taste of our mouth as well as feel calm after drinking it.

Very Very nice just try to make it now.


Green Palak Soup With Coriander and Ajawain

  •     Green palak  1 bowl chopped
  •     coriander  1/2 bowl chopped
  •        ginger  1 small piece
  •        salt     as your convenience
  •      Jaggary   10 gm
  •    lemon juice   1 big lemon
  •      green chilly    1
  •    ajawine  1 tbsp
  •    cumin powder    1 tbsp


PROCEDURE   * Take all material in a  small pot. Add 1 bowl water in it. Boil it for a while.

Crush it with the small crusher.Add lemon juice to it.  Filter it with the clean sieve. Serve it before dinner or lunch.

Mixed vegetable soup 

Healthy soup -Chhayaonline.com 

How to make Soup?-Mixed vegetable https://chhayaonline.com/2018/01/08/mixed-vegetable-soup/

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Gajar Halwa Recipe -Winter Special

How to make Gajar Halwa?- Recipe

 Gajart Halwa _ Winter special

  Author’s name :Pranita deshpande

Cuisine  :Indian

food type  : Gajar Halwa

Keyword : Gajar Halwa Recipe , Gajar Halwa 

serve for 3

time for it

prep cook total

10      20      30


carrots * 1/2 kg

channa  * 1 bowl

sugar *  1 bowl

ghee  * 1 tbsp

cardamom  powder*  1 teas

cashew nut powder   1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE  *  Bring fresh, red colors, sweet and big size carrots  from the market   

* Wash it with fresh tap water and keep aside.

* Make ready all ingredients near to gas.

* grate the carrots with big hole slicer. Keep aside

* Now take a big pan , keep on the gas.

* Pour the ghee in it, wait to heat it

*  Add grated carrot to it, stir it well with full gas.Keep the lid for a                                                while on it, remove it and keep a lid aside

* Now make the flame slow and add channa into the carrot, add sugar,                                                cashew nut powder etc  and stir it well

* Now keep the flame of gas full and stir it continuously. Wait to

condense it properly .now serve it as it is.

TIPS FOR IT *  We know that winter season is building body season. It provides cold air to our body so to keep the body warm we need healthy and nutrient food .this item provides lots of proteins, vitamins, hemoglobin, etc. So to build body strong eat this food.


:  Take fresh carrots, wash it with clean water.

:  Remove peel from it and grate it with big hole slice and keep aside

:  Keep all ingredients ready

: Pour the ghee into  the pan, add grated carrot to it, stir it well

: Keep the lid on it for a while. Best Detox Foods to clean your Body -  Health- Mumbai Square

: Remove the lid and add sugar, channa, cardamom powder, cream of milk etc.

: Again stir it well to get the good color and change its total appearance.

: Colors of some photo is faint as the steam of it came on the camera.

Images for it gajar


 to it/chhayaonline.com
http://adding ingredients in Gajar Halwa/chhayaonline.com

ll prepared Halwa/chhayaonline.com
http://well prepared Gajar Halwa/chhayaonline.com


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Mixed Vegetable Rice Pulav – Left Over Recipe

We have some ritual in last week at home so some Subji’s are left. Some are leafy vegetables, some are masala Subji’s. But it was so tasty that smell of that food was spreading throughout the room. Then I have idea for it .First i have thought that, If I would be made Parathe of it no one is eating in my home , So I thought why not I would try to make mixed vegetable salad from it. May be it have to collect so more ingredients but , it definitely will become more tasty. This is the best option to the so many families that they can also make this experiment to get good taste. Tags:breakfast Crispy Chivada – Breakfast RecipesEditCrispy Chivada – Breakfast Recipes

Generally , sometimes I was making Khichadi from it, but this time I decided to make Pulav from it. In so many families I have seen that after any program, event or festival so many ladies are throwing these Subji’s or eating it to the animals as like dogs, cow’s are pigs , sometimes these animals are also not eating these Subji’s and these Subji’s are getting to waste. In this way in our country lot of food is getting to waste. If we will make Pulav of it , it can ramain good for 2 days and never change its taste .Otherwise it will give delicious taste if we will make it in this way .  Gobi PulavGobiriceweight loss

So check here how did I have made this PULAV delicious .

Time for it

prep cook total

20 25 45 min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

food type : Pulav recipes

cuisine : INDIA

serve for 4


rice: 300 gm

left over subji : as your convience

garam masala :1 tbsp

paste of green chilly, coriander: 2 tbsp

onion : 1 [chopped]

green chilly pieces : 2 tbsp

cumin powder : 1 tbsp

turmeric powder: 1 tbsp

mustard seeds: 1 tbsp

oil : 1/2 tbsp

peanut: 20 gm

gram nut : 20 gm

curry leaves: 6 to 7

pinch of hing

salt : as your convenience

 mixed vegetablepulav rice -left over recipe /chhayaonline.com
http://mixed vegetable rice pulav- left over recipe /chhayaonline.com

METHOD TO MAKE IT : Keep the rice before making it for 1/2 an hour.

: Keep all ingredients ready as like chopped onion, paste of garlic, green chilly, coriander etc.

; Keep the tiffin of masala with you .

; On another gas keep the water to boil .

: Now keep that gas flame slow.

: Start another gas burner and keep the small cooker on it.

: Pour the oil to it, wait to heat it , now add mustard seeds and watch its spluttering , now add green chilly, paste of garlic coriander, peanuts, gram nuts , green chilly, pinch of hing and stir fry it .

Now add left over Subji’s to it and again stir fry it.

: Now remove water from the soaked rice.

: Add this rice to the cooker, stir fry it well.

: Now add remaining all ingredients to it and again stir it well .

: Now pour hot water to it , stir it and keep the lid of cooker tight .

: Keep it to get 2 to 3 whistles ,


INSTRUCTIONS FOR IT : Take the quantity of ingredient as your convenience

Keep flame of the gas medium still complete cook .

Mixed Vegetable Rice Pulav - Left Over Recipe/chhayaonline.com
http://Mixed Vegetable Rice Pulav – Left Over Recipe/chhayaonline.comhttp://Mixed Vegetable Rice Pulav – Left Over Recipe/chhayaonline.com
Mixed vegetable pulav icce leftoverrecipe/chhayaonline.com
http://friedvegetable pulav-left over recipe/chhayaonline.com
Fried vegetable pulav-left over recipe/chhayaonline.com
http://Fried vegetable pulav- Left over recipe/chhayaonline.com


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Apple Kheer Recipe -Sweet

Making Kheer is my passion , of them if we have fasting I am searching to make new type of desserts which can run for fast. Yesterday we have Tuesday fasting means nothing to eat . No salt should have to taste. Only eat fasting sweets and fruit juices or fruits.

Then I have orange juice at 3 .00 PM .Still feeling very anxious then I have searched which fruits we have .I got apples and I decided to make apple Kheer.

Generally so many people are keeping fast and eating Poha, Upma, or so many breakfast food and telling to the kids we have fasting . When younger son was in the 3 RD class he was telling me every Saturday . Aai today I want to catch Saturday, Ok , but,why ? I am asking him . Then he told our elder uncle is keeping fasting and eating everything . Then I am also want to keep fast.

In India how did people will treat to spirituality didn’t know. I think 75% people didn’t know what is mean by spirituality? Why did we have to keep fasting,? What is the reason behind keeping fast or to celebrate any ritual or festival?

Any way we will discuss these points in other post.

Let us check how did I have made apple kheer ?

time for it

prep cook total

5 15 20 min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine : India

food type : Kheer ,Dessert

Keyword : Apple kheer recipe , sweet

serve for 4

Ingredients for it >

Apple : 1

almond : 4 to 5

cashew nut : 4 to 5

caradamon : 1 teas

Milk masala :1 teas

Malai pedha : 2

Milk : 1/2 lit

ghee for frying : 2 tbsp

sugar : 50 gm

PROCEDURE TO MAKE IT : Take 1 apple .Wash it with clean water.

: Cut it into square shapes and fry it in the ghee.

: Stir fry it till red color appears and keep it to cool .

: Now take all another ingredients into the small

thali .

: Make small pieces of almond, cashew nuts.

: Keep the milk to boil , add sugar to it. Keep it for a while to become cool .

After a while add all ingredients to it, that is fried apple, cardamon powder, pieces of dry fruits, , etc .Serve it as it is.

Where do i vote.

Give your voting /rating to this recipe upside

IIngredients before making apple kheer -chhayaonline.com
http://chhayaonline.com- Ingredients before making apple Kheer
Image may contain: one or more people/boiling milk for kheer/chhayaonline.com
http://chhayaonline.com-boiling milk for kheer
Image may contain: food

http://chhayaonline.com- After frying apple pieces

After adding ingredients apple kheer-chhayaonline.com
http://chhayaonline.com-After adding ingredients apple kheer recipe .

apple kheer recipe-chhayaonline.com
http://chhayaonline.com-apple kheer recipe-sweets
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How To Make Kavat Chutney -Chutney Recipe [Marathi]

How  To Make Kavat Chutney ? –Chutney Recipe

   Chutney Recipe –  Delicious Recipe.

   We are doing Mahalaxmi Pujan  for that  there is  a say  that ‘’Kavat’’   fruit  is  favorite food of Laxmi . So we  definitely bringing it from market. We are bringing this fruit only for this celebration after that  here it is not getting in the market and I think no one knows  what to do with this fruit.  Salad Recipe _ Fresh

   This fruit is slight different from another fruit means it is neither sweet nor sour having  different taste . Means slight sour, slight alum taste. But if we will make chutney of it with my method you never have been forget taste of it.  Some ladies are making JAM of it . This is also giving new taste. As like pickle . ACHAR  


Generally we are getting bored by eating same types of chutney’s . That is tomato, onion, green chilly, peanut, coconut, coriander, garlic, curry leaves etc but we didn’t make this chutney often.


We can eat it  with chapatti, Roti, bread, or we can make sauce of it by adding water to it. It gives complete taste. Means, delicious, yummy, tasty, etc . We want to eat it as it is means without Roti, chapatti , etc .

Let us check here how did I have made it?

Time for it prep cook total

                     15      10     25min

Author’s name : Pranita  deshpande

 Cuisine : Indian

Food type : Kavat  Chutney

Keyword : Kavat Chutney Recipe.

Serve for 4

I   want to clear this word serve for  as I have the habit that if any new item I have made want to share it .It may be less  to us but I am distributing it to the others. Then automatically my sharing become for more persons.May be I have made it for my family or serve for 4.

Just now sister in law came I told her do you like this chutney? She demanded it I gave it from that to them that is my mother in law and my sister in law. This question is not for this food item but for every food item. I didn’t want to eat any new food without sharing to anyone.  

Ok let it be we will see recipe and ingredients for it .

Ingredients for it

Kavat fruit : 1

Peanut[baked] : 100  gm

Jaggary : 50 gm

Red chilly powder :  3 tbsp

Salt :   2 tbasp

Cumin seeds : 2 tbsp

Oil  :  1 tbsp

 PROCEDURE FOR IT  :   1]First brake the fruit I to 2 parts .

                                           2]Now  remove inside all material in the dish with spoon.

                                            3]Clean the bowl of that fruit .

                                             4]Bake it with spoon of oil .

                                           5]Take the all ingredients ready in the another dish .

                                            6] That is  baked peanut, red Chilly powder, salt, cumin seed, Jaggary, etc                                             7]Add all  ingredients in the mixture jar .

                                           8 Add baked Kavat to it .

                                         9]Now grind it in the mixture jar . Serve it with Roti or chapati. We can also Frozen it for some days.

                                         10]Now check the taste  and serve it with Roti or chapatti. https://chhayaonline.com/2018/04/12/best-mango-chutney-chutney-recipe/

Image may contain: food/ Kavat chutney-chhayaonline.com
http://chhayaonline.com-How to make Kavat chutney-chutney recipe
Image may contain: food
http://chhayaonline.com-How to make Kavat chutney- Chutney recipe
Image may contain: food
http://chhayaonline.com- how to make KavatChutney Recipe- Chutney Recipe
Image may contain: food Kavat chutney recipe -chhayaonline.com
http://chhayaonline.com-how to make Kavat chutney- chutney recipe

Method to make it :  Break the Kavat in to 2 parts

                                      Remove its inside part .

                                     Bake it with oil

                                    Add  ingredients to it .

                                  Grind it in the mixture.  

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Green Chilly Chutney Recipe – Blogging Journey – Chutney Recipe

Chutney Recipe _Green Chilly with Tomato

Posted by DPRANITA583 on AUGUST 4, 2018EDIT

Chutney Recipe _Green Chilly with tomato from r/food

This chutney can use for 10 to 15 dishes. As like along with Roti, chapati, idali, Dosa,dhapate, Appe, Uttapa, thalepit, Puri’s khamang Puri’s, etc 

IndiBlogger - The Indian Blogger Community

 #I am an indiblogger

Every day there is a big question for a food blogger, that what item we have to publish today? There is a huge competition.So many are making new items.But life is filled with full of problems and difficulties in them sometimes we didn’t have the grocery which food we want to make . Sometimes if there is a full grocery at home with full of vegetables and fruits but we have no time to see them. This controversy we have to face every time.I think so many bloggers are going in this difficulty. So many times we are deciding to publish this recipe but suddenly we must have to change this plan and that recipe remains as it is to publish.

We have to face internet problems, so many technical problems, maybe financial problems, family problems, health problems and then we have to run this blogging business.

Really I am loving blogging as it is teaching a real life, how to face problems in a quiet way? How to live life happily in a difficult situation? Sometimes how to be happy by interacting with others.Getting tremendous happiness when we are getting a good compliment from another blogger. Really when I am thinking about this business. 100 % I realize that no one is fulfilled person in this world but blogger is 100 % fulfill person in the world. Blogger understands the meaning of life. What is the full f illness in the life? How to react with relatives? How to face problems of a profession? Also giving happiness on each step. Sometimes we maybe frustrate but through it are becoming the strong person.

Do you know in India if anyone has any problems in the life then our Saints or Guru says read this holy book your problem will finish? But, to the next generation, some people will tell start blogging business everything will be okay in life. It’s my observation for blogging business what is your observation? Share with me in a  comment section. 

You maybe tell this lady is mad.This is her food blog and telling the importance of blogging here. Today I want to make cookies some grocery is there some is not there now there is no time to bring immediately. Then I changed my food item and decide to make special chutney as my blog is special for chutney. 

Let it be we shall start Chutney Recipe

time for it

prep cook total

5          2        10 min

author’s name  Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine :  Indian

food type :   chutney

Keyword :  Chutney recipe , Green chilly chutney recipe, 

serve for  3


Green chilly  6 to 7

green tomato 4 of middle size

peanut  2 tbsp

coriander  2 tbsp

salt   1 tbsp

sugar  1 tbsp

hing    1 pinch

turmeric powder  1 teas

cumin’s   1 tbsp

    oil   2 tab

PROCEDURE  FOR IT :   Take the green chilly, tomatoes, peanut, coriander in a thali.

green chilly chutney with green tomatoes

:  Keep it in the pot to get steam, pour oil to it.

:  Add half cup hot water to it and give steam for 5 minutes.

:  Wait to cool, now take it in the mixture pot.

green chilly chutney with green tomatoes

:  Add remaining ingredients salt, cumin’s, garlic flakes, sugar, the pinch of hing, turmeric powder etc.

: Grind it in the mixture. Keep it in the bowl.

:  This chutney not gives us irritations, it can eat with Roti,   chapati, Idli Uttapa, etc

images for it    https://www.facebook.com/kcm1967  click on this link to know it.

green chilly chutney


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Pumpkin Cookies Recipe – Diwali Recipe

How To Make Pumpkin Recipe ? -Cookies Recipe

Pumpkin is the best fruit vegetable to make so many recipes. We are making some namkeen recipes as well as some sweet recipes. Some people likes its paratha,Puri’s , cookies, in our family we are eating it as it is, by boiling it in the cooker making it as like fruits lad for fasting.

Any way this pumpkin is very famous in the world . If we will search food products of pumpkin you will get plenty of food items of them, cookies is very famous food item in the world. To get good recipes
WeWork smartly for it.

Pumpkin is necessary fibrous food for health. It can work for digestion . Has more nutrient value with multivitamins and minerals.

Let us check how did I have made these pumpkin cookies?

We are bringing Pumpkin in the Navratri for the fasting . It can remain good for 1 month. I have half Pumpkin in the fridge and I decided to make its cookies .

Author : Pranita Deshpande

cuisine : Indian

food type :Cookies recipes.

keyword : Pumpkin cookies recipes- Diwali Recipes

serve for 2

Ingredients for it

Pumpkin : 250 kg pieces

wheat flour :250 kg

baking soda : 1/2 tbsp

Baking powder: 1 tbsp

ghee : 2 tbsp

Cream butter : 50 ml

milk : 1/2 cup for kneading

sugar: 100 gm

Recipe To Make It : Take the Pumpkin .Make the pieces of it .

Remove peel of it . Keep it to boil in the cooker.

: Add 1/2 water while boiling and spread some ghee on it .

: It can boil smooth and gives delicious taste .

: Now take the cream butter, sugar, baking soda, baking powder in the other bowl , fate it with wire guaze continuously .

: . Crush the boiled Pumpkin in the cooker tiffin . Add this crushed pumpkin to the fated material. Mix it properly .

Now add wheat flour to it , knead it with milk . Knead it smooth and make small doughs of it .

Keep it, in the cookies tray . Set the oven for 180 degree before making the cookies . Now keep the tray in the oven for 20 minutes .

After 10 minutes check the cookies.

Get Ingredients here/chhayaonline.com
http://Ingredients for cookies recipes/chhayaonline.com
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Pumpkin cookies recipes/chhayaonline.comImage may contain: food
http://Pumpkin cookies recipes/chhayaonline.com


Health Benefits Of Cumin Seed Water – Health

Is Cumin Water Good For health?

How To Prepare Cumin Water?

Healthy   Drink  -Cumin seed drink

    Today people are very health conscious of them there are lots of posts and information regarding health. Sometimes some people get confused and using any types of drink or medicines .Instead of getting cure or reducing problems, problems are getting increase.

   Simple example of it I will tell you. Suddenly my brother in law has been suffered from diabetes before 10 years  After  that she had a lot of fear that now I have to be careful and having worry about it why did I am getting suffered? First we have shown her to good doctor. He  started correct treatment , given good medicines etc, now her work is to take medicines regularly and accept as it is that I have diabetes but instead of accepting  it she started to taking juice of any leaves thinking that I must have to finish this disease. How it is possible? Still she had taken a large amount of bitter guard juice for it as someone has told her. After some time she started loose motions. These lose motions increased so much that she has to be admitting immediately in the hospital.

  Sometimes nature or our present karma or past karma gives us some punishment but, instead we accepting it as it is we are thinking that I must have to be get rid from it. It is never possible we must have to be accepting some nature’s rules then we have to work on it. After some time it will automatically getting vanished. Nowadays there are millions of posts on healthy drinks but we must have to be understood that which juice or medicine is good for me? Can it will make my health complete? How much I have to take it? If someone told that this juice is very good for your life then can you are taking only juice for long life.

Keep these points with you how can I use medicines /remedies /fruits, vegetables/ food.

1] Before taking any juice, remedies keep in mind that is this juice or these benefits are giving me good effects?.

2]   Then take the proportion of it with your body suggestion. Otherwise if anyone has written that 2 Banana’s must have to eat every day, to reduce your so many health problem, then without any thinking we are started  to eat bananas but can we studied that in the morning if I will eat banana’s without eating anything it can create problems in the stomach. Or sometimes it will increase pain in the abdomen to my body. Meanwhile there is  a news  for Maggie eating people . Due to eating Maggie Lots  of students have to be suffered from abdomen pain.

3]  This is not the case for Banana’s  but for so many remedies. We must have to observe ourselves that can I would get good relief from this medicine then we have to start it. Otherwise it will create lots of problems.

4]  Keep it in the mind that must have to take it at proper time .

5] Most important point is that everything must have the limit, without limitation nothing will get success in the world.


      Nowadays we have started the new habit to drink the water from the copper vessel .It is the good habit for the health in this way if we will start to take anytime cumin water of 1 glass then it will help to keep away so many problems of our health.

Cumin water creates so many digestive juices and it can increase speed of digestion. The person, who has the abdomen pain problem, has the best solution for it. We can’t say that,’’The water which we are drinking in whole day is beneficial to us but when we will take cumin water it will definitely useful to us’’.

 Cumin water contains Potassium so that it can increase immunity power. It can reduce weakness, as it contains iron with Hemoglobin. So that it can maintain blood flow properly. It can control blood pressure, reduces weight,  It can increases  rate of  digestion speed. Along with it, it is good for our skin problem.

How to create cumin water:  To create this water we have  to take  1 liter water. Add 2 tablespoon cumin seeds to it. Boil this water for 3 to 4 minute. After boiling it, it can change color of water. Avoid drinking cold /hot water of this solution. Drink this water in a whole day how much you want.  To make this drink use raw cumin seeds. Avoid using baked cumin seeds.

Avoid drinking stale water the drink which is prepared today does not use for tomorrow.


1] Increases  rate of digestion .

2] Maintains blood flow, blood pressure.

3] Increases blood volume

4] Reduces weight

5] Reduces temperature of the body

6] Useful for loss of appetite.

7] Gives glow to the skin   

 8] Keeps mind fresh.

9]  Helps to reduce mouth ulcer.

10] Works as a good catalyst in our stomach.  

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Bhajanichi Ukalapendhi Recipe – Breakfast recipes

Hi friends, we know that In Maharashtra , generally in the morning we are making quickly Upma or Poha for breakfast. As we are getting perfect to make it , since so many days I want to make some change in Upma’s style. As every time by eating same Upma we are getting bored need some change in it. So I decided to make a new type of Upma .Which e was making my aunty in my childhood . She is keeping fast as a Saturday and making this type of Upma at night to eat it. At that time I couldn’t understand meaning of fasting but now, when I am remembering all these events myself I am laughing every time . Thinking that if my uncle

is bringing a lot of grocery for the fasting still why did she was making this type of recipe ? Anyway she is making in the following way but I have made slight change in it .

Let us check here how did I was making it?

Time for it

prep cook total

15 15 30 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

cuisine : Indian

food type : Upma recipes

keyword ; bhajanichi Ukalpendhi -breakfast recipes

serve for 4


Wheat flour : 500 gm

paste of garlic, greenchilly, ginger, corriander : 1/2 bowl 50 gm

salt : 2 tbsp

buttermilk : 250 mil

oil : 50 ml

hing : 1teas

peanut : 20 gm

turmeric powder : 1 teas

lemon juice : 1 tbsp

sugar to taste : 1 tbsp

coriander : 2 tbsp

cumin powder : 1 tbsp

mustard seeds : 1 tbsp

Recipe to make it : Take the wheat flour in the big pan , start to bake it with medium gas.

: Bake it continuously till red color appears . Spread of khaman smell comes outside.

Now keep another pan on the gas pour oil to it , add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, paste of all ingredients , peanuts, etc . Wait to splutter it and fry it well. Add turmeric powder to it.

Slowly add buttermilk to it , add salt and sugar to it , wait to boil it

After boiling slowly pour baked wheat flour to it. Now slowly stir it continuously.

Keep the lid on it . Serve it with coriander and mango pickle or chilly pickle.

NOTE FOR IT : While making this recipe baking is the best skill .

: Proportion of buttermilk must be correct otherwise recipe can get spoil.

Images for it

http://Bhajanichi ukalapendhi recipe/chhayaonline.com
http://paste of greenchilly, garlic, ginger/chhayaonline.com
http://Remaining ingredients for it/chhayaonline.com
http://well prepared bhajanichi Ukalpendhi/chhayaonline.com
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Hotel Parth Review Latur – Feeling Proud Ourselves

Hotel  Parth Review Latur – Feeling Proud Ourselves.  

  Location : This  hotel is located in the Latur , state Maharashtra , India

                     From my home it is 1 KM away. It is on the high way Ambajogai       Road,  Latur  .

  • CONTACT DETAILS :  Ambajogai  Road, Latur -413512, Near Cocsit college , Belmbe Nagar [Map] Conference Halls   

Also Listed in 

Conference Halls

Conference Halls [101 to 200 Seats ]

Non AC Banquet Halls

A C Loading services

Hotels [Rs 3001 to 4000]

Loading Services

My Rating To This Hotel is 5/5  

 I thought  that in Latur  there are no  good Hotels , but we have an engagement program in the Parth Hotel , so we  are visiting  there .First time I have taken their meal in that Hotel.

This Hotel is on the main state road, but entry of that hotel is not from front side, it is to the left side of that hotel. While entering we feel that it is small Hotel. But, while entering in the celebration hall, I feel it is very nice hotel. Out side view of that hall from the window is very nice. Just I stand near to the window and saw outside there is a green field in front of that hotel. Looking very nice.

On the front side of Hotel on the main road there is a big tree [peeple] .It gives a good   look to the hotel.

At front side there is a normal dining hall .It can accommodate more than 100 people to sit comfortably?

Service is very nice. Providing silently all food , they have a good trick to serve food fast at a time for 100 people.

Giving what everyone wants immediately. Works better,

About Food :  I have misunderstanding that we didn’t get good food outside but, while eating, I thought that, we are eating at home and our family members are serving food  for us. As they have taken care of food  and they have the feeling that these people are coming here as our guest so they have taken complete care of each person. I feel that they have not made food  thinking that we are getting  a lot of money, but they have made food thinking that  these are the guests they may be coming back in our hotel or not we must have to provide good service and food for them .

They have made  two Subji’s Paneer Subji, Kolhapuri Tomato Rassa  Subji, Brinjal Subji. Geenchilly Thecha, Peanut chutney, pickle, Palak Pakode, Papad, masala rice and tasty Dal .


Most of the people think that if there is nice chapati’s in the dinner or meal then only we consider that meal or dinner is good .Otherwise may be there are a  lot of delicious food in the Thali but chapatti is not soft or tasty then we didn’t think that it is good food or Bhojan.   

They have made delicious food for everyone. God bless them .Here are images of it.    

It has 180 Reviews , so never be search anywhere just visit and  stay forever.

To book it contact here 91)-2382-228251,228252.

I am an author, writer, blogger, food blogger. I have published  500  posts on my site  CHHAYAONLINE.COM . I have 10000 recommendation in UCMEDIA.COM .I can write excellent blog posts on any healing subject . All contents are original 100% devoted for article .Research writing, blog post writing on spiritual, psychology, life skills and on so many subjects .

Hotel  Parth Review Latur – Feeling Proud Ourselves/chhayaonline.com
http://Hotel Parth Review Latur – Feeling Proud Ourselves/chhayaonline.com
Hotel Parth Review Latur -Feeling Proud Ourselves,/chhayaonline.com
http://Hotel parth Review, Latur – Feeling proud ourselves /chhayaonline.com
Hotel Parth Review , Latur - Feeling Proud Ourselves/chhayaonline.com
http://Hotel Parth Review, Latur,Feeling Proud Ourselves
http://Hotel parth Review, Latur - Feeling proud ourselves /chhayaonline.com
http://Hotel parth Review, Latur – Feeling proud ourselves /chhayaonline.com
Hotel Parth Review , Latur -Feeling Proud Ourselves /chhayaonline.com
http://Hotel Parth Review, Latur- Feeling Proud Ourselves /chhayaonline.com
http://Hotel parth Review, Latur - Feeling proud ourselves /chhayaonline.com
http://Hotel parth Review, Latur – Feeling proud ourselves /chhayaonline.com


10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health

How To Remove Cramps Of The Legs ? – Health

10    Points To Remove Crump Of The Legs.

A  lot  of times  we are suffering from cramps . Some times in the night suddenly we have cramps in the legs. Sometimes we can’t get up in the morning. We have to suffer a lot of pain due to it. We think that it is natural or sometimes it is normal pain. There is no need of medicine. If we will take a short nip it will get clear. So we didn’t understand what is the main reason behind it?

Let us discuss main reasons behind it

Mental  Reason : If we have a lot of negativity in our mind then definitely we have  A LOT OF PAIN IN THE  LEGS. Depression creates acidity in some body organs.

Every time I am everywhere right increases a lot of ego and ego creates so many mental illness , it creates physical illness.

Sometimes aloneness creates depression and it creates pain in the legs.  https://chhayaonline.com/2019/08/27/rudrakash-effective-medicine-for-mental-physical-problems-health

As I have observed so many people of this nature that if they have nice diet, healthy diet still they have a lot of pain in their legs. Then I understand that main reason is they have more negativity. As  when I am dealing with them they come across with me  in the full of negativity in their chatting.https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/schizophrenia-its-symptoms-pranita-deshpande

In the teen age some students gets worried about their future and it causes pain in the legs.  

Now let us we discuss physical reason of it.

1] Drinking more times tea and eating nicotine reduces B-Complex, create acidity with more lactic acid and causes pain in the legs.

2] Eating stale food, more acidic food, more fried food ,in balanced diet also causes pain in the legs.

3] Reducing water level in the body causes cramps in the legs. Tiredness and weakness are the main reason behind it. https://chhayaonline.com/2019/05/22/health-benefits-of-neem-tree-author/

4] Some time doing more exercise creates cramps in the legs .

5] If we have heard any danger news  for our relation ship or for our closer one then also it causes pain and create cramps in the legs.

6]   If we didn’t care to take nutrient food then also we feel pain in the legs.

7]   Due  to any reason it may be fasting or our busy schedule if we are not taking balanced diet then it  reduces sodium and potassium of our body.

8] If any person  has any infection as like Jaundice, fever, Typhoid, flu then also  it can cause  pain in the legs.

9] Working with full of pressure also  creates pain the legs.

10] Eating sour things as like tamarind,  raw mango,  sour curd or butter milk , raw fruits also increases the legs as well as in the forehead.

What Should we Do To Remove It 

1]   Eat  drum stick  subji,  boiled eggs, gums Ladoo, cabbage, Aliv, drink milk, keep ghee in the daily meal . Eat like this a lot of calcium rich food.

2] Eat everyday one banana, in the early morning eat AMLA without eating anything, peanut Ladoo . etc

3]Take  breakfast everyday in the morning  at right time , not taking breakfast , taking late breakfast also causes pain  in the legs.

4]  Juice of orange, pineapple, is  the best medicine for all types of pain. Along with the lot of another body issues.

5] Reducing weight  also keeping us away from  the lot of body pain .

6] Good habits always keeps you away from all the sources  of negative behavior along with the lot of negative reactions.

7] Early  getting up removes our 80% problems of  life.

8] Keeping away worries, stress, anger, anxiety also reduces  all negativity along with all problems.

9] Always remaining in the satisfied form also maintain our good health.

10] Working with positive attitude everywhere never creates any problems.

10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health  /chhayaonline.com
http://10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health /chhayaonline.com
10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health  /chhayaonline.com
http://10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health /chhayaonline.com
10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health  /chhayaonline.com
http://10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health /chhayaonline.com
10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health /chhayaonline.com
http://10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health /chhayaonline.com

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Tips For The Kitchen – Easy Cooking


1]   Everyone’s heart of life is  their kitchen. As this kitchen maintain all our life. As If  we are not eating good food our mind gets disturbing. We need delicious, clean, useful food which can make good effects on our body. Means we will eat raw food as like chapatti, Rice,or any Subji it can cause pain in the abdomen or creates so many digestion problem. So we need food which can provide good health to us. It  must be well prepared and well cooked. Let us we will discuss here which kitchen tips we have to use in the kitchen.

1]  While making Dosa or Idali  to make it light add some Poha and granules of sugar along with Fenugreek seeds. https://chhayaonline.com/2018/10/31/breakfast-recipes-tasty-idali-sambhar-sambhar-recipes/

2] While soaking flour of Idali don’t add  baking powder or  soda instead add upper peel of onion in the soaked flour to fermented it good.


3] While making Pakode or Bhaji add corn flour to it.It will remove its oil and  Pakode become crunchy.

4] While making onion Pakode add  small amount of Rava to it , it will become crunchy.



1] Cut the lemon and keep it in the fridge it will reduce bad foul of the fridge.

2] Keep some essence in the fridge to get good smell.

3]In each month grind some salt in the mixture jar so that it can keep  maintains of inner parts of mixture jar.

4] To make Dahi Vade ,while using Dahi add some sugar in the milk to get good taste.

5]  Make paste of milk powder and keep it in the fridge to create  Khoya .

6] In the rainy season  keep some rice granules in the  matches  so that it can’t be get wet . http://gotclicks2.com/W8yHyU3kw

7] To make Dahi  at home add some lemon juice in the milk to make it thick.

8] Never keep Jaggary in the Aluminum tiffin , it can keep in the plastic tiffin or in the Bronze tiffin. https://chhayaonline.com/2018/09/11/crispy-palak-pakoda-recipe-pdkcm/

9] Keep some  cloves in the tiffin of sugar to avoid ants and some germs.

10]  Add some salt stones in the store  of Rice  to avoid to create germs in it.  

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